This is direct appeal to all media outlets in Las Vegas, Nevada to please help us to raise awareness to the disappearance (suspected human trafficking victim) of missing Jessica Foster, also known as Jessie by friends and family.

Jessica Foster, 25, vanished from North Las Vegas, NV between March 28th and April 3rd, 2006. When Jessica was last seen, she was at 1009 Cornerstone Place with her then boyfriend, Peter Todd. Peter is a pimp and has a prior conviction for spousal assault.

Prior to Jessica’s disappearance, she traveled to Nevada, New York and Florida with Donald Vaz. She was also recruited in Calgary by Ivonne Hubrechtsen to work in Las Vegas.

At the time of Jessica’s disappearance, she had BLOND hair (which could now be colored) and it could be straight or curly, Jessica has HAZEL eyes, is about 5′ 6” to 5′ 7”, and she weighed about 115 pounds.

When Jessica went missing, it was confirmed that she may have fallen victim to an internationally-run human trafficking ring. At the time of Jessica’s disappearance she was 21 years old.

We are asking for anyone who has any information about Jessica’s disappearance or whereabouts to please contact one of the following:

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Jessica Edith Louise Foster


Missing Person

Jessie disappeared from North Las Vegas, Nevada between March 28th and April 3rd, 2006.

· She was last seen at 1009 Cornerstone Place with her “boyfriend” Peter Todd. Peter, a pimp, has a prior conviction for spousal assault.

· Prior to her disappearance Jessie traveled to Nevada, New York and Florida with Donald Vaz.

· She was recruited in Calgary by Yvonne Hubrechtsen to work in Las Vegas.

· Jessie may have fallen victim to an international human trafficking ring.

FBI looks into disappearance

By: Sarah Kennedy, Calgary Sun
August 11, 2006

The FBI is now involved in the case of a young Calgary woman who mysteriously vanished in Sin City.

Jessica Foster, 21, disappeared in March after travelling to Las Vegas, allegedly in search of adventure.

FBI agent Robert Guerra said federal investigators have spoken with Jessica’s mother Glendene Grant and are in the process of writing a report.

Although there is no guarantee they will be investigating the case, an agent will determine whether it falls within FBI jurisdiction, he said.

Having the FBI even consider the case brings relief to Grant, who says her life has been placed on painful hold as she waits desperately to hear any word from her missing daughter.

It was more than a year ago when Jessica told her parents she was travelling to the U.S. with a girlfriend.

Following a year of regular communication with Jessica by phone and e-mail, Glendene and her ex-husband Dwight Foster say all communication abruptly stopped in March.
With Vegas police providing little assistance, Jessica’s parents hired a private investigator who found out the young woman, once a straight-A student, had been working as a prostitute and was, at one point, beaten so badly she was hospitalized.

Pieces of the puzzle have slowly filtered through to Grant and Dwight, including the fact Jessica didn’t travel to the U.S. with a girlfriend, but rather, a man she met at a reggae party who promised to pay for her trip.

FBI spokesman David Staretz said they usually get involved in cases where it’s believed a person was carried from one state to another against their will for the purposes of having sex.

Their assistance can also be requested when a case has international ramifications, he said.
Despite the family’s private eye warning the chances are grim of Jessica still being alive, Glendene’s holding out hope.

“I don’t think she’s dead, I think she’s being held somewhere against her will.”


When parents learn their missing daughter was a Vegas call girl

Las Vegas call girls are not likely to tell their moms and dads what they do for a living. It would break too many hearts.

Jessie Foster’s parents learned the hard way, from a private eye. He was hired after Jessie disappeared from a North Las Vegas home with all of her belongings.

And now they are numbed by fear that she is in danger, or is dead.

Jessie left her Canadian home nearly a year ago, around the time of her 21st birthday, for what her parents thought would just be a whirlwind tour of the states. She ended up in Las Vegas. With her good looks and casual conversation, she turned eyes and easily made friends here.

In short order she moved in with a fellow named Peter Todd, a 39-year-old Jamaican national who lives in a half-million-dollar tract home in a swank North Las Vegas neighborhood. A neighbor said Peter has driven home some fancy cars – a Jaguar, a Land Rover, a BMW.

Jessie told her parents – Glendene Grant and Dwight Foster, who have been divorced for years – that Peter was a trust-fund baby. He had enough money to take care of her so she wouldn’t have to work, she said.

Jessie used to call her father every week, and her mom even more often. She text-messaged her big sister almost daily.

The last time they saw Jessie was over Christmas, when she went home to visit her dad in Calgary, and her mom in Kamloops. She sounded happy and looked good. They asked her to think twice about returning to Las Vegas, but she wouldn’t be stopped.

In late March, Jessie’s phone calls stopped. Her parents called the fellow she had been living with, Peter. He said he last saw Jessie on April 3. Next thing he knew, he said, she was gone and so was all of her stuff.

She hasn’t used her cell phone or her credit cards since late March. Her bank accounts haven’t been touched.

Jessie’s mom filed a missing persons report with North Las Vegas police on April 9. And for the past two weeks her parents have waited for news, filled with growing dread.

In the absence of any signs of foul play, police don’t spend too much time looking for adults just because they haven’t recently talked to their families. But the cops did talk to Peter Todd.

Peter told an investigator that Jessie was a prostitute, according to the missing persons report. A local private eye, Mike Kirkman, had learned the same information, and told the parents. They were heartsick.

Police talked to Peter again this week.

I called Peter on Thursday. He was coy, and sounded a lot more concerned about his own skin than Jessie’s.

“I have no idea where she is and I told police that,” Peter told me. “She always leaves. Yeah, I’m worried, but now I’m worried more for me. I had an interview with the cops yesterday, as a ‘witness.’ What am I a witness to? I’ve got this investigator calling, making it sound like I had something to do with it, or that I’m going to be in trouble.”

I asked Peter what he knew about Jessie’s lifestyle and how she made money. She couldn’t get a legitimate job, he said, because she doesn’t have a Social Security number.

Peter said that by examining all the action on Jessie’s cell phone, it should be obvious what Jessie did for a living. But he wouldn’t elaborate.

I asked bluntly, was she a prostitute? “If she was, that was her business,” he said. “Her dad asked me that and I told him, man to man, that I don’t know, and that’s not something I’ll discuss with anybody’s parents.”

Could he explain Jessie’s disappearance? No, he said, except that she’s left before. She has other friends. She went to San Francisco once, without warning. He conceded that she would always call him after a few days and that this time, there’s been no contact.

“It’s spooky as hell and it makes me kind of nervous, her not being in contact with anybody,” Peter said. “Either something happened to her, or she has just cut everybody off.”

When asked what he did for a living, Peter did not mention a trust fund. He said he fixes, sells and races junk cars.

I told Peter that I had a photograph of him with Jessie, and would he mind if we published it because it might help trigger someone’s memory. Don’t you dare put my picture in the paper, Peter said.

“I got caught hookin’ up with the wrong chick,” Peter said. “With all the friggin’ women in Las Vegas that I’ve hooked up with, I never ran into no kind of (stuff) like this before.”

In Kamloops, Jessie’s mother, Glendene, spends her days trying to piece together clues: whom Jessie has traveled with, whom she talked about in her phone calls home, whom she didn’t get along with, fights and arguments with other women.

She struggled to reconcile that her daughter was a hooker. “At first, I thought she just had a rich boyfriend. I was sucked right into that story.

“But she wasn’t a streetwalker,” she said. “She was a top-level prostitute. She worked out of an escort service.”

“Maybe she met a customer who did something to her – but wouldn’t her stuff still be at home?” she said. “But if she decided to leave Peter, she’d have called us by now. Something is wrong.”

Dwight Foster seems to be coping less well with his daughter’s disappearance. He works for the province of Alberta as a workplace safety inspector, but he hasn’t been to work this month.

“I feel like someone has reached in and taken my heart and left me a zombie. I’ve got nothing left but anger. I have considered the fact that I’ll never see my girl again.”

Please take a good look at Jessie’s picture. Have you seen her?

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Dismembered Woman’s Body Found in Colo. Apple Orchard

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. — Authorities say a body found under apple trees in an orchard near the highway was not a young girl but a woman who had been dismembered.

The Garfield County Sheriff’s office said Sunday the victim is a Caucasian woman who was between 20 and 35. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Holly Hopple said authorities have not recovered all of the woman’s remains.

She has yet to be identified.

Hopple said the woman had extensive dental work, had multiple tattoos, and had brown hair with blonde highlights.

A worker found her body Friday morning in an apple orchard about a quarter mile from Interstate 70 near Glenwood Springs. Hopple said it’s possible she may have been dumped there after she was killed somewhere else.

Jessie Foster had extensive dental work but she didn’t have any tattoos that her mother knew of. She has brown hair or she could have had blonde hair too. Lets just pray this isn’t Jessie but whoever she is they can identify her and return her to her family. Keep Glendene and her family in your prayers.