Evil child sex traffickers are prowling in Haiti!

THEY are orphaned,

terrified and hungry –

a lost generation facing

fresh peril last night as

hell-on-earth became

source: http://rashmanly.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/evil-child-sex-traffickers-are-prowling-in-haiti/


child predators,


Virginia Wheeler

reports for

The U.K. Sun

January 28th, 2010.


Babies and toddlers were among

dazed kiddies being plucked by

brutes from the rubble of

earthquake-devastated Haiti.

Even those praying for sanctuary

at medical centres set up in the

stricken Caribbean nation were

not safe –

as aid workers warned child-trafficking

gangs had sprung up across the

shattered capital.

Fifteen being treated were revealed

to have been snatched by men later

found not to be relatives.

The alert came as sobbing

Darlene Etienne, 17,

was pulled dehydrated from the

rubble of her school –

FIFTEEN days after the quake.

A rescuer said:

“It’s a miracle.”

While she at least was safe,

UN teams yesterday raced to find

children being preyed on amid

the ruins –

as an official told how the quake

chaos that killed up to 300,000

was being exploited for evil.

Unicef’s Kent Page said grimly:

“As well as the health concerns

and malnutrition concerns,

we are now concerned unaccompanied

children will be exploited by

unscrupulous people who may wish

to traffic them for adoption,

the sex trade or

domestic servitude.”




US troops beefed up security at

the docks after reports children

were being smuggled out to sea.

As photographer Scott Hornby

and I yesterday wandered the streets

around Independent Square –

near Port-au-Prince’s collapsed

Presidential Palace –

we found dozens

of orphaned children.

Despite their trauma,

they were all having to fend for

themselves by the roadside.



Little Makala,


was being looked after

by three other kids,

two aged only three and five,

as they all begged for “cocoa”.

Justina Ndova, 31 –

living under a makeshift

canopy nearby – said:

“They have been hanging

around for days.

“They have been crying and

don’t know where their mama is.”

A truck doling out water sparked

a scramble by dozens of thirsty

and starving children.

Among them was sad-eyed Ciclant,

three –

who did not know his surname.

Older kids described him

as just a “stray dog”.

We alerted aid workers to another

three-year-old – Pierre.

He was lying half naked in the

road and sobbing for his “mama”.



Marianne Aurile, a Haitian working

at one of 13 tent cities for young

quake victims set up by

Save The Children, said:

“There are so many

it is hard to cope.

“It is like the Pied Piper has

come and taken all the children

from everywhere –

and then left them here alone.

“But there was no Pied Piper,

just this terrible earthquake.”



Not all are orphans.

Marianne said:

“Mothers are leaving their

children here so they’ll be

safe and survive.

It’s heartbreaking.”

Save The Children’s Kate Conradt

told how a MILLION kids had

lost parents.

She added:

“They are extremely vulnerable.”



Children make up 45 per

cent of Haiti’s population.

Many who cheated death in

the huge quake are among the

most traumatised survivors.

Tens of thousands
were also severely injured.

The battle by aid medics to

fast-track treatment for as many

as possible has seen amputees

with no homes to go to released

from field hospitals with first aid kits.

Yesterday –

amid the UN’s bungled relief effort –

Haiti’s first lady

Elisabeth Delatour Preval begged

the world to do more for them.

She said:

“The children,

unless they get help,

they will have lost their childhoods,

their innocence.

It is them we must go to first.”

Aid workers at last began to

compile a registry of “lost children”


Unicef staff trawling the streets

assigned each child they found

a number.

A similar registry helped unite

children with their families after

Indonesia’s 2004 tsunami.

Those who are alone were

being taken to orphanages –

as Haiti temporarily halted

new adoptions.

Government spokeswoman Marie

Laurence Jocelyn-Lassegue said:

“Some children –

we don’t know if the

parents are alive or not.

We must not rush this in an effort

to take these children to safety.”



Yesterday the UN admitted it had

fed only a quarter of the two million

starving in Haiti.

The World Health Organisation

begged for more medics –

including rehab experts to help

the 200,000 who have undergone

amputations or other surgery.

The plea came as a body found

in the ruins of the UN’s

Port-au-Prince HQ was confirmed

to be that of employee Ann Barnes,


originally from Leigh-on-Sea

in Essex.

Her cousin Christine Hart,


said in Hornchurch in Essex:

“It is the news we feared most.”



Human/Sex trafficking links in GREEN

Evil child sex traffickers

are prowling in Haiti!

Human/Sex Trafficking
a world wide evil!






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