Lindsay Lohan Trafficking Documentary Teaser Leaked, Activists Cringe

Merely a month after Lindsay Lohan spent a life-changing three hours with some human trafficking survivors in India, a teaser for the documentary she filmed while there has leaked. The good news is that, based on the teaser, Lohan’s documentary looks more sophisticated and enjoyable than the straight-to-video 2004 flop Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2. The bad news is that getting one of those babies to replace Lohan for commentary might have been a good move for the BBC. (The teaser is after the jump.

Lohan’s trip to India to film this documentary was exceeding arduous, and included such physically and spiritually challenging activities as wearing a traditional bindi, showering small children with gifts, and traveling with her friend and personal stylist. After all, that Indian heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair, whether you’re recovering from a life of slavery or trying to fight your image as a substanceless, pantieless bimbo.

But despite the necessary fashion pit stops, Lohan did claim to have “saved” 40 children on the first day of her visit, marking a new world record in either philanthropy or narcissism.

From the leaked clip, it’s obvious that Lohan has done extensive research into human trafficking, and offers unique and substantive insights, like, “… the parents aren’t necessarily in the wrong, the children are obviously not in the wrong.” Then she pauses, either for dramatic affect or to answer the question she’s just asked herself. “The traffickers are the ones in the wrong because they know what they’re doing,” she concludes triumphantly. What an insight, Lindsay! Based on that statement, it sounds like you’ve done years of research into this issue, and not just spent a few hours at one shelter playing dress-up. But Lohan doesn’t stop there. She also interviews actual human traffickers, asking hard-hitting questions like whether or not the children they sell for sex are attractive children. Ouch! You show those criminals who’s boss.

Seriously, Lindsay, you could not have picked a worthier cause to dedicate your time to, and I fully believe you are capable of making a difference in world. You are capable of helping to end modern-day slavery. But you have to make yourself equal to the task. And flitting into India for a few days, pronouncing everyone you meet “saved,” and regurgitating a few facts someone fed you on camera isn’t enough.

Here are my (humble) suggestions to you (or your publicist who has a Google alert set for your name). Use your fashion-icon status for the cause and start carrying handbags made by human trafficking survivors. Get in touch with the companies whose products you buy and ask them for better labor standards. Record a PSA for an anti-trafficking organization. Set up a scholarship fund to send survivors of slavery to college or trade school. Tell all the 16-year-old boys in America that you would never date a guy who visits brothels.

You’re famous and wealthy and young and attractive; there are so many things you can do to really, concretely make a difference. This is your chance.

Here’s the teaser for the new Lindsay Lohan BBC documentary on human trafficking:

Photo credit: alacoolb



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