When A Woman’s Fed Up: The Sara Kruzan Story

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”… I’m sure many of you have heard that saying before, and it couldn’t have rung truer and be more fitting than in the case of Sara Kruzan. Sara is a young woman, who had her life turned upside down when she was sentenced to life without parole at the age of 16 for murdering a man. Murder is wrong, and all murderers should be punished, but I am writing this because after hearing of Sara’s story several weeks ago, I feel she should be appealed.

Sara Kruzan, like many of us, is the product of a broken home, with no parents to shower her with attention or love (her mother was a addicted to drugs). At age 11, Sara met “G.G.”, a 31 year old man, who became a father figure in the life of her and her friends, taking them to the roller skating rink, movies, etc. He told her that she was “so special” that she should never give away sex for free, then groomed her for 2 years to be a prostitute and then raped her. At 13, she became a human trafficking victim, and worked from 6pm-6am to make money for her father figure turned pimp, until one day she snapped and killed “G.G.”

For his murder, at the tender age of 16, she received life without parole… PLUS 4 years. To be punished for never being protected, I can’t imagine what that’s like. We have all endured some level of suffering, some worst than others. And I’m not saying murder is okay, or the right way to get out of a bad situation, but sometimes it’s the only way out, as was the case with Sara Kruzan.
PICTURE THIS: Imagine your childhood taken away from you, your innocence recklessly snatched away, every night being violated by strangers, and raped over and over and over and over again by someone you looked up to, feeling trapped like you had no where to go, and literally had no one to turn to except the one who has hurt you. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Because you can’t just run away. That was the case with this young girl.

You can watch the video of Sara Kruzan telling her story here:

I just ask that those of you who are reading this to open your minds and hearts, and join me in this fight for Sara Kruzan. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. WRITE a letter to the California state Governor, or President Obama; make them aware of the situation. ASK for help and mercy on behalf of Sara, so she can be acquitted and enjoy life as she would have known it. If enough of us get together, and write enough letters, to free Sara Kruzan, they will listen to us. If enough of us gather, and march on behalf of Sara Kruzan, they will see us. It costs a little over $1 to do this: an envelope=.25, a stamp=.50, a sheet of paper=$1/notebook, your voice=priceless. You can learn more about Sara and the National Center for Youth Law here.

source: http://www.getemgirls.com/?p=9201


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