Turn Your Tweets Into Donations for Human Trafficking

Just like you can make lemons into lemonade, now you can turn your tweets into donations that benefit human trafficking survivors around the world. The Body Shop, who has already launched a line of lotion and donated buckets of cash to prevent child sex trafficking, will donate up to $15,000 more to organizations which help women and children overcome being enslaved. But they’ll only do it, if you ask them to!

The project is called “Turn Lemons Into LemonAID”, and you can visit their website to participate here. Here’s how it works: The Body Shop will donate cash, up to $15,000, based on the number of people who Tweet, Facebook, and otherwise share their message. So far, the response has been astounding — so great, in fact, that they reached their goal almost immediately and so decided to increase the amount they would donate. All donations will go to leading child protection organization ECPAT and the Cambodia-based Somaly Mam Foundation, which lifts women and girls out of trafficking in the commercial sex industry. This is a great way to both channel funds to anti-trafficking groups who need it and support a corporation working hard to be socially responsible.

You can participate in several ways: Fan The Body Shop on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, tweet with the hashtag #lemonAid, enter their online sweepstakes, and add their contest widget to your blog or website. My favorite part is actually their widget, where you can squeeze an electronic lemon and it drops $0.50 cents into a cup, representing the donation you just made. I can’t tell if I love it because it reminds me of fresh squeezed lemonade or if it’s because I giggle when it looks like the lemon is pooping change. Either way, this is a must-have for your website.

So take a few minutes, and hop on Twitter or Facebook for The Body Shop, ECPAT, and The Somaly Mam Foundation. It’s a simple and direct way you can make a difference in the fight against human trafficking. And when you’re done, you can kick back and celebrate with a nice tall glass of lemonade.

Photo credit: ms. Tea

source: http://humantrafficking.change.org/blog/view/turn_your_tweets_into_donations_for_human_trafficking

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