The search team huddled around the photograph of the homeless woman panhandling at Tropicana Avenue and Jones Boulevard.


The picture gave them hope.


They studied the woman’s leathery skin and straight blond hair. Her narrow-set eyes hugged the bridge of a small, sloping nose hung above a pair of thin lips.


They glanced back at the pictures of a grinning 21-year-old Jessie Foster just before she went missing eight years ago in Las Vegas, then gasped. A lot can change in that time, but those lips, that nose — could it really be her?


“Oh, my lord,” Mary Borchers said.


“Yeah, we got to go down there,” Shannon Forsythe said.


Borchers is an advocate for sex-trafficking victims and a friend of Jessie’s mother, Glendene Grant.


Foster’s story in the documentary “Trafficked No More,” which was broadcast last month on several Las Vegas television stations, had brought in new tips about Foster’s possible whereabouts. But Grant, who lives in Kamloops, British Columbia, couldn’t follow up on all of the tips.

So on Sunday, Borchers traveled to Las Vegas from Los Angeles with Forsythe and members of her sex-trafficking victims’ assistance nonprofit group, Run 2 Rescue, to resume the search into a question no one has been able to answer since 2006: What happened to Jessie?


They dispatched 15 volunteers to pass out fliers Monday morning. It was then — when two volunteers had handed a flier to the homeless woman — that the photo had been taken. The woman didn’t say she was Jessie, but she said the missing person on the flier looked familiar.


That didn’t matter to Forsythe, founder of Run 2 Rescue. If Foster is in fact a sex-trafficking victim, she could have been afraid to admit her identity.


“We need to cut the meeting short,” Forsythe said to the waiting volunteers at East Vegas Christian Center.


The homeless woman could still be near Tropicana and Jones, but Borchers and Forsythe knew their window was closing. It was almost 5 p.m. and getting dark.


They piled into a Ford Explorer with another woman from Run 2 Rescue and two men for protection, and sped toward Tropicana and Jones.


• • •


Jessie vanished in 2006 from North Las Vegas, like a drop of rain on the desert floor.


In May 2005, she had come from Kamloops to the Las Vegas Valley. A month later, Jessie moved in with her boyfriend, Peter Todd — a man Jessie’s parents, Dwight Foster and Grant, barely knew.


When Jessie went missing — she last spoke by phone with her mother on March 24, 2006, and was last seen by Todd on April 3, 2006 — Grant filed a report with North Las Vegas Police. After learning Jessie had been arrested in June 2005 and had an outstanding warrant for prostitution, Grant was certain their second-oldest daughter — a former honor roll student — was a victim of sex trafficking.


Police searched Todd’s home. They interviewed him twice. He said Jessie took her belongings and drove off. Authorities didn’t find anything suspicious, North Las Vegas Police Lt. Tim Bedwell said.


They tracked every lead they could, even tips from psychics, but all police ever found were animal bones in the desert. They even got two retired officers to search every recent missing-persons case for a link. They found nothing.


Grant and Foster insisted Todd was a pimp and blamed him for Jessie’s disappearance. With no evidence to indicate otherwise, police cleared Todd of wrongdoing.


Jessie’s case grew cold.


Nearly eight years later, Jessie’s case still haunts the department. Bedwell can still picture Jessie grinning without a care in the passenger seat of a car.


“We’ve conceded for a very long time that even though this is a missing-persons case, common sense says there’s been a crime committed and she’s a victim,” Bedwell said. “We just don’t know what, and we can’t find evidence.”


Jessie’s disappearance changed the course of Grant’s and Dwight Foster’s lives.


They entered a world of what-ifs and body watches, holding their breath every time human remains were found in Las Vegas.


Early on, the mystery festered like an open wound. What if Jessie is alive and being tortured? What if she died alone in the desert?


The macabre thoughts went on and on for the parents.


That first year, Grant refused to leave home and let her cupboards go empty. She struggled to take care of her two other daughters and grieved constantly. She quit her job and focused her efforts on trying to find Jessie.


Grant and Dwight Foster hired a private investigator and made several trips to the valley to comb the city for their daughter. Still, no luck.


Then, near the end of the first year, Grant said she received a sign that helped her move forward. While on a flight to Las Vegas, she had learned police had found Shawn Hornsbeck, a child who had been kidnapped in Missouri and had been missing for four years.


Grant knew then Jessie might not come home any time soon. Grant would be in it for the long haul.


“Once I knew, it was easier to wait for the next few years to go by,” Grant said. “I don’t know how to explain that, but I just knew.”


• • •


Doris weaved the Ford Explorer through the rush-hour traffic on Interstate 15, toward Tropicana Avenue.


“If she says, ‘yes,’ we take her right there,” said Doris, Run 2 Rescue’s outreach coordinator, who asked that her last name not be used to protect her identity.


“We need to get her in the car and out of town to make sure no one follows us,” Forsythe said. “Then out of the state tonight.”


“We also need to consider law enforcement,” Borchers said.


Borchers thumbed through photos of Jessie as she listened. The similarities between Jessie and the homeless woman were unbelievable.


Still, the searchers reminded themselves the woman might not be Jessie. There are nearly 2 million people in Clark County. The odds of finding Jessie on the streets were slim.


Regardless, they would help the woman if she needed it.


About 10 minutes later, Doris exited onto Tropicana and sped past an adult video emporium and the Orleans. They notified a safe house at an undisclosed location to prepare for Foster. A plan was formulated.


They prayed.

“Let it be Jessie,” Forsythe said. “Let it be Jessie.”


• • •


Grant learned long ago to give up any expectations when people searched for her daughter.


She knows getting worked up will only make her crazy. Instead, Grant focuses on what she can control — her advocacy work.


After a detective told her no one would be interested in Jessie’s story, Grant’s mission became to prove the detective wrong.


Jessie’s story has appeared in documentaries, books and enough newspapers to fill three scrapbooks. Grant has traveled to high schools and universities across Canada, sharing her daughter’s story. She started Mothers Against Trafficking Humans in Jessie’s name.


Each time Grant helps another parent deal with losing a loved one to human trafficking, or helps someone by sharing her own story, she’s keeping Jessie alive.


Grant also prays … a lot.


“I don’t lose hope, but I don’t daydream about the what-ifs,” Grant said. “Those are the ones that will put you in the psych ward.”


Her ex-husband, Dwight Foster, from whom Grant has been separated since the late 1980s, has struggled to move forward. Grant said Dwight Foster was consumed with Jessie’s disappearance.


Dwight Foster stays up all night and sleeps all day. He is no longer the happy-go-lucky guitar player he once was. He even quit his job.


“Somewhere in his dad mind, he probably felt that he didn’t protect her,” Grant said.


Grant has chosen not to live in the past. She recently moved out of the home in which Jessie grew up. Grant has moved into a new home with new furniture.


Grant knows she can never go back to the life where Jessie brought friends over to bounce on the trampoline and pick grapes off vines. In those days, Grant always thought Jessie would grow up and do hair and makeup for movie stars.


Those are just memories now. Grant knows she can’t go back to that life, even if Jessie is still alive.


Still it isn’t easy to move forward. Grant cries once a day for Jessie and posts often on Facebook, promising to bring her home no matter what. Even if Grant doesn’t expect answers, she needs one.


“It means I don’t have to think Jessie’s being raped,” Grant said. “I don’t have to think that the crows picked her bones clean.”


• • •


Grant’s mind raced; she couldn’t sleep.


It was close to midnight, and Metro Police hadn’t finished scanning the woman’s fingerprints. Grant remained glued to her phone, struggling to remind herself not to expect anything.


Earlier that night Borchers, Forsythe and Doris had found the homeless woman. She appeared intoxicated and wouldn’t comment on whether she was Jessie. Borchers snapped three photos and sent them to Grant.


The first two pictures didn’t look like Jessie at all, but the third picture — could it be? Grant couldn’t say for certain. The search team needed to find out more. Borchers called Grant and gave the phone to the woman.


They wanted to see her react to Grant’s voice.


“Please,” Grant said into the phone. “I just need to hear you speak so I can tell.”


No response. The woman grew angrier. That’s when the search team decided to call Metro so they could determine the woman’s identity for certain.


“There were at least a dozen people stating that it was her, including our own team,” Borchers said. “Even law enforcement said the same thing: that it was her.”


After midnight, the fingerprint results came in. It wasn’t Jessie.


“I wanted it to be her,” Grant said.


The next day, the search resumed.


source:  http://lasvegassun.com/news/2014/feb/21/after-eight-years-hope-remains-alive-even-if-missi/#.UwdrtAFQw9k.twitter

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Burton mother Lisa Brant aims to raise awareness of human trafficking by starting Mothers Against Trafficking Humans



 Five years ago, Lisa Brant’s 16-year-old daughter was taken from a friend’s home in Florida, raped, drugged and about to be sold to a man in Texas for $300,000.
After speaking out about the incident on national talk shows, Brant — who now lives in Burton — has collaborated with another parent to form a group against human trafficking.

Mothers Against Trafficking Humans would be an international parent group to bring awareness to North American human trafficking.

“I just started this organization because people just don’t want to hear it,” Brant said.
Brant said she hopes the organization will give her more opportunities to spread the word. She said she’s had a hard time finding local speaking engagements to shed light on human trafficking.

“The only success I’m getting is the talk shows,” Brant said.

Brant has been interviewed on the TODAY show, Maury Povich and MSNBC. But, she says, scheduling local speaking engagements has been a bit more difficult.

She said she’s been turned down at both Bendle and Flint schools.

“They were pretty much telling me this is something the parents don’t need to hear about,” Brant said. “I can’t fathom that they’re OK with discussing sex education, why can’t we discuss sex trafficking? To me that’s kind of a hand-in-hand thing.”

But superintendents from both school districts said they never spoke to Brant, who says she never made it past the office secretaries.

Despite Brant’s problems, human trafficking advocates say progress has been made in the last few years to spread awareness.

Mark Klaas, executive director of KlaasKids Foundation, an organization that advocates to stop crimes against children, said stories like Brant’s daughter’s has helped with awareness.

“You look at a pretty young girl and it’s hard to imagine she could be drawn into something like that,” he said. “It tends to raise a lot of awareness.”

In recent years, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, has shown legislative progress in spotlighting domestic human trafficking.

The act has now provides at least federal funding to advocate against domestic trafficking.

“The (act) was based on a presumption that the U.S. was a demand country as opposed to a supply country, although it’s terribly skewed in the other direction,” Klaas said. “For the first time they really do acknowledge there’s an issue.”

Glendene Grant, of British Columbia, is a parent of a current human trafficking victim Jesse Foster, who she believes is in Las Vegas. Foster has been missing since 2006.

Grant teamed up with Brant to create M.A.T.H.

She said legislative progress is being made in Canada as well as a bill that would create a minimum sentencing for the trafficking of minors.

She said the organization will be a place other parents can look to for support.

“Neither one of us knew what to do,” Grant said. “Neither one of us ever asked to be put in this position. … But now, in some cases, we’re probably the most knowledgeable.”


Colleen M. Hollywood: My Las Vegas Experience

After sending Jessica Foster’s mother, Glendene Grant, the below documentation in an email regarding my 2004 Las Vegas experience with pimps and other evil people, I read on Jessie’s website Lindsey Harris was also missing under the same circumstances. When I searched Lindsey’s name, I found her on AMW’s website. I read four girls(including Jessica & Lindsey) were missing between 2003-2006. All were slender white females between 5’4” – 5’6” with blond hair & three had the middle name of Marie. This also describes me. My name is Colleen Marie Hollywood. I am 5’5″, slender, & had blond hair when I lived in Vegas for three months. The only exceptions were I was 38 & did not have a black boyfriend or pimp, but within two weeks four pimps were trying to recruit me. I also sent the documentation to America’s Most Wanted since Jessie and Lindsey were both on their television show I watch every Saturday night. I know I am lucky to be alive &/or not missing:

On Mon 10/26/09 2:59 AM , Colleen Hollywood sent:

Dear Glendene,

I just watched the case regarding the disappearance of Jessie. The show I watched was on the E channel. It was called Young, Beautiful, & Vanished: 15 Most Unthinkable Crimes. I cannot help but wonder if GOD was responsible for keeping me home today due to being sick because I was suppose to take my granddaughter to a Halloween party at 3 p.m. Ironically, the show also began at 3 p.m. When I seen the blurred out picture of Peter, who was obviously black, the hair all over my body stood straight up. I immediately flashed back to August of 2004 when I was in Vegas. Within two weeks, four pimps were after me. Two were Afro-Americans by the names of Stranger and G-Money a.k.a. Greg. The third was a Dominican by the name of Donwell. The fourth I never met, but his name was Pete. At one point this guy, Michael, informed me someone by the name of Pete heard about me and wanted to meet me, but it never happened. When I seen the blurred out picture of Peter, I just got this gut feeling he was the Pete who was interested in meeting me.

Then I go to Jessie’s website to find out the only person who visited her in Vegas was named Colleen B., which eerily was my name and initials at the time I was in Vegas. My bad experiences in Vegas began in June of 2004. I thought maybe the things I knew about the people from Vegas might help with your search for Jessie. The only thing is I mostly have street names. For those I do have names on, I do not have last names. I am hoping either Jessie or Colleen may have mentioned one of the following names such as Stranger, G-Money, Donwell, Jessica, LV, Michael, Nikki, Tangerine, Skeeter, Wiggles, Darryl(Donwell’s brother-in-law), Jaz, and Bounce. I still have G-Money and Michael’s phone numbers although I do not know if they are still valid.

Like Jessie, I moved to Las Vegas alone not knowing a soul. I always had the feeling I was lucky to make it out of Vegas alive. It was confirmed after watching the segment regarding Jessie’s disappearance. In June of 2004, I left Pennsylvania driving to Las Vegas to attend The Art Institute in Henderson, Nevada located just a few miles from Vegas. In the early hours of August 19, 2004, I called police for help. I just moved out of a home owned by a man I was renting a room off of. I found out later he only rented to women. Long story short, this guy was interfering with my potential job phone calls because he wanted me financially dependent on him. The night I left his home, I was drunk for the first time in the three months of moving to Vegas. I was homeless and suicidal. I only had $400 left to my name. I told the 911 operator if they did not get me help I was going to carbon monoxide my cat and myself.

When the officer arrived, he realized I was intoxicated. I had to take a sobriety test, which I failed. He told me the local Shelter would not take me because I was intoxicated besides I was not leaving my cat. He asked me if I had any money. I told him yes. He then reserved me a room at a Motel 6 located at 5085 South Industrial Road, LV, NV, 89118. He told me he had to cuff me before putting me in the back of the police vehicle. He put me and my cat in the back seat and drove to the hotel. He then went inside and paid for my room. I still have the receipt. He then gave me the key. He left me intoxicated and alone in what turned out to be Crack, Pimp, and Prostitute Road. I cannot help but wonder if the police knew what they were doing and were part of “throwing me to the wolves”. That is why I thought it would be best to contact you instead of the police. I did not want to give them the opportunity to cover anything up. I still have the police report indicating I was a Transient with no known address. To my knowledge the police never followed up to see if I was okay. Remember, I was suicidal. While going to my room, I ran into some people partying. Within two weeks, I met all of the people I mentioned. Everything in their world happens very fast.

Somehow I found out the name of Las Vegas’ only Shelter, Shade Tree. I also found someone nice in Vegas who took care of my beloved cat until I got things in order. As soon as I mentioned G-Money, Stranger, and Donwell, they accepted me immediately. I was put on the tightly secured Domestic Violence floor located at the top of the building. A few days later I returned to the Shelter with a bag full of items a Booster(thief) left in my room as directed by G-Money. The bag contained an unopened bottle of baby oil, condoms, two packs of player cards, a belt, and a shirt with a knife stuck in the seam. When I mentioned Donwell’s name, the girl looked up at me and said, “You know Donwell? Can I call the police for you to be an informant?” I replied, “No, the police are the ones responsible for putting me into this situation.” To this very day, I still have all of these items. I called Michael informing him of what just happened. He told me they were sending me the message they were going to rape me because I was not complying with them. He went on to say people in Vegas love women like me who come there alone. He said some families never hear from them ever again because they end up burnt in the desert. I said, “Well, not this girl!” By the end of the week I left Vegas never looking back.

The following afternoon after the cop dropped me off, I rented a room for a week at The Budget Suites –Wynn located at 4205 West Tropicana, LV, NV 89103. This white girl named Jessica moved in with me to help with the rent. Yeah, right! Her boyfriend, a black pimp known as Stranger, beat the crap out of her right in front of me because she had not been in touch with him. He hunted her down like a dog. He then dragged her into her bedroom leaving shortly thereafter. She came out of the bedroom bleeding saying he just sodomized her. I knew at that moment I had to get myself out of this situation. He came back a day or so later hitting on me telling me we could make a lot of money together. I told him if I wanted to sell my ass, I did not need him to do it. He did not like what I said at all and I knew it, so I went to Darryl’s room in order to put my moving out plan into immediate action. In between moving out, Jessica and LV stole my ATM card. The bank informed me there was an attempt to withdraw $100, but it was denied because of invalid pin. A check was also stolen, but I immediately withdrew the remaining amount of money I had left in the account before the check would clear. They also went through all of my clothing, which I found hidden in the bottom drawer of the stove.

Through Jessica I met this other black guy who went by the name of G-Money. Both he and Stranger apparently had wives at home. It is just so disgusting! G-Money said he had an old vehicle, so the police don’t get suspicious of him. He also said he had to find a real job because of his lack of one and living in a real nice home did not add up. One time I called one of G-Money’s phone numbers and heard his real name, Greg. He told me Stranger was Jessica’s pimp. The first night I met him he pulled out a bag of crack as big as a brick. He bragged about how he mastered the art of cooking cocaine into rock cocaine a.k.a. crack. He said they would cook it at either his brother or brother-in-law’s home. I cannot remember which one he said. He would throw chunks of crack at me because he had a motive. He was a pimp who wanted me on the streets selling myself for sex. Of course, he never admitted to being a pimp, but I was not stupid. His goal was to get me addicted in order for his plan to work. Well, it didn’t work. He started out real nice as my “friend”. He became really annoyed with me because I was not complying with “his” plan for me. He said he wanted to hook me up with his million dollar friend, Michael, who turned out to be a rich spoiled crack head. My journey ended in some of the most well-known hotels in Las Vegas. Michael would have a few hotel rooms at a time within one Casino. He would change hotels often. He would sit in his room for hours smoking crack, watching porn, and rubbing him. He would throw $100 bills at me and I did not even sleep with him. It started with $500 then it dwindled down to $100 when he realized I had no intentions of sleeping with him. He would give his Boosters money to go steal things for him. They called him, Master. He had a tripod in his one of his hotel rooms. G-Money told me he would show me how to go to the casino’s to get paid thousands for just standing there in a dress and heels rubbing some rich guy’s back while he gambles, but this is what he introduced me to. Both G-Money and Jessica separately said to me, “You don’t know how much of a gold mine you are sitting on.”

After moving in with Darryl, one morning he left early. Later that day is when I met his brother-in-law, Donwell. He showed up at Darryl’s room to move Darryl back home with his sister. I was sleeping in the enclosed bedroom when Darryl came in telling me they were making him move back home. He said he did not want to, but had no other choice. That’s when Donwell yelled, “That’s right, honey. He is done paying your bills.” I jumped up immediately saying, “He never paid my bills. As a matter of fact, I came to his room to find him hurdled over because he did not eat in four days as a result of someone taking his money and his vehicle. I then immediately got him something to eat, so before you judge me……..” I then walked into the living room. Donwell immediately jumped up and said, Well, hello. What is your name?” He then pulled me into the bathroom pulling out a vial of crack. As we smoked he said, “So why are you wearing wedding rings?” I told him for self defense. He told me people in Vegas would drug me and cut off my finger to steal the rings. As they were leaving, Donwell looked back at me. He pointed and whispered, “I will be back for you. “ I thought, “Oh, no you won’t.” I remembered while in the bathroom telling him he had mean eyes like my husband. After they left, I immediately called G-Money to tell him what just happened. He yelled, “You met Donwell? How did you meet him?” I told him he was Darryl’s brother-in-law. He replied, “Donwell is a mean ass pimp who will beat the fuck out of you. You are lucky he didn’t from the way that you spoke to him. Get your shit together. I will pick you up within 15 minutes to get you out of there before he comes back. “Yeah, like he was any better of a person. Within a day or so, we went back to the room to find it ripped apart. Donwell must have went on a rampage when he returned and I was gone.

One night I was almost jumped by three black girls. The main one in charge was Wiggles. I was with Michael and so messed up on drugs and alcohol I could not even speak. A few days later, Wiggles knocked on my door as if nothing happened. As I looked out the window, she was smiling waiting for me to open the door. What she did not know is that I had a few broken bottles waiting for anyone who wanted or deserved some. She was one of those who deserved some. Through the window she saw me pick up a bottle. I opened the door and chased her down the hallway and steps with a broken bottle in my hand. I was yelling to her, “What’s the matter? You’re not so tough without your friends? This is how Pennsylvania deals with people like you.” I never had seen anyone run so fast in my life. I stayed in my hotel room for a few days before using my previous landlord for a free place to stay in order to set my plans in order to get the hell out of Vegas as soon as possible. As I said I was gone by the end of the week.

People in Vegas are from a different breed. They are players. They will kill you over a dime. I could not believe what I witnessed within only two weeks not to mention the landlord incident. I feel the only reason why I am alive is because I was 38 years-old at the time having much more experience with people unlike a young 21 year-old Jessie did. I just hope any of the information I have provided assists in finding out what happened to Jessie. May GOD be with you all. Jessie and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely, Colleen Hollywood

p.s. – I have made some additions and typo corrections to this documentation.

— On Thu, 10/29/09, Jessies Mom – Glendene Grant wrote:

From: Jessies Mom – Glendene Grant
Subject: Re: In response to watching Jessie’s case on television
To: Colleen
Date: Thursday, October 29, 2009, 10:07 PM

Colleen, thank you for contacting me…I appreciate that SO VERY MUCH. Opening up to me and trusting me with what happened to you is something that I know was not easy to do but I am so grateful you did.
Some of those names are familiar to me, G-Money for sure…maybe Nikki. I also know that Peter used Motel 6 sometimes. I have a friend who is looking through our files for info to coincide with what you told us.
I am so glad that you got away from this group. They are not good people and I know they may have done something to my daughter. I think that Jessie is smart, but they either tricked or drugged her to get her away and now won’t let her go. Of course, either that or they have murdered my child. We will find her one way or the other…I just hope it is soon and I hope she is alive.
Thank you for sharing….please, keep in touch with me. My personal email address is: glendene@telus.net – Jessie’s mom Glendene.
REWARD: $50,000 to the person who helps us find Jessie
WEBSITE: http://jessiefoster.ca/
FORUM: http://findjessie.com/
BLOG: http://jessiefoster.blogspot.com
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/MissingJessie
AMERICA’S MOST WANTED: http://www.amw.com/missing_persons/brief.cfm?id=60803
ABC NIGHTLINE: Hunting Humans on the Highways: http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=7582591
2009 TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS REPORT: http://www.state.gov/g/tip/rls/tiprpt/2009/index.htm
JESSIE’S POSTERS in 12 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=7986&id=1643822787&l=e0786b6f4b

—– Original Message —–
From: Colleen Hollywood
To: glendene
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 10:00 PM
Subject: Re: In response to watching Jessie’s case on television

Oh Glendene,

I cried when I read your email. I pray you find Jessie alive. I have a daughter and granddaughter and could not imagine what you are going through. If you need anything else from me, just let me know. My memory is pretty good, but I may have omitted a person’s name that you may have.

I did remember G-Money saying he had an old vehicle, so the police don’t get suspicious of him. He also said he had to find a real job because of his lack of one and living in a real nice home did not add up.

After sending my original email to you, I noticed on your website another girl was missing from Vegas by the name of Lindsey Harris. I googled her name and found her case was on America’s Most Wanted. I immediately sent them the information I sent to you. I have not heard from them yet, but as soon as I do I will let you know.

Sincerely, Colleen

On Fri, 10/30/09, Glendene Grant wrote:

From: Glendene Grant
Subject: Re: In response to watching Jessie’s case on television
To: “Colleen Hollywood”
Date: Friday, October 30, 2009, 4:00 PM

Lindsay was found dead last year. Have you ever heard of Solomon Barron? He is the person who may be responsible…
If you can think of anything or have other info, please send it to me. Bless your heart for being here for me and for my Jessie, Glendene.

From: Colleen Hollywood
Subject: Re: In response to watching Jessie’s case on television
To: “Glendene Grant” Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009, 3:59 AM


I have not heard of Solomon Barron. I did see a picture of him on one of the websites. I think it was AMW. Did he have a street name? I also remembered hearing the name of Hollywood, but I never met him.

You know, it simply amazes me how sweet and phoney G-Money first appeared. He paid for a room for me for a week in order to get me away from Donwell. He was not concerned about my safety. He just did not want Donwell to steal me away from him. To them it’s a competition. When he realized I was falling for his tricks, I would find him sitting in his vehicle across the street at another hotel obviously stalking me. One time he had enough balls to stand outside his vehicle just staring up at my room. That is when I got red lipstick and wrote VEGAS SUCKS all over my window. Then I tied the belt around the curtain rod attaching the tank top that had Las Vegas written on it in gold, which as I said in my original email were both left in my room by a Booster set up by G-Money. I then torched the tank top in broad daylight. G-Money watched the entire thing from across the street. I remember him telling me at one point I could not handle the game. For security purposes until I left that room for good, I always put a huge desk in front of the door. People in Vegas are cowards. They prey on unsuspecting women.

Another time I was walking to my room when I was obviously being stalked by a strange man in his vehicle. When he finally approached me, he said, “Hey baby, do you want to go for a ride? What he did not know I was carrying a flat bar inconspicuously in a McDonald’s bag. I pulled the flat bar from the bag replying, I don’t know, do you want this flat bar upside your head?” I will never forget the look of fear on his face. He immediately drove off and I never seen him again.

I never thought I would say this, but for the first time in my life I am thanking GOD for putting me through my parent’s domestic violence as early as I can remember. I feel the violence has resulted in me attracting five abusive relationships. I was also molested by a half-sibling at 8 years-old and subjected to spousal rape by my husband. What I did not know was Chronic Post-traumatic stress was taking over my once responsible life. I was out of control. I was running from the abuse my second husband inflicted upon me. He was very capable of killing me with his bear hands and I was capable of killing him with a weapon.

Wanting you to feel no doubt about my sincerity in helping find your beloved precious daughter, Jessie, I felt it is necessary to share with you some of my published articles about my life of abuse under: http://www.divinecaroline.com/member_workspace/home. I know if I was in your situation I was be leery of everyone.

I beg the Lord to bring Jessie home safe.No parent should feel the pain you are experiencing of not knowing where their child is. I wish I had a loving caring mother such as you are. If I would have went missing in Vegas, my mother and father would have never devoted their lives to search for me. To this very day, they have never ever reached out to me admitting they are responsible for molding me into a victim of abuse in every sense of the word. They do not care about the pain their violence has cause me.In order for me to finally heal and move on letting go of all of this destructive anger, I must accept the fact my parents are too selfish to ever accept any responsibility not to mention the lack of compassion they have for their daughter. This is there problem not mine. I am beginning to find comfort in knowing GOD already knows all the awful things they have done to me. They are the ones who will have to answer for their sins against me. All I can do is not be like them by loving my daughter and granddaughter unconditionally until I take my last breath. My goal is to help every victim I possible can. These two things are my only main goals.

With much compassion and love, Colleen

The following is what I sent to AMW:

I think I may have some information that may be of assistance regarding the case of Lindsey Harris. Yesterday I watched a show on E! about another missing young girl, Jessica Foster. After sending Jessica’s mother an email outlining my 2004 Las Vegas experience with pimps and other evil people, I read on Jessica’s website that Lindsey Harris was also missing under the same circumstances. When I searched Lindsey’s name, I found her on AMW’s website. I read four girls(including Jessica and Lindsey) were missing between 2003-2006. All were slender white females between 5’4” – 5’6” with blond hair and three had the middle name of Marie. This also describes me. My name is Colleen Marie Hollywood. I am 5’5″, slender, with blond hair. The only exceptions were I was 38 and did not have a black boyfriend or pimp, but within two weeks four pimps were trying to recruit me. Two were black, one was Dominican, and the other was named Pete, who I never met. I feel the only reason why I am alive is because of my experience with evil people due to my age. I have since dyed my hair to a light brown. I will copy the email information I sent to Jessica’s mother under the below “Other Comments” section.

Glendene Grant

Glendene Grant

Colleen, thank you for sharing this with everyone. There are so many stories out there, most want to keep them between them and me, and I completely understand this, but when we open up to to our friends, to the public and to the world, it is more likely these evil groups of people (term used lightly) will get smaller and one day, maybe be gone – … See Moremostly gone or even some gone is still ok – better than it is now. I will share this with others. Again, thank you friend. Jessie’s mom Glendene.
PS: I also want to put my “Jessie’s mom” email of jessiesmom@jessiefoster.ca on here and my list of links is updates so I will repost them with some additional info about Jessie.
My Canadian daughter JESSIE FOSTER is an international endangered missing person and a human trafficking victim.

There have been thoughts that perhaps Jessie was the victim of the truck driver / highway / serial killer scenarios that the FBI is working on, but there is one huge point that was overlooked when this was discussed: “If Jessie was kidnapped and murdered by a truck driver, where did her belongings go? Jessie had all her things packed because she was planning on coming home to Canada when she mysteriously vanished – all of her belongings went missing with Jessie, except her hairdryer and makeup, which was left in the bathroom of her home. Did the truck driver go to Jessie’s house in North Las Vegas and take her things (not likely)? Or did the actual person who kidnapped her (possibly her ‘fiancé’) Peter Todd, who she was living with at the time of her disappearance) take her PACKED belongings with her…because everything was packed and easy to take – but forgetting she had a few personal belongings in the bathroom?” Jessie has been missing from Las Vegas, NV for almost 4 years (since March 29, 2006) and is most likely a human trafficking victim. There have been many human trafficking task forces and experts who agree and have told me it looks to be a classic case, with the places Jessie was taken to being hubs for human trafficking and things like her phone bills (which I have), most of them were up to 25 pages and $2500 to $3000 each month, another prime sign of what was happening to her.

Official Website for Missing Jessie Foster – http://www.jessiefoster.ca/
Facebook Glendene Grant – http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1631212503&ref=profile
Facebook MissingJessie Foster – http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1643822787&ref=profile
MySpace – http://www.myspace.com/
NowPublic – http://my.nowpublic.com/jessiesmomglendene
Jessie Blog – http://jessiefoster.blogspot.com/
News Articles Blog – http://jessiesnewsarticles.blogspot.com/
Newsletter Blog – http://whitepicketfencenewsletter.blogspot.com/
Jessie Forum – http://www.findjessie.com/
Twitter ~ Regular – http://twitter.com/MissingJessie
TwitPics ~ Pictures – http://twitpic.com/photos/MissingJessie
YouTube ~ Videos – http://www.youtube.com/JessiesMomGlendene
Jessie’s AMW Page – http://www.amw.com/missing_persons/brief.cfm?id=60803
ABC NIGHTLINE: Hunting Humans on the Highways: http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=7582591
2009 TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS REPORT: http://www.state.gov/g/tip/rls/tiprpt/2009/index.htm
Jessie’s Posters in 12 Different Languages: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=7986&id=1643822787&l=e0786b6f4b
ID – Investigative Discovery: http://investigation.discovery.com/blogs/criminal-report/april8/april8.html
Human Trafficking In Canada – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCPjEJD9uk0

February 21 at 2:29pm · Report
Colleen M. Hollywood

Colleen M. Hollywood

Glendene, I will do anything in my power to help find Jessie. She is always in my thoughts and so are you and your family.
February 22 at 6:36am · Report
MissingJessie Foster

MissingJessie Foster

Thank you friend. I love you!!! G.
February 22 at 3:07pm · Report
Colleen M. Hollywood

Colleen M. Hollywood

Awww..I love you too, G!
February 22 at 10:45pm · Report
MissingJessie Foster

MissingJessie Foster

✾◕ ‿ ◕✾
February 22 at 11:01pm · Report
Colleen M. Hollywood

Colleen M. Hollywood

That is so cute!
February 22 at 11:10pm · Report

source: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=346458883783

Everywhere on Internet, but still missing

JessieGlendene1Glendene Grant & her missing daughter Jessie Foster

Calgary-born Jessie Foster was 21 when she disappeared in March 2006, four months after moving to Las Vegas.

Glendene Grant’s days begin around 3:30 a.m. by typing her daughter’s name into online search engines and monitoring dozens of websites devoted to missing women.

Daughter Jessie Foster may have vanished in the underbelly of Las Vegas in 2006, but her presence on the Internet is inescapable.

“She’s to me the most well-known, unknown missing person in the world,” said Grant, who has created nearly a dozen websites in her daughter’s name. She adds Foster’s photograph and story to every missing persons list and forum she can find.

Calgary-born Foster was 21 when she disappeared in March 2006, four months after moving to Las Vegas.

Grant believes her daughter is caught up in a human trafficking ring, lured to glamorous Las Vegas by a recruiter who helped turn Foster into a sex slave.

Before her abrupt disappearance, Foster painted a picture of happiness to her parents. She told them she was engaged to a wealthy man, Peter Todd, who drove fast cars and lived in a fancy house in north Vegas. She phoned often and came back to Canada for visits.

JessieandPeterTodd2Jessie Foster & Peter Todd

Grant eventually learned her daughter’s so-called fiance was a pimp with a prior conviction for spousal assault, and that Foster was working as prostitute for an escort agency.

Foster had twice been arrested for solicitation in 2005.

Prior to her disappearance Foster travelled to Nevada, New York and Florida with high school friend Donald Vaz. She called home and said he asked her to earn funds turning tricks because he gambled his money away.

Despite her work in the prostitution trade, Foster kept in touch with family unfailingly, Grant says.

In March 2006, Foster called home to announce she was coming to Kamloops for a visit in a few days and on to Calgary for her stepsister’s wedding.

She never arrived.

March 28, 2006, was the last day Foster was seen alive. Since then, Foster’s credit cards and bank accounts haven’t been touched.

Her frequently used cellphone hasn’t been used.

All of these clues are leading Grant to the same horrible conclusion and she is doing everything she can to keep Foster’s story alive.

“I want her to be Canada’s poster child for human trafficking. It’s a symbol of the whole thing. Human trafficking needs to take on a face so people will remember,” says Grant.

“Whether she’s back or still missing, whether she’s alive or not alive, she’s already helped a lot of other people start talking about this.”

Her website, http://www.jessiefoster.ca, and YouTube montages offer a $50,000 reward for information about Foster’s whereabouts.

She spends hours every day trying to track down leads.

“We’re slowly getting Jessie’s case saturated around the world. I write enough stories and tag her enough that her name is alive out there.”

Grant says she doesn’t want to think about her daughter’s death, because she wants to focus on finding her alive.

“I think the absolute worst is knowing you’re never going to see your child again. But I think I will see Jessie again. I know I will.”

Calgary detectives have an average case load of 3,200 missing person reports each year, but “99 per cent of those people are found or find their way home,” said Det. John Hebert of the Calgary Police Service major crimes unit.

Calgary simply doesn’t have a number of unsolved high-profile cases of local women disappearing under sinister circumstances.

“We’re certainly not seeing them. In terms of missing persons we’re seeing resolutions of the vast majority of cases as opposed to having a great number of outstanding ones,” said Hebert.

“The vast majority of our outstanding missing persons that are reported are resolved in one way or another in a reasonably timely manner.”

source: via my email

Dismembered Woman’s Body Found in Colo. Apple Orchard

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. — Authorities say a body found under apple trees in an orchard near the highway was not a young girl but a woman who had been dismembered.

The Garfield County Sheriff’s office said Sunday the victim is a Caucasian woman who was between 20 and 35. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Holly Hopple said authorities have not recovered all of the woman’s remains.

She has yet to be identified.

Hopple said the woman had extensive dental work, had multiple tattoos, and had brown hair with blonde highlights.

A worker found her body Friday morning in an apple orchard about a quarter mile from Interstate 70 near Glenwood Springs. Hopple said it’s possible she may have been dumped there after she was killed somewhere else.

Jessie Foster had extensive dental work but she didn’t have any tattoos that her mother knew of. She has brown hair or she could have had blonde hair too. Lets just pray this isn’t Jessie but whoever she is they can identify her and return her to her family. Keep Glendene and her family in your prayers.

source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,526244,00.html

Missing Jessica Edith Louise Foster

 This letter was sent to me by Glendene Grant Jessie Foster’s mother.  I’ve been working on Jessie’s case now for over two years.  I will continue to work on Jessie’s case until she is brought home.  I have alot of love and respect for this family.  I’ve gotten alot of rude comments on video’s I’ve made about Jessie missingThe only thing I can think is these people or idiots or just plain hate life themselvesMisery” loves company!



PLEASE HELP ME. My Canadian daughter, Jessie Foster, born in Calgary, AB and raised mostly in Kamloops, BC went missing from her home at 1009 Cornerstone Place, North Las Vegas, NV USA (who goes missing from their home???) on March 29, 2006.

 Jessie’s case is in the hands of the Serious Crimes Division with the RCMP and she is an endangered missing person with the North Las Vegas police. Jessie’s case info is also in the hands of ATLAS (unofficially – as without someone to come forward and testify in court…Jessie is not ‘officially’ a human trafficking victim). ATLAS is the Anti-Trafficking League Against Slavery task force in Las Vegas. They get every single bit of info that goes to the police. There is also a human trafficking office in British Columbia who has been informed of Jessie’s case and the Edmonton Police Service is very well aware of who Jessica Foster is and also who Donald Vaz is (the person who took my daughter to the USA and the person we believe who is involved in what happened to Jessie after that).


Jessie’s story has been told on the Geraldo Rivera at Large show on April 24, 2006; on the Maury Povich show on October 11, 2007; on the Montel Williams show on May 24, 2007 and updated on July 8, 2008. These shows have also been shown repeatedly over time. Her story has been told in dozens of newspaper articles and on TV & radio news and it is all over the Internet – just try Googling her name – you will get pages and pages of 10 links each with nothing but stories about my missing daughter. Go to www.google.ca or www.google.com and using quotation marks; type in: “missing Jessie Foster”.


Jessie’s story was going to be told on the Dr. Phil show, but I do not know what has happened with that. I still hope to hear back from them. And the Steve Wilkos show was interested in doing a show about Jessie’s story, but decided to hold off on it…I also still hope to hear back from them.


Jessie’s story came out last year in a Canadian book by author Lisa Wojna called: MISSING! The Disappeared, Lost or Abducted in Canada. Her story will also be told in another book: info TBA. And there is a cookbook coming out that will have stories of the missing with the recipes and Jessie’s story will also be in that book.


We are waiting to hear when the National Enquirer will be printing the story they are doing about Jessie. I already did the interview with the reporter and we are waiting to hear when the paper will be printing it. They are not just doing a story…the reporter told me she talked to her editor about Jessie and they plan to do an appeal for Jessie. We are very grateful to this.


For more info on our case, we have a lot of info available. Our website is: www.jessiefoster.caand we have a NowPublic site: http://members.nowpublic.com/jessiesmomglendene, a Facebook account for me: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1206576945 and for Jessie: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=608198642, a MySpace account: http://www.myspace.com/jessiesmomglendene and I have a blog: http://jessiefoster.blogspot.com/.


I do NOT stop my search for Jessie even for a day. If I am not talking to people about her case, I am sending messages to people to try to get more help. Whether it is from the police, the public, the media or an investigator. We pretty well talk to anyone who wants to listen. We fundraise to keep the investigation going and to have a reward. We have a $50,000 reward now; thanks to Jessie’s father Dwight adding $40,000 to the $10,000 we raised. We will also continue to fundraise and we will continue to raise the reward if we need to.


WE NEED TO FIND JESSIE. She has me, her step-dad Jim, 3 sisters, 1 niece (just born on December 26, 2007) and I another of her sisters is due to have a baby December 28, 2008. JESSIE NEEDS TO BE FOUND…her sisters and their children need her, I NEED HER. Jessie also has her dad & step-mom Tracy and 2 step-sisters. They both are married and one has 3 children & one has 1 child. Jessie has only met 1 of her nephews & nieces. Jessie also has her grandpa (my dad), her grandma (her dad’s mom), her step-grandpa (Jim’s dad) and her step-grandma (Tracy’s mom), numerous aunts, uncles and cousins…way to many to even try to name, for fear of missing anyone.


Jessie is a very popular person…during elementary and high school Jessie was always involved in sports, dance, work, family & friends. She has hundreds of people who know and love her who are waiting for her return and THOUSANDS of others who have come to love and pray for Jessie every day. WE NEED TO FIND JESSIE.


Thank you for your time, Glendene Grant.

EMAIL: jessiesmom@jessiefoster.ca or glendene@telus.net


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