Does Open Borders = Slavery?

The harsh truth is that every civilized nation that fought and bled to end slavery is seeing it reintroduced by allowing savages into their countries…

White Slavery in Modern Day Britain

In modern Britain we are constantly reminded about the black slave trade and how white Europeans are to blame for the 19th century slave trade and that we should be ashamed of ourselves. Any form of slavery ism of coursem wrong but liberals are quick to ignore the fact that many Africans were all too willing to sell their own people into slavery to us.

We have statues dedicated to the abolishment of the black slave trade (a constant reminder again that the white man is to blame) even though it was the British who abolished the slave trade 200 years ago.

While we have all these monuments dedicated to black slavery, on Oxford Street in London the other week, in broad daylight, three Albanian men were photographed selling a Lithuanian women in her 20s for a mere £3000.

The unnamed Lithuanian woman had been promised a ‘holiday’ in Britain by her boyfriend, totally unaware that she would be sold to a Muslim Albanian gang by her Albanian boyfriend. She would have been expected to make her new owners £100,000 a year working in brothels across the country.

Luckily for her, the men were caught by police and each received a prison sentence. Cases like these highlight the decay which uncontrolled immigration brings to our society but are usually ignored by the mass media.

An estimated 18,000 enslaved white European women and children are thought to be working in the vile sex industry in the UK. They are forced to work on the street, in brothels, and lap dancing clubs. They are moved from club to club, and city to city all across the UK often changing owners whilst being moved around.

On average Metropolitan police estimate trafficked white women forced into prostitution in London see between 20 and 30 men per day, each pundit spending on average £100 a time — making vast profits for immigrant criminal gangs.

Some 90 percent of these women and children are completely unaware they will be forced into the sex industry when they leave their country to come to Britain. Once here, they will have their passports removed from them, which makes them believe they are illegal immigrants, and they are then under the impression they have become property of the pimp and that they must work off debts to the pimp in order to be granted freedom.

This is a form of slavery which both Labour and Conservatives completely ignore, simply because the people who are enslaved are white European victims.

In the mindset of the average liberal, white people cannot be classed as slaves. In all schools across Britain there is never any mention of the one million white European slaves who were sold at Arabic markets during the time of the North African Barbary pirates.

Instead children are subject to liberal Marxist brainwashing on how their ancestors were wicked slave drivers, despite the fact that even today Albanian Muslim gangs are selling white women on busy streets in London.

Do not think that trafficking stops at white Eastern European women. Recent research gathered by the Christian charity Barnabus showed that British women are being sold as slaves abroad. According to Peter Green, Director of the Barnabus, “I believe we are not aware this is a two way issue, that young women are being taken out of our country and sold abroad because they owe money to the massage parlours.”

According to the National Christian Alliance on Prostitution (NCAP), there is “an issue” of UK women being trafficked abroad.

This is another area which is being ignored by the mass media. With Muslim paedophile gangs operating across the country it should however come as no surprise. It is the BNP’s intention to undertake an in-depth study of this issue within the near future and I hope to report upon it for this website in due course.

The BNP is the only party which will bring an end to the exploitation of women and children with our sensible approach to immigration.

Britain will no longer be responsible for the trafficking of slaves and the most severe punishment will be dealt out to any criminals engaging in this practice.

Sex trafficking in numbers

6,000-18,000 Trafficked women and children are thought to work as prostitutes in Britain

500,000 Number of women and children trafficked into the EU each year

And we are seeing the same thing here…

The U.S. Government estimates 18,000 to 20,000 victims are trafficked to the United States annually. These victims are typically forced, coerced or lured through fraud into slavery-like conditions.

As I wrote some time ago…

Slavery is not terribly uncommon outside the civilized countries of the West, really, it’s not. People in foreign lands are not characters in a Disney film. Welcome to reality my name is (redacted) and I’ll be your tour guide.



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