Haitian Gov’t Involved In Sex Slavery/ Child Trafficking; Falsely Accuses Missionaries

Its no secret Haiti’s Cruel Gov’t has a notorious history of Corruption.

This Corruption includes stealing Foreign Aid to live like Royalty, keeping Haitian Citizens in extreme Poverty (Children too) and allowing Child Trafficking/ Sex Slavery to occur.

Thousands of Impoverished Haitian Parents voluntarily hand their Children over to Orphanages each year because they can’t afford to raise them.

The Haitian Gov’t than keeps those Children in its Orphanages as a means of bringing in even more International/ Foreign Aid and for Human Trafficking/ Sex Slavery purposes.

Why don’t Haitian citizens use Birth Control or practice Safe Sex you ask?

If the Haitian Gov’t doesn’t allow Birth Control to be distributed or Sex Education to be taught, how do you expect its citizens to practice Safe Sex?

If you do your research many of Haiti’s Orphanages even those run by U.S. Citizens, are nothing more than Money Laundering Schemes which use Poor, Black Children to procure millions of dollars.

However that money is NOT used to care for the Children.

Sort of like how many State Governors in the U.S. use Black Foster Care Children to obtain Federal dollars (North Carolina) of which is mostly wasted versus being spent on the Children.

If you think I’m lying take a visit to Haiti to see with your own eyes or better yet since most of Haiti’s structures were recently destroyed in the Earthquake, just do your own research.

You’ll see.

Why do you think Haiti’s Gov’t Leaders consistently hinders the Adoption Process?

Now do you understand why the Haitian Gov’t and many U.S. Citizens who operate Orphanages are fighting so hard to keep those Children in Haiti?

The Haitian Gov’t plans to continue this Child/Human Trafficking Money Laundering Scheme by falsely accusing innocent U.S. Missionaries or other Americans with sincere motives, of stealing children for illegal purposes.

I along with millions of other Americans don’t believe the 10 U.S. citizens from an Idaho Church and currently jailed in Haiti are guilty of Child/ Human Trafficking.

These false accusations are nothing more than a ploy to divert the U.S. State Dept from discovering Haiti’s illegal activities as it relates to Child/ Human Trafficking and Misuse of International Aid (Corruption).

Every Haitian Orphanage run by Haitian Gov’t Officials or Americans isn’t a Child Trafficking Scheme, however most of them are.

I suggest the Obama Administration not assist Haiti in these corrupt Schemes.

Instead continue to allow Haitian Orphans to be legally adopted by U.S. Citizens.

I also suggest concerned citizens who love Children discontinue their Financial Support of Haitian Orphanages even those owned by Americans, until they find out how their money is really being used.

That may be the only way to rescue thousands of Haitian Children from Child Slavery and lifelong Poverty.

Please contact the White House, Congressional Members and U.S. State Dept officials to protest or express your concerns about this Corruption as it relates to Haiti’s Forgotten Children and…………

to demand release of the 10 U.S. Missionaries falsely accused by Haitian Gov’t leaders of Human Trafficking.

Jesus loves the little Children, all the children of the world.

Red, Yellow, Black & White they are precious in his sight.

Jesus loves the little Children of the world.

source: http://blackpoliticalbuzz.blogspot.com/2010/02/haitian-govt-involved-in-sex-slavery.html


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