The long-ago death of Rilya Wilson demands justice


Against all odds, I kept the faith. I expected a smiling little girl with pig tails and chubby cheeks to say, “Hi, Ms. Wilson!” I was not ready, and certainly not willing to give up on finding Rilya Wilson.

As we begin Rilya’s murder trial on Monday we all have to deal with the cold reality that Rilya is gone. When Rilya went missing she was four years old, and if she were still alive today she would have been a 16-year-old teenager in the prime of her life.

As Rilya’s story started to unfold, I was serving in the Florida Legislature. As I learned about the details surrounding Rilya’s disappearance, specifically the utter disregard and lack of concern displayed by the Department of Children and Families, I was sickened.

I was sickened by the thought that DCF employees would falsify records indicating that Rilya was OK. I was sickened to learn that Rilya was one of thousands of children under the supervision of DCF whose whereabouts were unaccounted for and I was sickened to learn that Geralyn Graham, the roommate of the woman entrusted to care for Rilya allegedly had abused Rilya. Graham lied to DCF employees, but those employees would have known this had they performed their jobs diligently.

Rilya’s case exposed plenty of shortcomings at DCF, and I was proud to pass the Rilya Wilson Act in response to these failures. One of the most troubling aspects of Rilya’s case was the fact that Rilya had been withdrawn from school. If she were still in school there would have been eyes watching; and somebody would have known that she was missing. Instead of falling victim to DCF’s incompetence, and her caretaker’s negligence, Rilya could have been saved by procedures that we now have in place.

Under the Rilya Wilson Act, children in DCF custody must attend school. If a child in DCF care is reported as absent from school, the school is obligated by law to report an unexcused absence to the child’s caseworker. The caseworker is then obligated by law to visit the child and determine whether or not that child is within the custody of the foster parent. If that child is missing, the caseworker must notify law enforcement, and law enforcement will then proceed to take the necessary action to locate the child. We do not know exactly when Rilya went missing; but we do know that it took 18 months for the DCF to report it.

I think about Rilya every day. Her picture hangs in my office, and I continue to fight for Rilya in Congress. The federal adaptation of the Rilya Wilson Act, H.R. 3741, mandates that a state must have procedures to report missing children to law enforcement authorities for entry into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database, and to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This bipartisan bill has more than 100 co-sponsors and is supported by my fellow members of the South Florida Congressional delegation. These common sense solutions at the state and federal level can assist in the recovery of missing children, and keep our children safe from harm.

Let us not forget that Rilya and children like her are all of our children. When the state removes a child from the biological parents and places them in foster care, the state and all of its residents become the guardian of those children. So Rilya technically belongs to all of us.

I am thankful for all of the wonderful people who take in foster children as their own, but I worry about children like Rilya who are not as fortunate. We must fight for Rilya Wilson while the nation’s eyes are on us.

Florida always finds itself at the center of controversies involving children; I pray that a scenario similar to Caylee Anthony is not repeated. We must fight for Rilya because her murder trial, like Caylee’s murder trial, deserves the national spotlight. Nancy Grace and the national media should dedicate their time and resources to Rilya’s trial, and simply not ignore her because she is a child of color. This happens too often.

While the Rilya Wilson Act put in place a procedure to protect children, and although administrators within DCF were forced to resign as a result of their incompetence, justice is what we seek for Rilya. Justice demands that Rilya’s killer be held accountable, and justice demands that Rilya’s death not be in vain. I pray for justice, and I pray for Rilya who is gone but never forgotten.

U.S. Rep. Frederica S. Wilson represents District 17 in Miami-Dade County.

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Now is the time for the North Las Vegas Police Department to FINALLY start investigating like they should have 4-1/2 years ago!!

Peter Todd is the person who we were told, by many people, beat Jessie and forced her to work at an escort agency. Several people at this agency, including the manager, have told me personally that Jessie had bruises from Peter, and she was afraid to leave him. They also all ‘knew’, as did many people in that walk-of-life, that Jessie was beat to death by him in the house at 1009 Cornerstone Place, North Las Vegas, NV USA 89031 and buried in the Mojave Desert north of where they lived. I get calls all the time, the most recent one was just in August 2010, from a woman who knew Jessie (she knew her as Taylor) back in 2005, she said she believes Jessie is dead, that she was murdered by Peter Todd.

The police have NEVER done a proper investigation of the house they know she lived in, even though they say they have no reason to do this investigation, it makes me wonder how else you can solve a crime . . . without investigating?!?!?!? How do they know if he did it or not if they do not investigate? If they don’t rip up carpets and baseboards to look for blood drops or splatters? How does someone not even be investigated and therefore ‘wins’ by default?

I don’t know if Peter did anything or not, but I do know he told me 3 different stories about the last time he saw Jessie. Well, I have one story about the last time I saw Jessie . . . it was as she was leaving Kamloops and her family on CHRISTMAS DAY, DECEMBER 25, 2005 so she could go back to Peter and Las Vegas and the fate that she met, 3 months later – and my story has NEVER changed! How could it? The truth does not change! Our Christmas was forever changed, who do I have a different story about that.

However, regardless of what we don’t know happened, what we do know happened is this:

– Jessie was taken to the USA by Donald Vaz.

Donald Vaz left Jessie in the company of Richard Barrington Walcott and Yvonne Hubrechtsen.  

Richard Barrington Walcott and Yvonne Hubrechtsen then left her in the company of Peter Bertrand Todd.  

Peter Todd ended up her ‘fiancé’ and it was who she was living with, and his identical twin brother, James Andrew Todd, when she vanished 10 months later, never to be seen or heard from for 4 & 1/2 years.


– passport was NEVER used again!  

– debit card was NEVER used again!!

– cell phone was NEVER used again!!!

– credit cards were NEVER used again!!!!

– bank account was NEVER used again!!!!!

– loved ones NEVER heard from her again!!!!!!


– she does not have a known American Social Security Number!

– there has NEVER been anything on her Canadian Social Insurance Number!  

If Jessie did ‘cease to exist‘, then we know, it is because someone murdered my daughter.

If Jessie is alive, (like my heart has always told me), then it is because someone did something to her to make her disappear.

I don’t know why I have to share this now, but suddenly I have something I NEED to tell you.

There is something that happened I have only told a few people about – my family, a few friends and a couple of reporters, but it has never been written about. However I am going to share now. It is a very emotional thing for me to relive, and when I do, always I cry hard, so the tears will be pouring down my cheeks and the snot will be dripping from my nose, but you know what, nothing is worse than having a missing daughter. So compared to that, this will be a piece of cake.

First of all, the last time I talked to my beautiful daughter, Jessie Foster was on March 24, 2006 when she called to see if her little sister, Jennee’s birthday present had got there and to tell me she had a dentist appointment booked for March 27, she called me twice that day. Jessie was 21 years old at that time.

Then on March 27 Jessie called her dad’s house and left her stepmom a happy birthday voice message and said that she was going to the dentist that day.

Crystal talked to Jessie several times on March 28, 2006 – I didn’t, but I had talked to Crystal.

Then on March 29, 2006 I got up for work at my usual time of 3:00AM. Because I was in the same time zone as Las Vegas, there were many times that Jessie would call me at that time to talk, she knew I always had time for her, even at 3 o’ clock in the morning. So it did not surprise me when the phone rang shortly after I got up. What did surprise me was what I heard on the other end.

The first thing I noticed was it was not Jessie cell phone – she still had her same number from Calgary, AB. It was a 7 -0 – 2, Las Vegas area code, but not a number I recognized. But I knew, before I picked it up, that it was going to be Jessie. So I said HI SWEETIE! And then I heard it – it sounded like someone was yelling into the phone. It sounded crackly, like a bad connection with lots of static and I could not understand a thing she was saying. BUT I STILL ‘KNEW’ IT WAS JESSIE, and not just because of the Las Vegas area code on my call display! I felt it was her.

It made me very nervous, because it sounded like Jessie was desperately calling for help. Like she was screaming. I was yelling back, JESSIE . . . WHAT IS WRONG? JESSIE, SWEETIE! I CAN’T HEAR YOU. WHAT IS WRONG? And the phone went dead.

I went into the other room to turn on the light and call the number from the call display back, I WAS STARTING TO PANIC. Before I could call the number, my phone rang again. It was the same 702 area code. I answered quickly and said, JESSIE, ARE YOU OK. But again, all could hear was what sounded like someone screaming. This time it was more desperate, but still not clear. I could not understand exactly what was being said, but it sounded like, “HELP  . . . . ME  . . . . AGGGGG . . . HELP . . .” I was seriously freaking out. I was starting to scream into the phone, JESSIE, WHAT IS WRONG? JESSIE HANG UP AND CALL THE POLICE. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. JESSIE, WHAT IS HAPPENING? And the call ended again.

I was freaking, my heart was pounding, I was starting to shake and cry. WHAT WAS HAPPENING? Was Peter beating her? I had received calls before when Jessie and Peter were fighting and I talked to both of them, I even tried many times to get Jessie to come home and to get Peter to send her home – but of course, back then, I had no way to know that Jessie was already the victim of modern-day sex slavery. She was already being beat and forced to work at an escort agency. Then the phone rang for a third time.

This time I was as panicked as I have EVER been in my entire life. I HEARD MY DAUGHTER SCREAMING FOR HER LIFE. I swear it. I still could not make out the words, but the shear panic and shrillness and the loudness of it all told me SOMETHING WAS VERY WRONG. I was screaming into the phone, JESSIE, STOP CALLING ME. CALL THE POLICE! WHERE ARE YOU? WHAT CAN I DO? CALL 9-1-1!!!!!!!!!!! Then the call ended again.

I tried to call Jessie’s cell phone from my cell phone at the same time as I tried to call the number on my call display from my home phone, but both phone just rang, and rang, and rang. I tried to call Peter’s cell phone and even Yvonne Hubrechtsen’s cell phone (hers was the only other number I had for anyone that Jessie knew in Las Vegas, because I ironically and prophetically said to Jessie when she was going to stay in Las Vegas for 2 weeks until her 21st birthday so she could celebrate there – “Jessie, you are not staying in another country unless you give me an contact number for SOMEONE there. I don’t know anyone or where you are and IF YOU GO MISSING, who will I call”. TEN MONTHS LATER MY DAUGHTER WENT MISSING) but all I got on everyone’s phone was voicemail. I left messages, but no one was calling me back. I did not know what to do, because, seriously, I was not even sure what I had just heard.

I called in to work and said I could not come in. I was a mess, there was no way I would be any use at work, and I would be just too worried. I was already worried out of my mind.

Then about 10AM my daughter Crystal called from a payphone when the Greyhound bus was at a stop . . . she was on her way home from up in Northern Alberta at the oil rig camp she was a cook at, to meet her sister Jessie in Kamloops so they could drive her car to Calgary for their stepsister’s wedding reception (Jessie’s proof of car insurance came in the mail to my house for 30 days . . . Jessie paid almost $200 for this, but she never showed up to use it). She was very upset. She said MOM, IT WAS ME. IT WAS ME CALLING NOT JESSIE. IT WAS ME CALLING FROM MY CO-WORKER’S CELL PHONE, SHE IS FROM LAS VEGAS!!!!

You see, Crystal had accidently washed her cell phone in her housecoat pocket before she left camp, so it was not working. She was on the Greyhound bus with her friend who was going to Edmonton to take a plane home to Las Vegas and she knew I would be up at 3:00AM, so she called me from a 7-0-2 area code phone number!!

Crystal told me she could hear me plain as day. She was saying over and over, “No, Mom, it is not Jessie, it is me!”, but all I heard was Jessie screaming for help.

Now, if you knew how close my daughters are to each other, and how close I am to my kids, then maybe somehow there is a way for Crystal to call me on a Las Vegas cell, just as something horrific is happening to Jessie – perhaps she was being beaten to death at that exact time and through the powers of whatever – through the heartstrings between my children and I and my children and each other, I somehow heard Jessie screaming out for me, for her Mommy as ‘someone’ snuffed out her beautiful life.

I know my heart has always told me Jessie is alive and to this day, through my tears as I type now, even with what I just told you, I can’t help it!

I just DO NOT FEEL, DEEP IN MY HEART, THAT MY CHILD IS DEAD, and whether that is the truth, and Jessie is alive and that night there were just 3 ‘bad’ connections from a Las Vegas cell area code at the exact same time Jessie sometimes called me OR, Jessie was murdered, and through the grace of the Lord, I was able to be there for he at the end, well, I just don’t know.

I do know this though. My best-friend Brenda was there for her 16-year-old (& 2 weeks – his birthday was just on July 22, 2002) son, James when he was hit by a speeding truck on August 5, 2002 . . . she held him as he died, and as tragic as that is, it is what has allowed her to go on. She KNOWS he did not suffer, she knows he went to heaven, and she was with her baby as he took his last breath. I hope, if Jessie is not alive, that I was ‘with her’ as she took her last breath. Thank you for your wonderful friendship Brenda; I don’t know what I would do without you being here for me all the time.

The next day, after Jessie never returned Crystal’s calls or my calls, her sister Katie told me she had been calling Jessie all day, and she never returned her call. I started leaving message after message and I filled up her voicemail-box. I emailed her and my emails were getting more and more frantic and pretty soon I was YELLING in them!! I went to work the next day and told one of my co-workers, I THINK MY DAUGHTER IS MISSING IN LAS VEGAS. He said, “What are you doing here then?” And I said, “I DON’T KNOW”. I left and never went back for a year and a half (then a year and a half after that, the business closed).

So, thank you ALL for letting me share this with you. I know it was probably very emotional to you, as it is to the few people I have told this to. Right now, besides the tears and snot I already mentioned, I am shaking and my head is throbbing. It is almost like I just went through that again. But you know, this time, I feel as if I got something out of telling it. Like when you go to the ‘shrink’ and pour your guts out and feel better! Or . . . when you pop that damn zit that hurts like hell . . . and when you do, the pressure comes off and the pain is relieved a bit. Eventually the zit will heal, and I pray that one day, so will my heart.

Friends, you mean so much to me. There are thousands of people who have followed Jessie’s case in the news and on the internet. Thousands of people who love Jessie like a daughter, sister & friend. The prayers for Jessie are constant – every day from everywhere around this world.

AGAIN, THANK YOU ALL . . . Sincerely, not just Jessie’s mom, but also Crystal, Katie & Jennee’s mom, and Maddie, JJ & Ili’s grandma, Glendene Grant.



VICTIMS OF MURDER, Unfortunetly this murder was my father.   June 11,1986 My father was murdered. No one has ever been arrested in the case. The state police consider his case an accident. I had proof that my father was working on a case against his astranged wife’s father. A murder for hire case that a local Fire Department was working in Bell’s junk yard. Bell is my father’s astranged wife’s father. Funny he’s the one that gave my dad the car that he died in. Bell stated in Interrogatories “He would kill anyone who knew too much about his business”. My father owned a biker’s bar and was a Chief with the Fire Department. Respect is what my father gave and is what is got in return. I worked in my fathers bars and when he was missing I had all the love honor and repect from only the bikers. I wondered where all the family friends where when I needed then the most. The only people who came through for me were the guys from the bars. They were there in full force at my fathers funeral. His murderer was there as well, The guys came to protect me and my family. I have only the most LOVE, HONOR & RESPECT I want all of you guys to to know this. You were there for us when we needed you. Thank you Jimmy Regan for all your help with the bar when dad died. I know how much my dad respected you.

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Sex Trafficking Investigation Focuses on van der Sloot

 Joran van der Sloot, the Dutch native charged with killing a Peruvian woman and extorting money from the mother of missing U.S. teen Natalee Holloway, may have even more legal problems ahead.

Earlier this month, the National Enquirer reported on van der Sloot’s alleged involvement in sex trafficking in Thailand. Now Peru’s minister of justice has confirmed that Thai authorities are pursuing criminal charges against van der Sloot, according to CBS News.


Thai authorities are pursuing criminal charges against Joran van der Sloot for his alleged involvement with sex trafficking in the country, officials say.
Holloway, an 18-year-old from Alabama, disappeared on a trip to Aruba in 2005. She was last seen leaving a nightclub with van der Sloot, who was then living in Aruba. Following Holloway’s disappearance, van der Sloot reportedly traveled to Bangkok, where he posed as a modeling agency consultant, the tabloid reports.

Some of the girls he allegedly approached have disappeared and have never been found, according to the Enquirer.

Though cautioning that it’s only supposition until Thai authorities finish their investigation, Harold Copus — a former FBI agent who was once hired to investigate the Holloway case by the “Dr. Phil” show — said van der Sloot is believed to have been a middle man.

“In the sex slave industry, the middle man would get a fee for getting the girls and moving them around,” said Copus, now head of Copus Security Consultants in Atlanta.

During his own investigation in Aruba, Copus heard rumors that “girls were taken out of Aruba to be used in the sex trade,” he said. “There was supposedly a guy from Chicago there, a reputed mobster, who has been quoted as saying that a good [sex slave] is worth a quarter of a million dollars.”

Copus told AOL News that while there is a possibility that Holloway, if kidnapped, was sold into slavery, he doubts she would still be alive today.

“Usually they’ll dope the girls up so they have no concept of what they are doing,” Copus explained, adding that once the women are deemed no longer useful, they often are killed.

“There is another seedy business out there called the snuff trade, where they sell or trade recordings of actual murders,” he said. “That’s the final exploitation.”

The National Enquirer’s report is not the first time van der Sloot’s name has come up during investigations into the illegal sex trade industry.

In 2008, Dutch journalist Peter de Vries secretly videotaped van der Sloot inside a Bangkok room with two young Thai women and two men who were posing as Dutch sex trade bosses. According to de Vries’ expose, van der Sloot told the women they would be working as models in Holland, but in actuality they would be delivered to the Dutch prostitution market and he would make several thousand dollars for each woman he delivered.

“He was in the process of recruiting girls for prostitution … that is what we saw [in the video],” Copus said. “What we didn’t see was what was going to happen if the girls didn’t want to be a prostitute. There’s a lot of concern here as to what his intentions were.”

Not long after the video aired, van der Sloot appeared on the Fox News program “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren.” During the interview, he told Van Susteren he had sold Holloway to a mysterious stranger on a boat for $9,600.

“He just handed me a bag, grabbed [Natalee] by the arm and he went to the boat that he had in the water,” van der Sloot said.

But like other confessions he allegedly has made, van der Sloot later contacted Van Susteren and said the story was a lie.


2 Cases, 1 Suspect

Police in Peru said Joran van der Sloot confessed to the May 30 killing of a 21-year-old Peruvian woman in his Lima hotel room. He retracted the statement, but a Peruvian judge upheld it and his attorney has promised to appeal. Van der Sloot has long been a suspect in the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway in 2005.

2 Cases, 1 Suspect

Stephany Flores was reportedly seen with van der Sloot on May 29 at a Lima, Peru, casino, where he was said to have been participating in a poker tournament, and on May 30, at the hotel, where her body was found. Reports say the suspect became enraged after discovering Flores used his laptop and found he was connected to Holloway’s disappearance.

2 Cases, 1 Suspect

Hotel security camera footage released by Peruvian police showed van der Sloot leaving his hotel room alone on May 30. Earlier footage showed him arriving at the hotel with Flores. Van der Sloot faces charges of first-degree murder and robbery in Flores’ death. He is currently being held in Miguel Castro Castro, a maximum-security prison on the outskirts of Lima.

2 Cases, 1 Suspect

Van der Sloot said he took cash from Flores’ wallet and went south to Chile, where he was later arrested. Here, Chilean police escort him out of a police station to be flown back to Peru on June 4.

2 Cases, 1 Suspect

Maria Elena Ramirez attends the funeral of her 21-year-old daughter, Stephany Flores, in Lima, Peru, on June 3.

2 Cases, 1 Suspect

Holloway was 18 when she disappeared while vacationing with friends in Aruba. She was last seen with van der Sloot, who made multiple, varying confessions in the case that prosecutors said were a mixture of “lies and fantasy.” Authorities believe Holloway is dead, but her body has not been found.

2 Cases, 1 Suspect

Van der Sloot, center, and brothers Satish Kalpoe, left, and Deepak Kalpoe, right, were seen leaving a nightclub with Holloway. All three were arrested but not charged in the case. Van der Sloot reportedly told Peruvian authorities he would discuss the location of Holloway’s body with Aruban officials, but only if he gets a transfer to a prison in the Caribbean island.

2 Cases, 1 Suspect

Holloway, left, poses with friends on May 29, 2005, just hours before her disappearance. The young women were on the trip to celebrate their high school graduation and were due to return to the U.S. the next day. (Sources: AP, ABC News, CNN)

2 Cases, 1 Suspect

If charges are filed against van der Sloot in Thailand, authorities there will have to wait until Peruvian officials wrap up their case against him. The Dutchman is being held there on charges of first-degree murder and robbery in the slaying of 21-year-old Stephany Flores, who was found dead in van der Sloot’s Lima hotel room on June 2.

If convicted of Flores’ murder, van der Sloot faces 15 to 35 years in prison.

Van der Sloot has also been indicted by U.S. authorities for his alleged involvement in a plot to extort $250,000 from Holloway’s family for information on her death and the location of her body.

There has been some concern that a conviction in Peru could mean that van der Sloot won’t face charges in the U.S. or Thailand — in the event charges are also filed there — because of the statute of limitations. But that won’t be an issue, said Steve Cron, a veteran criminal defense attorney in Santa Monica, Calif.

“Assuming he is convicted [in Peru], these other countries are going to make arrangements to have him flown [in] to stand trial, with the understanding that he’ll be returned to Peru once the trials are over,” Cron told AOL News. “Then, once Peru is done with him, he’ll have to go serve out any other remaining sentences in the other countries.”

While van der Sloot’s freedom continues to remain in question, Cron believes one thing is certain: “This kid’s going to be facing a lot of legal battles in the coming years.”

Why Wouldn’t Deland Police Protect Her? WHY?

Pictured is Natasha Hall baby sister.  Pictured below is a young teen who called for help on several occasions from the Deland, FL police department. She was told to stop calling or they would put her in jail. The last time she called was the day her ex-boyfriend killed her and then himself. How tragic and senseless this could have been avoided if only the police paid attention to the signs. Below is the full story:

Daughter Was Killed By Ex-Boyfriend In Murder-Suicide    

  Two teenagers are dead, and detectives in DeLand believe it may have been a murder-suicide.  Police first got the call around 10:30 p.m. Friday on the 500 block of West May Street.

When officers arrived at the home, they found Daniel Clayton Kufner, 19, and Natasha La’May Hall, 17, dead on the front porch of Hall’s home.  Investigators said both were shot with a small revolver that was found near the bodies.
Police said Kufner and Hall had been dating, and investigators believed Kufner may have been pulled the trigger.  Hall’s father said his daughter was murdered.
During a vigil Saturday night, Hall’s father said she recently broke up with Kufner, and began dating another man.  The father said Kufner broke into their house Friday night, found the new boyfriend’s number on their caller ID and harassed him.
When Hall came home with her friend, Michelle Karpowicz, to change her clothes, Hall’s father said Kufer came from the side of the house and shot her in the head.  Karpowicz said Kufner was muttering, then shot Hall in the chest.
Karpowicz says Kufner took a shot at her, before turning the gun on himself.  Hall’s friends were obviously stunned, and tried to cope with the tragedy.  “This was a shock,” said Travis Graham, a friend of Hall’s. “I just saw her Thursday, said hello, and she was so happy. Didn’t come to school Friday. Just found out today that she died.”

Hall’s mother told the Daytona Beach News Journal that Kufner would not take no for an answer, and refused to accept that Natasha had broken up with him three months ago.  The mother claimed Kufner physically abused Hall, and her family tried to press charges twice.  

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  • flight737

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    CJaye, I like this story. It’s good stuff

  • CJaye

    at 07:05 on May 17th, 2008  

    Thank you, I know the story is a couple of months old.  I’ve come to know the mother of Natasha and this is an awful story of teen dating violence.  Not only that how the Deland Florida Police Department handled the situtation.  This could of all be prevented if handled propertly and not treated like they were being bothered by the family each time they called for help.  I wonder if Officer McNeil is still on the depeartment or is she telling other young teens “if they call the police again she throw them in jail”.  I was under the impression the police were to “PROTECT & SERVE”  Thank God I live where I know if I call the police they will come without threats.
  • CJaye

    at 07:38 on September 26th, 2009 


    Yesterday Ms. Hall  got a call from a teen dealing with teen dating violence in DeLand Florida. I wont get into details. She went to the court house they told her she needed to go to the DeLand P.D. Ms. Hall  told her they are right she needs to go the DeLand P.D press charges on her boyfriend for stalking. The DeLand P.D told her there is nothing they can do for her.  Does any of this sound like another case just recently? The teen was crying felt no one was helping her. Then she told them she talked with Natasha Hall’s mother. Then all of a sudden they changed their minds pressed charges on him went and arrested him. Will DeLand P.D ever learn?  Her life was in danger and DeLand P.D still doing nothing.  Does it take two more teens dying for the police there to realize these teens need help to protect themselfs from this kind of violence. Ms. Hall has a group meeting with the Domestic Abuse Council this month, I hope together they can make changes.

    Albert Milliron

  • Albert Milliron

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    CJaye, I like this story. It’s good stuff.  I have had the problem with empty fields, I seem to do better with Firefox browser.  

  • CJaye

    at 09:38 on September 26th, 2008  

    Thank you for the info and the flag 

    This story was created over 3 months ago, the comment thread is now closed.

    Natasha Hall, 17, was interested in journalism. Though because of a violent ex-boyfriend Daniel Clayton Kufner and what can only be described as disgusting police misconduct, she’ll never have the opportunity to write.The DeLand police chief,the individual responding officers,and the police department and the city of DeLand,FL need to be investigated for their responsibility in contributing to the murder of Natasha Hall. They need to be held accountable for their actions. Remember Natasha Hall!
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    Unsolved Murder Cold Cases in Virginia Beach,VA

    When I started working on Shellie Carson’s case researching the Virginia Beach Police Department web site I found that there was a Homicide Bar. Well I clicked on the bar and low and behold I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There were 68 unsolved homicides in the city that I lived in dated back to 1970.

    Most of the cases were assigned a detective. Some so old and hardly any info on the cases so there was no need to assign anyone,  I don’t know.  There are a couple of baby Jane Doe’s, a couple of John Doe’s as well. I’m going to list all 68 I’ve also made a video I’ve only used the ones with photo’s in the video. I’m going to make another video with just names later. The list below is the ones without pictures. If anyone recognizes any of these cases or people if you know anything please contact the Va. Beach Police Department. 757-385-5000.

    These are the names listed as unsolved not in the video:


     MICHAEL WHITE              

    RUSSELL VALENTINE              


    SHAWN GARY JOHN                  

    TERRY D. FERGUSON                 


    BABY JANE DOE                          

     JANE DOE                            


    CHARLES WALLCE                     

      HARLEEN SINGH                      



    MORRIEL “BO” MCCAIN         


    LEE NAVARRO                               

    SAMUEL BARUCH             



    MICHELLE PORE          



     HAZEL WILLIAMS            

     JOHN DOE 1983

    FREDRICK WELLS                      

    RENEE HARRIS                 

    JOHN  DOE 1981

    WILLIAMS DAVIS                   

     PRISCILLA WILSON             


    FRANK PEPPER                   



    LYNN SEETHALER              

     JANE DOE 1976             


    JOSEPH KELLY            

    (INFANT) BABY JANE DOE 1970   

    MARSHALL HAMILTON             




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    Is Listed Home a Crime Scene? How to Know Before You Buy

    Would you buy serial killer Joel Rifkin’s former home, where several of his victims were slain? What about the Amityville Horror house? Both homes are currently up for sale, and the idea of living in either one makes many buyers squirm and decide to look elsewhere.

    Most buyers would also probably want to know that the house pictured to the left was built on the same suburban Chicago lot as the home where notorious murderer John Wayne Gacy buried 29 of his victims in the walls and crawl spaces.

    Murder aside, quite a few buyers would also opt out of a home where someone died from disease, natural causes or suicide. If the idea of living in such a home churns your stomach, do you know for certain that no one has died in the home or apartment you’re currently living in?

    There are a few ways to find out; just don’t expect to hear about them from the seller.

    In most states that have formal seller-disclosure laws, sellers and their agents do not have to reveal if a death occurred in the home if you don’t ask. And some states do not have to reveal it if it occurred more than a year or so ago, or if the death was due to AIDS-related complications. Seller-disclosure laws mostly focus on structural and material defects to the home, such as termites, mold and squeaky floorboards.

    “In my opinion it would be better if they found out from the broker,” a top Hamptons-area real estate agent, Diane Saatchi of Saunders & Assoc. told HousingWatch. Saatchi was the agent seeking renters for an infamous murder house in that area of Long Island, N.Y., a few years ago. Although she wouldn’t identify which murder, it was more than likely the home of investment banker Robert Ammon, who was murdered by Daniel Pelosi, the boyfriend of his wife, Generosa Rand.

    “Everyone in town knew there was a murder there — it was the 800-pound elephant in the room — so if you don’t reveal it [the next occupants] would just say, ‘Why didn’t you tell us?’ It is just good business to be upfront about it,” she says.

    In agreement is California Realtor Valerie Torelli, who has twice sold murder homes in Costa Mesa, Calif. Under California law, a seller must disclose if a murder was committed within the last three years. But she feels a duty to reveal beyond what the state mandates. “We felt that we should disclose for a much longer time-frame because of the stigma,” she told HousingWatch.

    Torelli’s first client didn’t care about the murder, which had occurred 18 months before. “There were several families that looked at it and would not consider it because of what happened there. Ultimately the property sold at full market value at the time, $729,000,” she said. Her other client has renters in a murder home.

    The reason some agents don’t want to reveal the deaths is because, as the sellers’ agents, their job is to get the home sold quickly and at the best possible price. If a murder is disclosed, the home could take 5 percent longer than comparable homes to sell, and it could price at an average of about 3 percent less, according to an analysis of 100 “psychologically impacted houses” by Wright State University professors James E. Larsen and Joseph W. Coleman.

    So if an agent isn’t as forthcoming as Torelli and Saatchi, or if they are even unaware because it wasn’t a high-profile death, your best bet to uncover this tidbit is simply to do your homework. After all, it is “buyer beware.”

    Here are some tips to get you started before you sign on the dotted line:

    1. Ask the Joneses. Neighbors generally would know if a home had been the scene of a grisly murder. They might also know if grandpa just passed away there and his heirs put the home on the market. So go knock on some doors and ask the neighbors things like: How’s traffic in the morning? Are there lots of kids in the neighborhood? And oh, did anyone die next door?

    2. Pull police records. Police precincts serving that neighborhood generally would charge you a nominal fee to give you a printout of any police calls made to a given address going back a few years. Discover whether the home was a meth lab, a constant site of domestic disputes, hit by a random burglary, or had body parts stuffed under floorboards.

    3. Google the address. Sometimes you’ll discover newspaper articles written about the home or incidents that occurred there. In addition to the exact address, also try searching the street and city name with the words “in the block of.”

    4. Check city records. Just as you might want to know if the cross street is going to be turned into a major highway, you can find out a lot from city records, such as if the plot nextdoor used to be a cemetery, or if the house was torn down and rebuilt. If it was, you should ask why. One house that was demolished was serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s suburban Chicago home. After the lot sat empty for about a decade, a new home was finally built there.

    If you’re the seller . . .

    You can do your part to help the sale, says Saatchi. For starters, refurbish parts of the home that might have been revealed a lot in the news. For example, the “Amityville Horror” house became highly recognizable because of its arched windows on a side of the house. A future owner replaced them with square ones.

    Also, have someone live in the house until it’s sold, she says. “People already think it’s creepy that someone died there, but empty houses add another layer of spookiness.” A housekeeper remained in a murder house Saatchi had listed until a new occupant was found.

    And finally, do all those other things that you should be doing to sell a home anyway: “Don’t have dead flowers in the house; get rid of the Kitty Litter smell; make sure there’s not a dead bird on the patio. If kids have lived there, the toys and dolls should be fresh-looking, not a pathetic-looking doll. And get rid of memorabilia that could remind seekers of the deceased,” she says.

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    Joran Van der Sloot Reportedly Committed Suicide

    There are reports that Joran Van der Sloot has taken his own life.  His body was found near the Peruvian border.

    The poor little globe trotting rich boy,  recently became the prime suspect in the brutal stabbing death of  21-year-old Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez.

    Ramirez’ body was found wrapped in a blanket in a room registered under Joran Van der Sloots name at the hotel Tac in Miraflores.   Since the discovery, Van der Sloot has been no where to be found, until now.

    Five years ago, Joran became the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, an 18 year old student who was celebrating her high school graduation while vacationing in Aruba.  Holloway’s body was never found and between botched police work by Aruban authorities and a lenient judicial system, Van der Sloot was ultimately allowed to remain free.

    If the report of Joran Van der Sloot’s suicide is true, all I can say is that it was the first thing he did right in years

    source :

    Joran Van Der Sloot Sought in Peru Murder


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    Report that Joran van der Sloot committed suicide? If true, very unusual…maybe someone offed him.


    Van der Sloot may have committed suicide!

    The news has just been released by BNO News that Joran Van Der Sloot has been accused in Peru, for the murder of a 21 year old female. Van Der Sloot was the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalie Hollaway, an American student who vanished on May 30, 2005 while on her senior trip to Aruba.

    Interpol is said to be on the heels of Juran Van Der Sloot, since all evidence points to him as the suspect in the murder of the daughter of a racer, Ricardo Flores. Sthefany Tatiana Flores Ramirez was found dead this morning in the Miraflores hotel Tac, after vanishing on Friday. Her family named Joran as the last person to see her alive. She reportedly left a casino with Joran and was not seen again until her body was found. Joran is said to have fled the country on May 31, and is suspected of being in Argentina. Interpol is searching for him.

    Joran Van Der Sloot has been long suspected of foul play in the disappearance on Natalie Holloway, and has confessed to her death in several different scenarios, but each one just added to the fact that there was too much false evidence and not enough true evidence in the case for a conviction. Since Hollaway’s body was not found, it also made an arrest difficult in the case. Since the body of Ms. Ramirez was found in Peru, perhaps the outcome will not be so good for Joran Van Der Sloot this time, and justice may finally be served.