Video Interviews With Kids Sold for Sex on Craigslist

Recently, Craigslist has been getting some hot, hot heat for the children and human trafficking victims sold through their adult services section. And now, the Rebbecca Project is pouring a big dose of gas on that fire with their recent video. The video is a poignant and accurate description of the reality of child sex trafficking in America and Craigslist’s role in the epidemic. If you don’t believe Craigslist is a facilitator of child sex trafficking, then take a look at the following interviews:

This video is right — we as a culture don’t know what a pimp is. We think of pimps as colorful characters with funny hats and canes, as men who are popular with the ladies, or as people uncool boys and men want to emulate. But pimps are people who prey upon vulnerable girls like the ones in this video and force them to have sex with hundreds of men. Pimps are exploiters and criminals. And pimps are able to make more money and sell more women and girls through Craigslist than they ever have before.

Craigslist makes millions off the ads in their adult services section. And some of those ads are for girls and women who have been trafficked into the commercial sex industry. If we learned kids were being sold for sex in the parking lot of a major drug store chain or popular restaurant, we would be outraged. We would picket and protest. And yet Craigslist continues to operate business as usual, despite the steady stream of victims being identified on their site.

Well, some of us are outraged. So far, over 6000 people have asked Craigslist to make real changes to their adult services section to prevent girls like MW and Asia from being forced into prostitution on their site. And you can add your name to the petition. Maybe, together, we can keep another Asia from being sold on



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  1. THANK YOU! Theis video is now on our main page

    Here’s a summary on how we are trying to attack this issue with craigslist………..

    phil cenedella

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