Abducted Boy Could Face Hard Recovery 6-01-2011 – CBS 5 – KPHO

Abducted Boy Could Face Hard Recovery 6-01-2011 – CBS 5 – KPHO.

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Ask Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Emeril for Fair Trade S’Mores This Summer

  • This week marks the official beginning of summer, and for many people, that means a favorite childhood campfire treat — the s’more. But as child labor, forced labor and  trafficking continue to fuel the cocoa industry, traditional s’mores might leave a bitter aftertaste. That’s why chocolate lovers across the country are calling on some of America’s favorite celebrity chefs — Paula Deen,  Bobby Flay,  Rachael Ray and Emeril Lagasse — to post Fair  Trade  s’mores recipes and additional information on their websites to  help  raise awareness about potential solutions to the problems that  plague  the cocoa industry. Sadly, none of these chefs have made a Fair Trade s’more, yet.Across the country, campers and other people with a sweet tooth are participating in a fun summer action called “We  Want More from Our S’mores,” where concerned consumers make their s’mores  using Fair Trade Certified chocolate to support positive change in the  cocoa industry. But they know that a gooey, delicious Fair Trade s’more treat made on the grill by Bobby Flay or with some extra Southern love by Paula can help inspire real change in the cocoa industry. That’s why they’re asking these chefs to put Fair Trade on their plate and stand up for kids in the coco industry.


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Facebook Rally: Ask Wyndham to Stop Child Sex Trafficking at Their Hotels

If you have two minutes to spare while playing around on Facebook today, you can help stop child sex slavery in the U.S. Despite recent high-profile cases of gangs pimping young girls at Wyndham hotels, the company has still not signed The Code of Conduct to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation in the Travel and Tourism Industry. Will you leave a message on their Facebook wall asking them to sign?

Recently,  police have busted two gangs for sex trafficking young girls at Wyndham  hotels. At one California hotel, Wyndham staff acted as lookouts and  accepted bribes from the traffickers, while they sold over a dozen girls  as young as 14. At another Virginia hotel, Wyndham staff ignored 6-7  men per night coming and going from a room where a 15-year-old girl was  being held in sexual slavery. Gang-run child sex trafficking at Wyndham  hotels needs to stop, immediately. Here’s what you can do:



How to End Sex Trafficking in Massage Parlors in Your Community

This is part two of an interview with Jessica Goodman, a student activist at
Carnegie Mellon University who is doing research on anti-trafficking issues and
helping rally support for a proposal that would help end sex trafficking in Pittsburgh
massage parlors. Here, Goodman outlines how you can get a similar ordinance
passed in your own community. To read part one, click

1) Investigate. Read through the johns’ boards; see how many
massage parlors are in your area. Making a map helps; ours was color-coded by
city council district to make it easy for people to see how close these places
are to our homes and schools. Be warned: these boards can be extremely graphic
and disturbing.

2) Identify. Look for the best person or office to introduce
the ordinance. Perhaps your county has more investigative powers than your city;
maybe your state house is the best place to look. Ending human trafficking is a
non-partisan issue, so feel free to look for supporters from outside of your own
experience. We have received wonderful support from the religious community in
Pittsburgh, including Sister Jeanette Bussen, a local nun and anti-trafficking
activist who I would never have met without this work.

3) Instigate. Start drumming up community support. Ask to
talk for 15 minutes at the ends of college clubs’ meetings, present to church
groups and contact local fraternal organizations. Ask local massage therapists
if they know where illegitimate establishments are located; because johns
sometimes confuse good businesses with places to buy sex, some massage
therapists have been sexually harassed by them. These places are deeply embedded
in our communities — in Pittsburgh, not one of the 15 brothels posing as
massage parlors is more than a few blocks from a church, synagogue or mosque. It
is an issue on everyone’s plate, whether we know it or not.

Once you have the knowledge, the institutional and the community support, you
may need to address the concerns of local business owners, consult law
enforcemen and make sure that your case is as solid as possible. And ask for
help — the Project to End Human Trafficking and I are committed to getting this
passed in Pittsburgh and elsewhere. If you live in Pittsburgh, please consider
volunteering for or donating to the Project to End Human Trafficking
or handwriting a letter of support to Mayor Ravenstahl.

I am a bit of a policy wonk, so my first reaction to a new issue is to do
research. For me, reading through all of the materials put out by the National
Human Trafficking Resource Center, calling the National Human Trafficking
Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 for information on anti-trafficking organizations in
my area and reading the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons report
gave me enough of a foundation to form an opinion about how to best combat
trafficking in Pittsburgh.

If you are better with counseling than I am, volunteer to work with
survivors. It can be satisfying work, if not always fun. If you only have a
little time, consider writing a paper on trafficking. I bet you $10 donated to
your favorite anti-trafficking organization, I can take any term-paper topic and
find a way to make it about ending trafficking. Seriously. Email me.

The most important thing any student can do is to learn the signs of human
trafficking. Confinement, abuse, debt-bondage, threats, minors in commercial
sex, adults in jobs they can’t leave — these are things anyone can see anytime
and report to the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888). The call
specialists keep track of all of the tips they receive and pass them on to law
enforcement. Together, we can end sex trafficking in our communities.

source: http://news.change.org/humantrafficking.rss

Why Won’t the 2011 Super Bowl Committee Protect Kids from Rape?

While the Super Bowl is a time of celebration for football fans in America, it’s often a time of exploitation for trafficked children. Last year, traffickers from as far away as Hawaii brought underage girls to the Super Bowl in Miami, where adult men paid to rape them. This year is shaping up to be more of the same. That is, unless the Super Bowl XLV host committee is willing to stand up for kids in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Sadly, so far, they’re not.

Over 30,000 Change.org members have asked the 2011 Super Bowl host committee to stand against child sex trafficking by incorporating the “I’m Not Buying It” campaign into their official event materials. “I’m Not Buying It” is an innovative public education and prevention campaign developed by local anti-trafficking organization Traffick911. The campaign features a PSA made by former New England Patriot Devin Wyman, where he addresses child sex trafficking and asks other men to join him in protecting kids.  The campaign also offers free posters, banners, and informational cards aimed at preventing the victimization of children. All these materials have been offered to the Super Bowl host committee. But so far, they refuse to lift a finger to distribute them and help kids in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

And they’re just about the only ones in Texas unwilling to help stop child sex trafficking. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott publicly stated that “the Super Bowl is one of the biggest human trafficking events in the United States.” His office is working with law enforcement and victims’ advocacy groups to identify and assist children trafficked into Texas for the big game. Traffick911 is also working on the ground to get the word out that child traffickers are unwelcome in Dallas/Ft. Worth or near the Cowboys stadium. But unfortunately, all this great work is happening without the help of the host committee, the organization poised to have the biggest impact in the fight against trafficking in Texas.

No one knows how many children will be trafficked to Dallas/Ft. Worth for this year’s Super Bowl. But considering that Texas has one of the biggest human trafficking problems in the country, and that last year’s Super Bowl saw an increase in the amount of child trafficking around the event, the issue is potentially explosive. The Super Bowl host committee can continue to ignore this problem while young children are bought and sold at their event, or they can use their considerable influence to fight child sex trafficking in Texas.

Will you join the over 30,000 Change.org members in asking the Super Bowl XLV host committee to stand against child sex trafficking and incorporate Traffick911’s “I’m Not Buying It” awareness campaign into their official materials.?



source: http://humantrafficking.change.org/blog/view/why_wont_the_2011_super_bowl_committee_protect_kids_from_rape

Locate Yvonne J Hubrechtsen on the Web

 / Arrest Records / Yvonne J Hubrechtsen    Tinyfb Share

Las Vegas Arrest Record for Yvonne J Hubrechtsen

Inmate Name:  Hubrechtsen, Yvonne J
Inmate #: 1938912
Last Arrest Date:
00:00AM 07-21-2010
Age/DOB:  24


Inmate Location & Arrest Information Tool-tip

Useful terms explained

Charges can be written many different ways. Use this guide to help understand some of them

  • Usm – U.S. Marshall
  • Intent T – with intent to sell
  • Dui Alc – Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
  • Att – Attempted
  • Comm – Commerce (for selling)
  • Misd – Misdemeanor

Charges Resulting from Arrest on 07/21/2010

Detention Facility: CCDC
Dui Alcohol And/Or Drugs
Counts: 1
Bond: $2,000.00

Locate Yvonne J Hubrechtsen on the Web


Trans-America: Selling Boys for Sex in the U.S. Capitol

Every day in the capitol of the U.S., boys identifying as gay or transgender are bought and sold for sex by adult men. In Washington D.C., suburban “Johns” with gold wedding bands drive nice cars into the city to regularly solicit these youths for sex. LGBTQ sex trafficking, and especially transgender sex trafficking, is a grossly misunderstood issue. Fortunately, Courtney’s House in Washington, D.C. is one of the few organizations in the country recognizing trafficking of LGBTQ people.

While Washington, D.C. is a hotspot for gay and transgender child sex trafficking, it happens across the country. LGBTQ youth, and especially transgender youth, are at an increased risk for sex trafficking for a number of reasons. They are disproportionally disowned by their families, and the social stigma and institutional bias against this vulnerable population has led to a lack of services, opportunity and epidemic homelessness. Pimps take advantage of these vulnerabilities and profit from selling these children to adult men.

Pimps who specialize in selling LGBTQ and homeless youth are often called “Mamas,” and they lure LGBTQ youth into an artificial, twisted family structure. The “Mama,” usually a transgender woman herself, acts as the head of the household and sets quotas for her makeshift family that they must fulfill each night via prostitution.  If they don’t make the required sum of money, they are socially isolated by the “family” and threatened to be kicked out.  The money that each person makes on the streets is handed over to the Mama, who then gives them a small, token amount of spending money.  This inadequate allowance isn’t enough to cover living expenses, forcing them to borrow money from the Mama and keeping them in debt.


Elizabeth Smart’s Testimony Inspires Communities to Fight Fear

When Elizabeth Smart testified last week against her captor, she had a lot to say about the details of her 9-month ordeal, but not so much about why she never tried to escape. As Slate.com discusses, Elizabeth likely stayed put due to pure fear — an act of self-preservation common to those victimized by sex trafficking and other predatory crimes. Inspired by stories like Elizabeth’s, the Not One More Child movement seeks to protect kids from ever having to experience that fear.

At the age of 14, Elizabeth was stolen from her home and forced to play the role of one of Brian David Williams’ “celestial wives,” a term that, for the victim, was nowhere near as mystical as it sounded. She was tied to a tree for a month and raped every day, her will weakened by physical force, alcohol and verbal abuse. And she was kept well-hidden, sequestered from the outside world and well-disguised when out in public. Young, impressionable and lacking the resources necessary for escape, Elizabeth was easily kept captive with not only the abuse she endured, but the simplest, most hard-hitting, easiest-to-believe threat: If she ran, Williams would kill her family.

Tactically speaking, predators like sex traffickers are Brian David Williams’ second cousins. Where Williams sought God’s glory (or whatever other motive existed in his deranged mind) through control of his victim, pimps seek profit.  But their means are quite similar. Sex trafficking victims are raped daily by their clients, and their wills are also weakened by drugs, beatings, verbal thrashings, isolation and meaningful threats. Individuals forced into prostitution often remain quiet and do not attempt escape for the same, simple reason as Elizabeth Smart: fear.


Sadistic Sex Offender A Clear Threat To Children

Joel Antonio Barriga

Joel Barriga is no stranger to the law. As a matter of fact, he’s been in trouble throughout his entire life and has a violent history of sexual abuse against children.

When he was in his late teens, Barriga molested four of his neighbors — all siblings, and all between the ages of 4 and 10 years old.

Barriga told the children not to report the vile crimes, but they knew he needed to be punished and reported him anyway. A short time later, Barriga and his friend put a pellet gun up to an opening in the fence surrounding their property, and shot the children’s pet Chihuahua, Tiny, in the chest.

While the dog writhed in pain, yelping and slowly dying on the ground, cops say Barriga danced around, laughing, limping and mocking the dog in its final traumatic moments.

Four years later, when he was just 19 years old, Barriga lured a 14-year-old girl into his house and violently raped her. Afterwards, he threatened to harm her family if she dared tell anyone.

Joel Barriga has no certifiable job skills, and cops tell us he has never been employed. What he does have is a penchant for molesting young children …


Cops: GPS Device No Match For Violent Pedophile

But the brave young girl did tell — and Barriga was eventually arrested, charged and convicted. However, after just a few short years behind bars, he made parole on Feb. 2, 2008.

On Feb. 4, two days after his release, he told the parole board he was a transient — so they strapped a GPS monitoring bracelet to his leg.

Authorities told Barriga to return the following day to provide proof of registration.

Instead, cops tell us he cut off the GPS device and hasn’t been seen since.

Sexual Deviant Most Likely South Of The Border

Joel Barriga has no certifiable job skills, and cops tell AMW he has never been employed.

What he does have is a penchant for molesting young children, and as long as he’s out amongst the populous, no child can be considered safe.

Numerous people have told investigators that Barriga’s headed down to Mexico, though no one has provided authorities with a precise location.

He’s known to travel back and forth between Mexico and southern California, where a number of his family members reside.

Barriga normally has two hoop-earrings in each of his ears, and he has a number of tattoos on his body. On his left forearm, he has the word “Anthony” tattooed in cursive. On his lower right leg, he has a tattoo of two skulls, with a bone protruding from each one. A number of disturbing faces are inked on his right forearm, as well as the word “Radha,” on his right wrist.

If you know where Joel Barriga is hiding, you’ve got to call our Hotline right away at 1-800-CRIME-TV. Remember: You can remain anonymous.


Backpage.com Sued for Knowingly Promoting Child Prostitution

A child sex trafficking survivor has filed a lawsuit against Village Voice Media, claiming they knowingly promoted the forced prostitution of a minor on their online classified site, Backpage.com. The suit comes just days after Craigslist testified before Congress that their “adult services” section was closed for good in the U.S. Is this lawsuit the next wave of a changing tide in the fight against online exploitation of children?

The survivor bringing the suit, identified only as M.A. since she is still a minor, was first sold into the commercial sex industry at age 14 after running away from home. Her pimp pled guilty last week to taking pornographic photos of a minor and posting them to Backpage.com, promoting sex with a minor on Backpage, and several related crimes. That child pornography was posted to Backpage and that child trafficking was facilitated through Backpage is not debated. The question is, did the operators of Backpage know these ads were 1.) pornographic pictures of a minor and 2.) promoting prostitution of that minor. The law suit claims they did, although the details as to how are left pretty vague. According to the filing,

“Defendant had a strong suspicion that the aforementioned crimes were being committed. Defendant had a desire that these posters accomplished their nefarious illegal prostitution activities so that the posters would return to the website and pay for more posting. Therefore, actual knowledge of the specific crime is unnecessary under the ‘ostrich rule’ which allows an inference of knowledge, in that at best defendant was deliberately ignorant of the specific crimes that were being committed on its website.”