Facebook Rally: Ask Wyndham to Stop Child Sex Trafficking at Their Hotels

If you have two minutes to spare while playing around on Facebook today, you can help stop child sex slavery in the U.S. Despite recent high-profile cases of gangs pimping young girls at Wyndham hotels, the company has still not signed The Code of Conduct to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation in the Travel and Tourism Industry. Will you leave a message on their Facebook wall asking them to sign?

Recently,  police have busted two gangs for sex trafficking young girls at Wyndham  hotels. At one California hotel, Wyndham staff acted as lookouts and  accepted bribes from the traffickers, while they sold over a dozen girls  as young as 14. At another Virginia hotel, Wyndham staff ignored 6-7  men per night coming and going from a room where a 15-year-old girl was  being held in sexual slavery. Gang-run child sex trafficking at Wyndham  hotels needs to stop, immediately. Here’s what you can do:


Post a message on Wyndham’s Facebook wall,  where they advertise travel specials, asking the company to sign the  Code of Conduct to prevent any future use of their properties for child  sex trafficking. Post your own message or copy and paste the one below:

For me, an extra special vacation means staying at a hotel that has has  signed The Code of Conduct to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation  and implemented a zero-tolerance policy on child sex trafficking. Will  Wyndham stand against child exploitation so I can continue vacationing  at your hotels?

So far, over 700 people have asked Wyndham to take the simple step of signing the Code of Conduct, but they have not responded. Will you join the movement by making sure children are safe from sex trafficking?



source:  http://news.change.org/stories/facebook-rally-ask-wyndham-to-stop-child-sex-trafficking-at-their-hotels


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