Rilya S. Wilson

Rilya Wison

Rilya Wison

Judge Cindy Lederman unloaded on attorneys representing the Department of Children and Families today after that agency lost a 5-year-old girl who was supposed to be in their care.

Little Riyla Wilson (pictured, right and below right) is still missing more than a year after she was lost. At today’s hearing, Lederman called DCF’s actions in the matter deplorable and reprehensible.”As you would expect I have a lot of questions,” Lederman (pictured, left) said, before going on to ask attorneys just where the little girl is.”We do not know where this child is. She is missing,” said a DCF attorney.

Geralyn Graham, Wilson’s caretaker, surrendered the child to someone who identified themselves as a DCF worker in late 2000 or early 2001. The caseworker assigned to Wilson is accused of falsifying paperwork for more than a month after the 5-year-old’s disappearance, claiming she personally visited the girl when she didn’t, DCF administrators have said.”In terms of the caseworkers who have some involvement in this deplorable situation, what action has been taken in regard to them?” Lederman asked”Those individuals are no longer employees of the department,” said an attorney.”Great,” responded Lederman.

The judge went through at least six court appearances in the last year where Rilya’s case was discussed, and noted that the caseworker was often absent, and when she did appear, often lied.”I don’t even know how to respond to what’s been done in this case by the caseworker, but she also defrauded the court,” Lederman said.The judge also addressed the case of Riyla’s little sister, Rodricka, 3, who was removed from Graham’s care last week without telling the judge.”Why, after everything that has happened in this case, after I have been kept in the dark about the status and well-being and placement of this child for one year, why would you think I would allow the department to remove this child’s sibling without my consent? Why would you even think that? And why would you even try and what is the department hiding?” Lederman demanded.Attorneys for DCF denied they are hiding anything.

The lawyers were ordered to show up for another hearing this afternoon at 1:30 to answer questions about why they took Rodricka. DCF attorneys did say that Rodricka was removed from the Graham home because she was at risk.”I am ordering you to file a detention petition in this case and if you wish to appeal me that’s fine. The reason I am doing that is because it is absolutely despicable what has happened in this case and that I, who have the ultimate responsibility for this child, cannot perform my duties because I didn’t even know the child was missing,” Lederman said.Gov. Jeb Bush has now appointed a four-member panel of child advocates to look into DCF. They will turn in a final report next month.

Precious Doe DNA testing is underway in Kansas City to determine if the beheaded body of a young girl is Rilya Wilson.A sample from Rilya’s mother will be used for the test. Results are expected in about a week.In Kansas City they have dubbed the unidentified body as “Precious Coe” and feelings for that child are so strong some think her remains should stay in Kansas City even if there is a positive ID. In fact two community activists claim they would consider suing to keep the remains there. Previous Stories:

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Rilya Wilson is the 5 year old girl whose where-abouts are unknown, due to ineffectiveness of the Department of Children and Families (DCF). According to Rilya’s grandmother, a woman from DCF came to her home to pick up Rilya in January 2001. Rilya has not been seen, or heard from, since the day the mysterious woman picked her up, and nobody claims to know where she is. It wasn’t until 16 months later that the state discovered she was missing.

How many more kids must fall victim to the state? Why take these kids if they’re not going to be protected?

Deborah Muskelly lied during these 16 months, claiming that she had visited Rilya’s home to check on her on a monthly basis. Rilya’s gradmmother also continously received checks for the care of Rilya ALTHOUGH Rilya was not with her.

At one point, the body of precious doe was thought to be that of Rilya Wilson. Examiners confirmed that the body was not Rilya Wilson. Which leaves Missouri police with a mystery on their hands.

There is a 75,000 dollar reward for anybody with any information leading to the where-abouts of Rilya

Rilya is an innocent young girl who is missing, you would never have heard of her if she hadn’t been a child of the state. Rilya’s media coverage was based on DCF. NOT based on a beautiful child being missing.

Radiant beauty in your eyes.

Innocent face still fresh in our minds.

Lost angel crying for help.

Your heartbreaking case has baffled us all.

Angel you will always be.

Rilya name really means “Remember I loves you always” her mother stated this in another interview.

Rilya Wison

Rilya Wison
This person who wrote this story is a very angry person. she has written other stories in reference to other black children who were missing or deceased. She has stated very bluntly that black children DO NOT get the attention white children get. Listing names of those children who are white the cases ie,Jonbenet Ramsey, Elizabeth Smart, Samantha Runnion, Danielle Van Dam…4 blonde kids whom cases received daily media updates and continous coverage after they were missing/murdered. Here are the children she’s listed: Alexis Patterson, Diamond and Tionda Bradley, Dannariah Finley, Cynteria Phillips, Ashley Mance, Sherrice Iverson, and Christian Ferguson deserves to have the same nationwide publicity as the 4 white girls I mentioned earlier but have you ever heard of any of them? No.
3 reason why: All are black, all are poor, all lived in the United States of AmeriKKKa.

Please see my sites for more info on them. (murdered kids) (missing kids)

Are black kids the only ones who go on un-noticed by the media? What about Tiffany Long, a poor, brunette white girl who was murdered in North Carolina?

Must a child be blonde and rich to be a victim? Read my article on anonymous white kids.…WhiteKids.html

Her web sites have been disabled all three of them due to the hatefulness tone she has. These children have been heard of she just doesn’t know enough to know that. NCMEC leaves no one behind we look for everyone no matter what color of your skin is.

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Missing Angela Finger and Jessie Foster Cases

CASE #633 Angela Marie Finger (12.29.2008)(STILL MISSING)

case maybe related to Jessie Foster


DD’s from the 29th are posted below.


“she is in danger — NYC City hotel, Steward Nevada — New York City Mob — danger, grass is fake – goes to Carson City, 419”

“24 years old, drives a truck — black jacket, New Jersey, 44”

“not real, let her go”

map below, I think that Angela was a victim of human trafficking and is alive.  I also think it might be dangerous to investigate this case ourselves,


Hi Brian,

Could you please post this information for Angela Marie Finger, case #633?

Thanks !



Will do Debra,



Angela was last seen in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 25, 2006. At the time of her disappearance, she was employed at the Monte Carlo casino as a cage cashier. She had worked there for two years and been promoted twice.

Angela had met a man on the internet who called himself Craig Raether. Raether said he was 27 years old and his parents had been killed in a car accident. He went to meet Angela in person in May 2006, and also met her mother, Michelle Finger. Michelle distrusted Raether and believed he was lying about his age and background. Raether proposed marriage to Angela the day after they met in person. Michelle said her daughter’s attitude and behavior changed immediately after she met Raether. She began dressing differently and acted disrespectfully towards her parents. Michelle went on a vacation to Florida shortly afterwards and when she returned, Angela had moved out. All her belongings were gone, her phone was disconnected and no one had heard from her.

Michelle subsequently discovered “Craig Raether” was not who he said he was. His true identity was William Matthew Smolich. The real Craig Raether was a former friend of his. Smolich=2 0had stolen his identity, and also used the alias Shawn Odow. A photograph of Smolich is posted below this case summary. His date of birth is February 5, 1969, making him 37 years old in 2006. He is Caucasian, 5’11 and 195 pounds, with blond hair and brown eyes. He is wanted in Colorado for failure to register as a sex offender, and is also wanted on eight charges in Arizona.

Michelle found photos of Angela on pornographic websites registered to Smolich. She found out Smolich’s phone number, called it, and was able to speak to Angela for a few seconds. She told Angela Smolich’s real name and his sex offender status. Then the line went dead and Michelle was unable to reach her daughter again. After the phone call, Smolich took his websites offline.

Angela is believed to be in danger and may have met with foul play. Her case remains unsolved.

Tattoo on Angela’s Back

William Matthew Smolich

If you have any information regarding the location or well-being of Angela Marie Finger, please contact her mother, Michele Finger.

Michele’s e-mail:

Michele’s telephone number:  206-979-0022


Radio show for this case is on hold.


notes from show

UPDATE 1.1.2009 1:07 AM: Show is ok to post…and is here.


Talked with Gale for about 30 minutes on this case, notes and maps follow.



Hi Brian,

Could you please post these interactive maps links, regarding the Angela Marie Finger case?

Thanks !




Will do Deb 🙂


Hornsby, Tennessee


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