Unsolved Murder Cold Cases in Virginia Beach,VA

When I started working on Shellie Carson’s case researching the Virginia Beach Police Department web site I found that there was a Homicide Bar. Well I clicked on the bar and low and behold I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There were 68 unsolved homicides in the city that I lived in dated back to 1970.

Most of the cases were assigned a detective. Some so old and hardly any info on the cases so there was no need to assign anyone,  I don’t know.  There are a couple of baby Jane Doe’s, a couple of John Doe’s as well. I’m going to list all 68 I’ve also made a video I’ve only used the ones with photo’s in the video. I’m going to make another video with just names later. The list below is the ones without pictures. If anyone recognizes any of these cases or people if you know anything please contact the Va. Beach Police Department. 757-385-5000.

These are the names listed as unsolved not in the video:


 MICHAEL WHITE              



SHAWN GARY JOHN                  

TERRY D. FERGUSON                 


BABY JANE DOE                          

 JANE DOE                            


CHARLES WALLCE                     

  HARLEEN SINGH                      





LEE NAVARRO                               

SAMUEL BARUCH             






 HAZEL WILLIAMS            

 JOHN DOE 1983

FREDRICK WELLS                      

RENEE HARRIS                 

JOHN  DOE 1981

WILLIAMS DAVIS                   

 PRISCILLA WILSON             


FRANK PEPPER                   



LYNN SEETHALER              

 JANE DOE 1976             


JOSEPH KELLY            






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  1. I would like to give my deepest regrets to the Carson family. I think Mr, Carson is right, it was more than one person. I think Shellie knew these people that murdered her, I think they were close to the family maybe to close, like church going folks. After her death the people that did this changed. Maybe someone got engaged, broke up or moved from Virginia Beach. Please consider my thoughts because we will never give up until these gutless people show themselves. What idiot would do this? I invite you to show and explain your actions. What’s the matter murderers, cat got your tongue, or do you just pick on girls? Come on tell your side. You are pathetic and weak and stay quiet like small little lying worms. You murderers have no code, I know people that have done bad things and have said so at least even these people have codes to live by and say so. So to you I say gutless, weak and lying is your code which makes you worthless. I know you gutless, weak and lying people will see this because I have a code to live by and you don’t.

  2. Thank you for this web site. My younger, & my only sibling, who I (we) love & miss dearly, is one of these unsolved victims in Virginia Beach. Someone took her precious life away, at the age of 20. TODAY, Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 28,2011,would have been her 52nd birthday. Someone killed her sometime after midnight, Christmas Eve, according to the medical examiner. Her life ended, CHRISTMAS 1978.
    I believe, Jesus holds her in His arms, & we will see her again, in Heaven +
    I want to know why did this happen? How did it happen? Who did this ?

    Her name was

    • I believe Brenda is in the arms of Jesus too sweetie and one day the truth will be known. Bless your family!

  3. How can I post other photos of her ( Brenda Joi Bancroft) on this site?

  4. Good work. I noticed that the unsolved murder of Kathleen Doyle back in 1980 is not on any of these lists. Also, it appears that there’s a cluster of murdered women found in their homes in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area during the 1980s.

  5. Well someone sent a e-mail to me that said good work. I know and more to come cause I have a code to live by and a need to find three somebodies, maybe I need to find a tree and place pictures on them you do not own Kings Grant ya know sooner or later we will have what we need. Prison for you boys and I use the word boys due to the fact that you are very gutless and live like rats caged and always wondering who is coming for you. You boys have been talking and partying and saying a lot. I can’t believe that people laugh at what you did, I guess these friends of yours are p——-ies like you. You can only destroy a family but guess what when you have families the same can happen to you why because Karma is a bitch. People will be celebrating when my work is done. So keep laughing and partying and being ignorant and have no code because when you least expect it the boys in blue will be outside your door to take you to your room.

  6. Easter, have you taken your info to the police? I’ve tried to give them info in the past not very thankful. You’d think as long as this case has been open they would appreciate any help they could get.

  7. My mother was Sharon “Kimberly” Disney. We know exactly who murdered her. He confessed to it, but the evidence was thrown out due to a technicality. He is a serial rapist named Jeffery Allen Middleton and he is currently in prison for the rape of other women.

    • What was the technicality, insanity by any chance. He has a chance to get out after raping how many women? Fifteen years go by quick. Go to the parole hearing and take as many victims as you can and take there families if you have to and demand that he stay in prison. Go to Richmond and speak on her behalf until laws change. They let all the perverts out of prison and they live next door to you and I but a serial rapist or serial murderer belong in prison.

      • He was under the influence of drugs and his lawyer wasn’t present when he confessed to it.

  8. My Father is one of these many homicide cases on your list. Frederick Wells. It has been 33 yrs this month and there is not a day that I don’t think of him and wonder why! He was a wonderful dad.Thank you to those who continue to investigate his murder.I see now there has been a reward offered for any information.I pray answers will come some day. He is surely missed.
    Blanche Wells Jarrell

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