Being An Underage Prostitute

Have you heard of a “choosey Suzie” or a “wife in law?” Do you know what being “in pocket” is? Thousands of underage kids trapped in prostitution know all too well. What is the day–to–day reality for an underage prostitute? How do they get forced into “the life?” How can they successfully leave the industry? Today — stories of underage sex trafficking from girls who’ve been there. We’ll also learn what intervention helps.

Plus, Cliff Mass joins us with a weekend weather forecast.

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Tune in to Morning Edition next Tuesday through Friday, March 16 to 19, to hear a series of reports on labor trafficking by KUOW’s Sara Lerner.


Noel was in the sex industry for 15 years, starting at age 16. She was pimped for 7 years, before she left to be an escort on her own. After stripping for five years, she finally left the industry. She’s been out now for six years.

Joanna Ward is Detention Case Manager at YouthCare’s Orion Center.

Cliff Mass is an atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington.



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