Prostitution – The World’s Oldest Profession

Prostitution – the world’s oldest profession . . . and the only profession to allow its workers to be KIDNAPPED &/or KILLED by Glendene Grant
 I read an article online the other day about prostitution and cracking down harder on organized crime, specifically drugs and prostitution, and it got me thinking.
When it comes to prostitution, people generally think that the women . . . the prostitutes are the problem. THEY ARE NOT! They are the pawns.
D*E*M*A*N*D gets a reaction ~ it brings forth a S*U*P*P*L*Y
If you remove the demand for sex from prostitutes, then there won’t be a bunch of pimps (and human traffickers) beating and forcing woman into it.
I mean, really and truly – tell me how it is that a woman, ANY WOMAN would CHOOSE to stand on the streets and get into a STRANGER’S car, or being sent to a hotel room with a person you DO NOT KNOW, over being safe at home or at a job where she won’t possibly be raped or beaten to death?
If (or should I say, when) a prostitute gets arrested and then released in the morning – they are going back to the pimp to get beat and forced to work harder, because they actually had the NERVE TO GET ARRESTED!!! The pimp seriously feel as if their prostitute owes them the amount of money they DID NOT earn while behind bars.
And of course, the police become part of the problem when they do not recognize the women as victims. Police need to be trained to recognize signs of human trafficking. So do all front-line workers. People who are with all the different organizations that work with victims; the media; and citizens alike, all need training to spot the signs of human trafficking. Because there are signs . . . lots of them.
YES, I KNOW – (“blah, blah, blah” – that’s all the people that say “NOT ALL WOMEN ARE FORCED“)!!!! I agree, there are some women who do choose this occupation, but in comparison to those who don’t – they are few and far between.
However, I don’t call a woman who is prostituting herself to feed a drug habit as CHOOSING THIS LIFE, she is choosing to feed her drug habit and that is much different.
I am sure, given a chance, they would get off the drugs and the streets. Something, somewhere lead these women to the streets and to the drugs . . . whether it was from something that happened in their childhood home; in school; or something as an adult (such as rape or date rape or some other crime, unsolved or solved); or an abusive husband. Whatever it was, something made them say, “I want to use heroin . . . pass the crack pipe . . . where’s the crystal meth, I want to pick my face apart“.
As a woman who was a little girl who played with her Barbie toys, I know for a fact there was no HOOKER Barbie, or DRUGGIE Barbie and not one of my friends ever said, “I want to live on the streets or be beaten & raped every day when I grow up!” As a matter of fact, I am sure there are no little boys who wanted to grow up and be a pimp or kidnap women. Something happens to them, or something goes wrong in this person’s life for them to end up this way.
No one asks to be born, and no one deserves to be neglected, abused or worse at anytime during their lives. We are all human and we are all equal in our rights. IT IS TOO BAD THAT SOME PEOPLE DON’T AGREE AND ACCEPT THAT.
I am not trying to say that prostitution needs to be abolished. I am not against it at all. I do believe that if it was treated like an ‘occupation’, ensuring those working are safe from all harm, and of course taxed like all other income, then it very likely could work in our society. Sorry to all you who think I am (hmmm, I can’t even think of the word), I am not. I am just trying to think realistically.
Think back to part of my title: THE WORLD’S OLDEST PROFESSION. Obviously prostitution is not going away. So why not make is safe for those CHOOSING it as a job? Why not allow them to not EVER risk being raped and/or murdered?
Also, there are times when it PREVENTS rape. Sex will never GO OUT OF STYLE, it can’t. Sex is not just something to do, it is a biological need, and sometimes paying a prostitute for it is the only way some people ever have sex. And, if not for prostitution, some of those people would take it by force from someone else.
Most people probably would think I would be completely against prostitution in all shapes and forms, after all, my daughter JESSIE FOSTER has been an international endangered missing person for four and a half years, and she is the victim of human trafficking.
Jessie was lured to the USA from her home in Canada and was forced to work for an escort agency in Las Vegas.
When Jessie went missing we hired a private investigator who found proof that Jessie was beaten and hospitalized. He also found out that she was also arrested twice. Once for one count of solicitation for the purpose of prostitution and once for four counts of solicitation for the purpose of prostitution. Jessie was either trying to get arrested in hopes of being sent back to Canada, or she was the dumbest prostitute in Las Vegas.
Jessie had already been to court for the first charge, she got a fine and it was paid for her right away. The second court date was set for several months after Jessie disappearance. As a matter of fact, when the bail bonds company had their bounty hunter search for Jessie, he found a missing person’s poster, got my number from it and called me. They wanted to pull a ‘DOG the BOUNTY HUNTER’ with her. In other words, they wanted to find her and bring her back so they did not loose the money they put up for her bail. I told him I would be happy if found Jessie and took her to jail. It would have been better than any other place that she would be in.
That bounty hunter told me that when a certain date came and the bail bonds company lost their money to the courts, he would be able to help me find Jessie without it being a conflict of interest, and he did. Unfortunately, even though we communicated for a long time, he was not able to find my daughter.
I have got this type of offers of help from many, many people since Jessie has been missing.
We know that when Jessie tried to leave the situation she had found herself in since May 2005, when she tried to come back home, she was kidnapped. Or killed.
We don’t truly know what happened to Jessie on the night of March 29, 2006, but we do know something happened. What we do know is that Jessie has not been seen or heard from since then, and we know that Jessie did not choose to stop contact. She is either not allowed to because of conditions and/or threats or she is not able to because she is not alive.
Since Jessie has been missing we have all been through a lot, but the hardest things is to continue living life so it is fair to our family. There are many young members of our family and they need . . . they deserve to have a chance at life. Jessie has 3 sisters, 2 stepsisters, a mom & stepdad and a dad & stepmom. She has 2 step-nephews and 2 step-nieces, with 2 more on the way. And since she has been missing, Jessie’s two younger sisters have both become mommies, giving her 2 nieces and 1 nephew.

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