Freedom for the Weekend: Stop the Traffick

Well, it’s Friday afternoon, and that means the weekend is almost here! W00t! Perhaps you’re reading this blog because you’re bored at work or school and you’re thinking about what you want to do this weekend. How about spending part of your weekend fighting slavery? Each week I’ll profile a different anti-trafficking nonprofit who you can connect with to help free slaves and prevent slavery around the world. So, spend a couple hours this weekend getting to know this nonprofit through their website, and then get involved!

This Week’s Profile: Stop the Traffick

The Bottom Line: Stop the Traffick is a growing global coalition of individuals, communities, and organizations fighting to prevent the sale of people, protect the trafficked, and prosecute the traffickers. They work to educate, advocate, and fund raise towards the goal of ending human trafficking around the world.

What They Do: They run several public awareness and education campaigns, including those targeting the chocolate industry, the London 2012 Olympics, and business travelers. They also work on global policy initiatives to improve laws against human trafficking and the enforcement of those laws around the world.

What Can I Do?: You can take action on their website by writing letters and participating in any number of their campaigns. You can also help out by donating or fundraising for one of their campaigns.

Why They Rock: Their website is available in over a dozen different languages, which is important for an organization that works in over 50 countries. While they may be based in the UK, Stop the Traffick is truly taking an international approach to ending human trafficking.

So now that you’ve got some basic information on Stop the Traffick, visit their website this weekend and get involved. And on Monday morning when everyone else is talking about sleeping in and watching TV over the weekend, you can say, “What did I do this weekend? Oh, just the usual — abolition of slavery.”

Do you have a favorite nonprofit you’d like to see featured here? If so, let me know!

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  1. You’re posts are GREAT!

    Feel free to highlight our SAN DIEGO – COALITION TO FIGHT HUMAN TRAFFICKING group 🙂


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