Comic Book Creators Draw, Become Heroes Fighting Human Trafficking

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog know by now that one of my favorite mantras is “Do what you love and use it to fight human trafficking.” That’s one of the reasons I get excited to feature real, creative people who are baking pies, giving pilates classes, and otherwise using their unique skills and interests to contribute to ending slavery around the world. Lora Innes, creator of webcomic The Dreamer, is one of those people.

She didn’t start out as an expert, but she did know two things: that she was a talented comic artist with a lot of talented artist friends, and that she wanted to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking in her hometown of Columbus, OH. And from her passion and inspiration, the Comic Creators Alliance was born.

The Comic Creators Alliance was Innes’ answer to the question, “What can I do to end human trafficking?” Innes first heard about human trafficking at a local event, but it was after a young girl she was mentoring was almost abducted at a bus stop near her house that the issue really hit home. Innes became determined to use her talents to raise funds for organizations which help girls who, unlike her mentee, weren’t able to escape trafficking.

At first, Innes thought about ways to use her webcomic, The Dreamer, to raise a little awareness and funds. But then inspiration struck — if one comic artist could raise a little money, then couldn’t several comic artists working together raise a lot?

So she created the Comic Creators Alliance. The initial goal was to gather 50 artists together to contribute to a wallpaper (the computer kind, not the home decor kind) featuring colorful characters from some of the most popular comics in the country. So far, around 90 artists have contributed work.

The wallpaper is beautiful and more fun to look at than just about anything else on your computer screen (except, possibly, this blog). I’m happy to say it has now replaced the very old photo of me hiking in Acadia National Park as my computer wallpaper, and it can be yours too. Just donate any amount of money here. All proceeds are split between two anti-trafficking organizations, Love146 and Gracehaven. The diverse styles of hand-drawn artwork are a treat for lovers of comics, animation, and, of course, freedom.

Lora Innes and the other artists of Comic Creators Alliance have managed to bridge the gap between drawing heroes and being heroes, just by donating their time and skills to the fight to end human trafficking. Slavery may not be the sort of villain to have a secret lair or a cadre of bumbling henchmen, but it will take each and every one of us becoming heroes to win this battle against it. Thankfully, we have people like Lora Innes to show us the way to our capes.

Photo credit: riptheskull



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