Mom Thinks Daughter Was Abducted For Sex Trafficking


COLLEGE PARK, GA — It’s been four days since a 13-year old College Park girl disappeared from her home. After she was spotted in a known area for prostitution, her mother thinks she may have been abducted for sex trafficking.

Kiara Hodges hasn’t been seen by her family since Monday night when she left the house after a dispute with her mother Telina Shelby.

Shelby broke down Friday night in front of her home on Peppermill Lane near Creel Road. She was asked what she thought her daughter was going through. “I can’t imagine, I can’t imagine,” she said in tears.

But after being consoled by family members for a few moments she stopped crying and said “I have to be strong, she’s coming home.”

Kiara Hodges vanished after a dispute with her mother about her on-line activity on her computer. A neighbor said he saw a black pickup truck stop and talk to the girl.

The next night witnesses said they saw her at a McDonalds restaurant on Old National Highway at Godby Road. Fulton County Police said since that sighting the case has gone cold.

Her mother thinks she is with a pimp. “Oh, I’m confident, I’m very confident,” she said. Shelby ought to know. She works for an outreach organization that targets women who are exploited for prostitution.

Shelby has spent every day since her daughter disappeared on foot with family and friends in 90 degree heat pounding the pavement. She has been handing out a missing person flyer with her daughter’s picture on it in her neighborhood and along Old National Highway.

“I do believe that she is still here,” Shelby said. “And like I say, in the event that she isn’t, we are willing to go the face of the earth to search for her.”

Fulton County Police said what they need now is for someone to see Kiara and call them at 404-613-6600.



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