Why Wouldn’t Deland Police Protect Her? WHY?

Pictured is Natasha Hall baby sister.  Pictured below is a young teen who called for help on several occasions from the Deland, FL police department. She was told to stop calling or they would put her in jail. The last time she called was the day her ex-boyfriend killed her and then himself. How tragic and senseless this could have been avoided if only the police paid attention to the signs. Below is the full story:

Daughter Was Killed By Ex-Boyfriend In Murder-Suicide    

  Two teenagers are dead, and detectives in DeLand believe it may have been a murder-suicide.  Police first got the call around 10:30 p.m. Friday on the 500 block of West May Street.

When officers arrived at the home, they found Daniel Clayton Kufner, 19, and Natasha La’May Hall, 17, dead on the front porch of Hall’s home.  Investigators said both were shot with a small revolver that was found near the bodies.
Police said Kufner and Hall had been dating, and investigators believed Kufner may have been pulled the trigger.  Hall’s father said his daughter was murdered.
During a vigil Saturday night, Hall’s father said she recently broke up with Kufner, and began dating another man.  The father said Kufner broke into their house Friday night, found the new boyfriend’s number on their caller ID and harassed him.
When Hall came home with her friend, Michelle Karpowicz, to change her clothes, Hall’s father said Kufer came from the side of the house and shot her in the head.  Karpowicz said Kufner was muttering, then shot Hall in the chest.
Karpowicz says Kufner took a shot at her, before turning the gun on himself.  Hall’s friends were obviously stunned, and tried to cope with the tragedy.  “This was a shock,” said Travis Graham, a friend of Hall’s. “I just saw her Thursday, said hello, and she was so happy. Didn’t come to school Friday. Just found out today that she died.”

Hall’s mother told the Daytona Beach News Journal that Kufner would not take no for an answer, and refused to accept that Natasha had broken up with him three months ago.  The mother claimed Kufner physically abused Hall, and her family tried to press charges twice.  
source:  http://www.cfnews13.com/News/Local/2008/2/16/deland_police_investigate_possible_murdersuicide.html 

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  • flight737

    flagged this story as Good Stuffat 13:36 on May 15th, 2008  

    CJaye, I like this story. It’s good stuff

  • CJaye

    at 07:05 on May 17th, 2008  

    Thank you, I know the story is a couple of months old.  I’ve come to know the mother of Natasha and this is an awful story of teen dating violence.  Not only that how the Deland Florida Police Department handled the situtation.  This could of all be prevented if handled propertly and not treated like they were being bothered by the family each time they called for help.  I wonder if Officer McNeil is still on the depeartment or is she telling other young teens “if they call the police again she throw them in jail”.  I was under the impression the police were to “PROTECT & SERVE”  Thank God I live where I know if I call the police they will come without threats.
  • CJaye

    at 07:38 on September 26th, 2009 


    Yesterday Ms. Hall  got a call from a teen dealing with teen dating violence in DeLand Florida. I wont get into details. She went to the court house they told her she needed to go to the DeLand P.D. Ms. Hall  told her they are right she needs to go the DeLand P.D press charges on her boyfriend for stalking. The DeLand P.D told her there is nothing they can do for her.  Does any of this sound like another case just recently? The teen was crying felt no one was helping her. Then she told them she talked with Natasha Hall’s mother. Then all of a sudden they changed their minds pressed charges on him went and arrested him. Will DeLand P.D ever learn?  Her life was in danger and DeLand P.D still doing nothing.  Does it take two more teens dying for the police there to realize these teens need help to protect themselfs from this kind of violence. Ms. Hall has a group meeting with the Domestic Abuse Council this month, I hope together they can make changes.

    Albert Milliron

  • Albert Milliron

    flagged this story as Good Stuffat 07:45 on September 26th, 2008  

    CJaye, I like this story. It’s good stuff.  I have had the problem with empty fields, I seem to do better with Firefox browser.  

  • CJaye

    at 09:38 on September 26th, 2008  

    Thank you for the info and the flag 

    This story was created over 3 months ago, the comment thread is now closed.


    Natasha Hall, 17, was interested in journalism. Though because of a violent ex-boyfriend Daniel Clayton Kufner and what can only be described as disgusting police misconduct, she’ll never have the opportunity to write.The DeLand police chief,the individual responding officers,and the police department and the city of DeLand,FL need to be investigated for their responsibility in contributing to the murder of Natasha Hall. They need to be held accountable for their actions. Remember Natasha Hall!
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