Police warn of high-risk sex offender

Police say a longtime criminal who just completed time for a sex attack on a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic woman now lives in Calgary.

Saturday they issued a public warning high-risk offender, Henri Jean Rusk, is living in the community.

Because he served his entire three-year sex assault jail term Rusk is a free man but police insisted on conditions that have been imposed to lower his risk to the public.

High Risk Offender Program Sgt. Rick Veldhoen said 19 conditions the 52-year-old must abide by, including wearing an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.

But given his long criminal history and sex assault convictions for attacks on strangers or women briefly befriended, there is still a concern he will return to his criminal ways.

“His latest victim was somebody in a wheelchair, ” Veldhoen said.

“He is willing to prey upon the most disadvantaged individuals — someone who can’t even defend themselves and has a criminal history dating back to 1975.

“Even with an ankle bracelet on, it doesn’t stop someone from reoffending,” he said.

“Nothing short of having them behind bars will stop them from reoffending.”

That is why police chose to issue the warning and push for conditions including Rusk not get into intimate relationships without the potential partner first being debriefed by HROP, Veldhoen said.

Rusk is the one of two offenders now wearing electronic monitoring bracelets and among about a dozen sex offenders the unit is keeping tabs on.

Five-time Michael Lopatriello was released in January and under electronic monitoring for the next two years.

Rusk has convictions for sex assaults and one for armed robbery — his latest for an attack on a woman he met as she left a grocery store.

He followed the woman, who uses a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy, home and fondled her, kissed her on the lips and bit her breast while trying to reach for her crotch.

He fled when interrupted by passersby.

Court heard Rusk showed no sympathy for his victim.

“He has had some success while taking programs in the correctional system but unfortunately he has completed programs in the past and the result is still the same,” Veldhoen said.

“He shows he has lived a lifestyle not conducive to being a positive member of the community.”

Veldhoen said this is “a critical period,” for Rusk.

“We’re here to help him to stay on the right track and if steps off it here to hold him accountable,” he said.

“We want him to succeed .. his success means no other victims which is what we are after.”

source: http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Crime/2010/02/13/12875841-qmi.html

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