Forensic Drawings Raise Hope in Jessica Foster Case

Four years ago, Jessica Edith Louise Foster, a 21-year-old woman from Canada, vanished from the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. Her family suspects foul play and believes she is a human trafficking victim.

In an effort to spur new leads in the case, Jessie’s family has released two age-progressed portraits, by forensic artist Diana Trepkov, depicting how Jessie might appear today. The drawings depict her in both a natural and unnatural physical condition.

The natural and healthy depiction of Jessie shows normal changes in her facial features. Around the eyes, mouth and cheeks, the age lines are slightly more pronounced and visible. There is less youthful fullness in her facial features and she has a thinner appearance overall.

The unnatural depiction of Jessie shows age progression, along with physical effects that would be expected of someone being held as a sex slave.

“Jessie is depicted in the first drawing as a victim who has not been treated as badly as she is in the second drawing,” reads a press release issued by Jessie’s mother, Glendene Grant. “The reason of course, is because we do not know the way Jessie is being treated and we had to ensure both scenarios were seen.”


“Jessie was born in Calgary on May 27, 1984. She was the second daughter for Dwight Foster and myself,” Glendene told Investigation Discovery. “On June 27, 1987, I moved back to Kamloops, where I grew up and my parents still lived.”

According to Glendene, Jessie stayed with her in Kamloops until she reached the age of 16, when she moved back to Calgary to live with her father.  

“It was very sad for me but the Internet was something that made me feel that she was no farther away than the other room,” Glendene said. “Jessie was in chats with her sisters and me practically daily.”

Jessie did well in school and in June 2002, her mother and siblings drove to Calgary for her high school graduation ceremony. After receiving her diploma, Jessie got her own apartment and began working two jobs. She continued doing that until the spring of 2005, when she moved back to Kamloops.

“About three weeks later, Jessie started getting calls from a man named Donald – someone she knew from when she was a teenager,” Glendene said. “During one of her conversations with him, Donald asked Jessie if she wanted to go on a short trip with him to Florida to visit his mother. She told us he was paying for the trip and wanted company for the vacation. We did not feel that this was wrong, but we did ask Jessie if this guy wanted anything in return. She assured us he did not [and] went away, coming home a few days later with pictures of the trip.”

According to Glendene, Donald called Jessie again a few weeks later and asked her to go with him to New York and New Jersey.

“She was to go to these places and fly back home, but for some reason her trip got changed and she ended up going to Las Vegas. She arrived there on May 13, 2005. She called us and said she had decided to visit a friend she knew there. That friend was dating a man who introduced Jessie to another man, named Peter.”

Peter and Jessie allegedly got engaged and lived together in a 3.4 million dollar home in Las Vegas. Over the course of the next year Jessie racked up several arrests for prostitution and at one point was beaten so severely that she had to be hospitalized.

In 2006, Jessie stopped calling home and her family began to fear something had happened to her. They contacted Peter for answers and he allegedly told them that Jessie had left him in April 2006.  Concerned, Glendene reported her daughter missing to police. Unfortunately, there were few clues to follow and the case went cold.

With the passing of four years, Jessie’s mother is even more determined to find out what happened to her daughter. She has been actively involved in the case from the beginning and currently maintains a website devoted to the case. According to the site, a $50,000 dollar reward is being offered for information in the case.

“I have worked tirelessly in my search for my missing daughter and I will never stop until I find her,” Glendene said. “If Jessie is alive, we need to find her and if Jessie is not alive, we need to find her so her soul can rest in peace. Either way, I will find my daughter.”

Jessie is described as 5’7″ and 120 lbs., with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Anyone with information is asked to call Las Vegas Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

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  1. THats great!


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