Human Trafficking in Alabama

“It’s just really significant for our state to not be the last for a change.  We do not need to be the last in this one.”

Sunny Slaughter is the Education Chair of Freedom to Thrive, a group dedicated to bringing an end to human trafficking, not just in places as far away as Cambodia, but also here in Alabama.

“Oh yes, we do have human trafficking cases here in Alabama.  We have human trafficking indicators as well,” says Slaughter.

That’s why advocates, such as Slaughter, are pushing to get legislation passed which would increase prosecution of cases, stiffen penalties, and provide protection to victims.

“This is a great way to let traffickers know that Alabama is serious about prosecution.”

Slaughter also emphasizes that law enforcement and citizens need to know what human trafficking looks like.

What’s now called domestic minor sex trafficking used to be called juvenile prostitution.

With only a couple of legislative days left in the session, Slaughter says it’s absolutely ridiculous that matters such as bingo are at the forefront instead of human trafficking.

“Political posturing with bingo may cause the victimization in our state to go unnoticed…and silence the voices of victims living in crisis.”

There are two identical anti-human trafficking bills, HB 432 and SB 372.  Both have passed through committee.  Slaughter encourages you to contact your legislator to ask that the bills be passed by both houses before the session ends next Thursday, April 22.



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  1. CJAYE57, We are fighting on the front lines here in Arizona, Teentrak is (national) nonprofit investigative organization that traks down runaways and abducted teens.

    So often we find a missing teens have been lured into the slavery trade by a so-called trusted friend who turns out to be a RECRUITER for some underworld organization that forces the teens to work the streets.

    I would like someone out there to help co-write a Blog/Book about our experiences in hopes that we can change laws and the thinking of our decision makers.

    if interested in helping us here in Arizona, contact Jason Brown, CEO at

    cjaye57, love your Blog, keep up the great work…..

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