Interview: Founder Yanks Personals to Prevent Child Trafficking

Online classified site and Craigslist competitor announced this week that is was permanently closing its online personal ads, citing a desire to ensure Geebo was never used to advertise human trafficking the way Craigslist has been. I caught up with Geebo founder Greg Collier to ask him about his company’s attitudes towards human trafficking on online classified sites. And unlike certain other online classified founders, he was actually happy to talk to the media. is a popular online classified ad web site which has been around since 2000 and operates in more than 150 communities nationwide. What sets Geebo apart from competitors, however, is a commitment to social responsibility. Their tagline, “safe community classifieds,” means they review every classified before posting and reject anything that smacks of scams, violence, or illegal activity. And they’ve taken care to prevent any human trafficking from infiltrating the site. Here’s some of my chat with founder Greg Collier about Geebo’s anti-trafficking stance.

Amanda: What instigated Geebo’s decision to remove their personal ads section, and is it gone forever?

Greg: This decision has been a long time coming for Geebo. Since our inception we have advocated for increased security and privacy features for classified site users. Our review process allowed us to prevent child trafficking, prostitution, and other morally repugnant behavior, while also protecting the safety of our users genuinely looking for love. Even though we have NEVER had a problem [with human trafficking], we don’t want to risk the lives, liberty, or property of our users. The personals section is gone forever.

Amanda: What do you think of Craigslist’s recent decision to block their “adult services” ads in the U.S.? Do you think they should voluntarily block those ads in other countries as well?


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