More bones found in NM desert; victim total now 13

Authorities say bones from 13 victims have been recovered from a desert site west of Albuquerque that authorities have been excavating for about a month.

The death toll had been 11, but police said that further examination of the remains Thursday showed that they must have belonged to 12 victims. Police recovered a 13th body Friday.

The bones have all been dug up from an area recently razed for a housing development. A hiker made the first grisly find.

Only two sets of remains have been identified.

Authorities say 22-year-old Michelle Valdez and 28-year-old Victoria Chavez of Albuquerque both suffered drug addiction and worked as prostitutes when they were reported missing in 2004.

Police say they suspect the remains were buried by one person.

(This version corrects that death toll had been 12 before remains found Friday.)

Jessie has been missing since 2006, there is a possibility that one of the girls could be Jessie. DNA has been sent to compare. This is a stressful time for Glendene again another rollercoaster ride.

Missing Jessie Foster Peter Todd last person to see her in the home where they lived

Missing Jessie Foster Peter Todd last person to see her in the home where they lived

More Bodies Found in New Mexico

Another body was found in the same 92-acre parcel west of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the remains of 10 other people have been discovered, police said Thursday.
An Albuquerque, New Mexico, police forensics team member digs at the burial site.

The latest discovery was made Tuesday, and the remains were recovered Wednesday, Albuquerque police spokesman John Walsh said. Like the others, it was sent to the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator, he said.

A woman walking her dog found the first bodies earlier this month on the property, which had been graded in preparation for development. The graves are on about 10 acres, police spokeswoman Nadine Hamby said earlier, but that area keeps expanding.

So far, 11 bodies have been found, including those of a first-trimester fetus with those of a pregnant woman.

Police believe the bodies were buried sometime in the earlier part of the decade, Walsh said Thursday.

Authorities have identified two of the remains, Walsh said. Body No. 8 belongs to Gina Valdez, who was born in 1982, he said. Valdez was pregnant, and the remains of her fetus were with her.

Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz told reporters that Valdez had a prior criminal history that included arrests for prostitution and drug charges, according to CNN affiliate KRQE-TV.

Earlier, police had identified another set of remains as belonging to Victoria Chavez, a prostitute and drug user who was last seen in 2003 and reported missing in 2004.

Authorities are investigating how the two women’s paths may have crossed, Walsh said.

Valdez’s father, Dan Valdez, told KRQE she was 22 when he reported her missing four years ago. Despite her rough lifestyle, he said, “she was my daughter and didn’t deserve to be buried in the desert.”

Hamby said earlier there is housing south and east of the vacant land. After rain caused flooding, surrounding neighbors complained to the developer, who made culverts to divert the water, apparently bringing the first remains to the surface.


Thank you All

A note from Glendene Grant:

I got such an awesome response to my email about the case in New Mexico. I emailed the police on Jessie’s case, but this is one of the replies I got:
Glendene, Jessies DNA has been submitted to a data base. If the bodies are not identified, DNA will be forwarded to be analyzed. At that time, if there is a match, I will be notified. This may take months for results. (However, I do not plan on waiting, nor do I think we should have to wait for months if there is any possible way around it. Which in my opinion, would be to test Jessie’s DNA immediately as a possibility.)

I have emailed the following letter to the reporter, the Mayor & Police Chief of Albuquerque. I will let you all know if I get a response from anyone:
Article I read about the bodies found: mentions a ‘woman reported missing in 2006’, and my daughter Jessica (JESSIE) Edith Louise Foster was reported missing in 2006, and before she went missing, she was being forced to work at an escort agency & as a prostitute in Las Vegas. We are from Kamloops, BC Canada. Jessie is an international endangered missing person (maybe a human trafficking victim or sadly, maybe dead and buried in the Albuquerque desert). We have been almost 3 years dealing with the disappearance of my beloved daughter – she was last heard from on March 28, 2006. She was packed up and ready to leave the ‘situation’ she was caught in. She told her sister “I will talk to you tomorrow” and we have never heard from her since. Her cell phone, bank accounts, credit cards, passport have not been touched since. Her story has been told on Geraldo at Large (April 24/06), Maury Povich (October 11/06), Montel Williams (May 24/07) and they came to our home in Kamloops to do an update on the Montel show (July 8/08). Jessie’s story was also told on American’s Most Wanted (November 15/08), in a book by Lisa Wojna called MISSING! The Disappeared, Lost or Abducted in Canada (August 2007), in the National Enquirer (August 2008), Oracle 20/20 Magazine (September 2008) and CrimeWatch Canada (October 2008) and will be coming out in a recipe book by the Kirsten Foundation for the missing. Jessie’s story has been in newspapers, on radio talk shows & news and on TV news nationally and internationally. WE HAVE TO FIND JESSIE. When there was a reconstruction done on a poor girl dubbed the ‘Kilgore Jane Doe’, a few people thought it looked somewhat like Jessie, so the University of Northern Texas (I think is the name) sent out DNA kits to find out. It was not Jessie…but her DNA is now on file in CODIS. WE NEED TO FIND JESSIE. Was Jessie the ‘woman reported missing in 2006’ in that article? Can you help me find out? Please let me know as soon as you can. Newspaper articles & links to Jessie’s case if you want to look them over (or you can simply do a search for “missing Jessie Foster” to see a lot of info on her case):
America’s Most Wanted:
Geraldo, Maury & Video made for Jessie available here:
Thank you. Sincerely, Jessie’s mom Glendene Grant.
$50,000 REWARD