Valor Howell Goes Home To Canada

 Valor Howell strolled up the driveway like he’d been there a thousand times.Without hesitation, the 10-year-old walked through the front door, and into his new world.Inside, Valor hugged his big sisters, and immediately took to the family dog.For what he’s been through the past week, it was an encouraging sign.”Group homes are boring, you can’t do anything,” Valor said.

Child Protective Services took custody of Valor after Chandler police arrested his mom, Jamie Howell, last week for an outstanding warrant in Canada.

Authorities there said she kidnapped the boy in 2003, breaking a joint custody agreeement with Valor’s dad, Garrett Taylor.

Taylor flew to the Valley this past weekend to pick up his son and take him back to Canada.

“A hole in our heart that’s been there for years is filled back in, and now we can get on with our lives and just lead a normal life,” said Taylor.

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  1. Mr Taylor never had joint custody!!!!! Even at the times that He did make arrangements to see Valor, he did not always show up.Leaving Valor frustrated. The visits that Mr Taylor spoke of never happened that way. I always had to go to some abstract Hotel or something,or 2hrs out of Grand Forks ,because Mr Taylor had done some illegal business deals and people were looking for him. He moved shortly after Valor was born,(4 months) to Vancouver BC. So how could he possibly have visited Valor like he says he did. Mr Taylor is a conniving LIAR..When Mr Taylor did see Valor,he was more concerned about MY personal business than spending time with Valor..He is a horrible example of a Father figure.His Values and MORA:ES are scandalous. Just ask ALL the ex-girlfriends he’s had…Valor was never abducted,kidnapped or exploited… This is soo sad that You allowed Mr Taylor to use your Society to destroy My life and take My Son from his true Loving parent. Something Mr.Taylor had been trying to do for years. Why do think God kept us out of his reach. Valor always attended school,did all kinds of sports and was raised with Good-manners and Values. The drummed up charges were dropped and I spent 8 day in Hell (Jail) for no good reason.Never having co-habitaed or lived together,in the Canadian Family that naturally gives me sole-custody and guardian-ship.Makes sense.The child is with the birth -mother…DAA.Mr Taylor drugged and raped me..Why??? did he not wear a condom????Why has’nt anyone asked the Male that question. Make him accountable for HIS actions… He has said so many lies about me and my family,that its a CRIME…..

  2. Thank you for your post!

  3. I am writing this note to clear the name of Jamie Howell who, along with her son, Valor Howell, has been wrongfully treated for no good reason. Jamie Howell worked for me for three years in Chandler, Arizona. She is an exemplary employee who took care of my every need, as a disabled person, and cleaned my home spotless. Jamie is a caring person who took excellent care of her son, Valor Howell, who was taken by Garrett Taylor (through CPS) to Canada in June of 2011. By the way, Jamie’s court case was dropped in 2011 because, frankly, it was ridiculous to begin with. They could not hold her any longer. Now Valor Howell is without his loving mother, living in a strange place with Garrett Taylor. Is he the father? I do not know. But his name is not on Valor’s birth certificate, that I do know. And I also know this: I watched in horror on June 1st (my birthday) 2011, as Garrett Taylor told the Arizona news channels that for several years (seven, I believe) his son, Valor, had not been attending school in Arizona, i.e., his mother did not require he attend school. What a boldfaced lie on all the news channels!!!! I can vouch that Garrett Taylor is a liar. I know firsthand that Jamie Howell required her son to attend school every single day that Jamie worked for me, i.e., for three years in Arizona!!!! What does Mr. Taylor have to say about that now??? This man cannot be trusted, and now Valor Howell is with him because CPS released Valor to him. This is more than a travesty. It is a crime. Valor Howell should now be, and should always have been with his loving mother, Jamie Howell. I pray for you, Valor, every day that you are returned safely to your dear mother who has suffered greatly and is suffering now because of your absence. I pray every day that you are not suffering too.

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