Christopher Thomas Jr. Is Broken Beyond Repair

Christopher Thomas Jr., 19, is one seriously f**ked up individual. He’s looking at a felony statutory rape charge after allegedly raping an 8-year-old girl and tasing her 10-year-old brother when he tried to intervene. According to court documents, while Thomas was visiting the residence on January 6th, the girl and her brother began to argue. Thomas allegedly called the girl a brat and gave her three choices – tell her dad, get a spanking, or get raped. The girl picked “none of the above” so Thomas picked for her. He took her into a bedroom and proceeded to rape her. The little girl told Thomas she didn’t like it and he responded, “You better like it,” and continued to violate her, threatening to hurt her and her brother if she told anyone. When the girl’s brother entered the room and attempted to intervene, Thomas whipped out a taser and tased the kid’s arm. Though their mother returned home shortly after the assault, neither child informed her of what had happened. Later that same evening, after mom had gone to bed, Thomas raped the girl again. And, once again, when big brother tried to intervene, he got another tasin’. Thomas told both children that the girl was being punished for being a selfish brat and once again threatened bodily injury if either child opened their mouth. And if you think this story couldn’t possibly get any worse…it can and it does.

That same night, brother and sister were sitting in the living room when they heard their 3-year-old sister screaming and it sounded like it was coming from Thomas’ room. The kids couldn’t enter the room to check on the toddler because something was blocking the door. I don’t know what happened next, but the kids state that they later found the toddler sitting outside of Thomas’ room – her face, arms, and chest were red, her pants were sagging and her diaper was ripped open. The boy child finally told his aunt and his dad about the incidents on January 9th. Thomas was arrested on the 12th. And this is where it gets really f**king weird…

Thomas initially denied touching the 8-year-old inappropriately, but eventually copped to it. He told officers that he didn’t actually penetrate the child’s vagina, but humped her “until he was ready to ejaculate, then pulled out and ejaculated on her panties and back.” He stated that he had been molested as a child and had a dream about it the night before violating the girl. When he awoke from the dream, he wanted to “make someone feel the way he felt.” He also admitted that in December, he forced the child to disrobe and lay naked on the bed so he could see what it looked like. He was interrupted by the sound of another adult in the home that day and told the child to get dressed.

Thomas further stated that on one occasion in November (November reviews), he caught the 10-year-old boy humping his toddler sister – the 3-year-old mentioned in this story. Thomas said he stopped them, took the boy aside and told him he “needed to get it out of his system.” Thomas told the boy he needed to use baby oil when he did it – to make it feel better. Thomas and the boy went back to the room and Thomas told the kid to put baby oil on his penis. The kid wasn’t real comfortable doing that in front of Thomas, so he hid inside a closet and applied the baby oil. Then he proceeded to hump the toddler again while Thomas was chatting on the computer. After the 10-year-old dismounted the toddler, Thomas oiled up, pulled down the child’s diaper and began humping. He stated that he did not vaginally penetrate the child. He also stated that he failed to ejaculate “because she smiled at him while he was doing it.” Oh. My. F**king. God.

Thomas stated that he likes porn. A lot. He likes to masturbate while watching porn. A lot. He admitted to showing the 10-year-old porn on the computer. Thomas says that he feels uncomfortable around girls his own age and often has problems getting an erection with them. When asked about other possible victims, Thomas stated that, as a juvenile, there were several occasions where he had sexual encounters with other juveniles who were related to him. When asked to rate his “urges” to molest children on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being an uncontrollable urge, Thomas answered with a 9. Would Thomas feel the urge to do this again if let out of jail? Thomas answered that question with an “I’m not sure.” Bond was set at $250,000. If convicted, he could spend a minimum of 10 years in prison. Yeah…this one can’t be fixed. Put him under the jail, would ya?


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