Sex Offender Volunteered For High Football Team

In Seattle a Level III sex offender was allowed to work as a volunteer with the Evergreen High School football team, according to school officials. It was the head coach’s responsibility to see that the volunteer passed a background check before having contact with students.

Two female students who serve as managers with the football team alerted authorities after the volunteer made comments that made them feel uncomfortable. He was subsequently arrested for failing to register as a sex offender.

Sex offenders are “offensive” because of their nature. It’s how they are wired. They simply don’t know any better. Even if they know right from wrong, they can’t help themselves; it’s their “way”. Pit-bulls are often aggressive dogs that attack for no reason. It’s their nature. Golden Retrievers are big dopey dogs who just want to play and show affection. It’s their nature.

It’s disappointing that the coach didn’t do his job properly. What may have happened is the coach took a liking to the volunteer and “trusted” that he didn’t have a record. The coach like most people didn’t want to believe he was in the presence of a bad egg. None of us want to admit we are in the presence of evil.

His denial and lack of accountability put his students at risk. Those days should be over because we live in such a litigious society. However our “niceness” often makes us stupid. The girls on the other hand who spoke up were immediately listened to and were taken seriously. Good for them. 10 years ago, and even today sexual harassment of this nature would be blamed on the women and swept under the rug. Fortunately we are becoming more civilized.

Robert Siciliano is a Personal Security Expert and Adviser to For more information see Intelius at Sex Offender Check to reduce your chances of encountering a bad guy. See him discussing Sex Offenders on Fox Boston.


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  1. Perhaps they may be able to get him on a possible falsification of an application if he had to fill one out before being considered as a possible candidate. If he filled one out, maybe he didn’t check the needed boxes instructed on the application signifying the conviction, or perhaps contained somewhere within the script of the application instructions. If he was required to indicate that as part of the process, maybe they can add that to the list of potential charges.

  2. CJaye57…….in school, I had to take a class called…Critical Thinking or Logic. One thing I remember is this…..the words ALL or NEVER are illogical……ALL sex offenders are NOT rabid dogs and the FBI stats on crimes for sex offenders repeating their crimes are extremely low…the highest recividism of sex offences? Rape at a whopping 14%. Its THIS volunteer butt- wipe that ALWAYS makes the news….He obviously doesnt care…and needs to be locked up.

  3. ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy.

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