Yvonne Hubrechtsen Recruiter Have You Seen Me?

Yvonne Hubrechtsen

Have you seen me? Yvonne Hubrechtsen played Jessie Foster like  a fiddle. Befriended her then turned her over to Peter Todd who forced her into prostitution.  Peter Todd stated to me “Jessie was too much trouble”. She got in the way because she got busted for prostitution. It really pissed him off that he had to deal with her. Peter Todd from the conversations I had with him, never wanted Jessie around. He never loved her and wasn’t getting married again. Yvonne Hubrechtsen is a Recruiter for these sex trafficking rings. I want everybody to see who she is. She lives from what we’ve been told in Vegas but  also in Canada. I hope this information is taken seriously. Jessie Foster is seriously missing and has been for almost four years. Why hasn’t the police questioned these key people in this case. It’s quite obvious Jessie didn’t run away nor did little green men come and take her. So whats the problem with the Las Vegas police department. Why are they not questioning the key people in the picture again ie.. Peter Todd maybe even question James Todd Peter’s brother. Trish Vanarsdale Todd Yvonne Hubrechtsen and another girl Sarah that lives in California.`

Recruiter in San Bernardino, CA

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  1. PLUS, Yvonne Hubrechtesn was arrested when she crossed the border from the USA to Canada USING A LIE for her reason for coming here. There was an article about her in the Vancouver Province Newspaper by Lina Sin “Mom of missing daughter wants to speak with deported woman”.

    LINK to the post on my blog of this article (with snapshot of it): http://jessiesnewsarticles.blogspot.com/2008/09/article-89-mom-of-missing-daughter.html

  2. If you go to http://www.whosarrested.com and type in her name, you will see that it says Yvonne was arrested 10/16/2009 for carrying a weapon in Las Vegas

    • Inmate Name
      Yvonne J Hubrechtsen
      Inmate Location & Arrest Information
      Detention Facility
      Clark County Detention Center (CCDC)
      Charges Resulting from Arrest on 10/16/2009
      Carrying Concealed Weapon
      Possession of Marijuana – 1 oz. or Less
      Carrying Concealed Weapon
      Possession of Marijuana – 1 oz. or Less

  3. Thanks Chrissy I’ve got that info already,nice for you to let the readers know though. Good info

  4. If you look at http://lasvegas.whosarrested.com/inmates/129336-yvonne-j-hubrechtsen

    you will see that she was arrested again in July 2010.

  5. Do you have any photos of Yvonne that show any distinguishing marks such as tattoos? Or do you have knowledge of any tattoos that you can share with us? I wish to compare her to another young lady who is missing but do not wish to publish her name here or make false assumptions or accusations. Thank you.

    • The only pic I have of her is the one posted in this story. Glendene Grant may have others I’m not sure. Sorry I wish I could help.

      • Thank you. I appreciate the response.

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