Super Bowl 2010 may attract more sex traffickers to Miami

Experts raise concerns over the risk of increase in sex trafficking and child prostitution during Super Bowl  in 2010. This year, the all American celebrated national event will be held in Miami, Florida. According to F.R.E.E. International, an anti-human trafficking group based in New York, traffickers and pimps are planning on bringing additional number of women and children for prostitution during the Super Bowl in Miami. A big events like Super Bowl is almost always accompanied by the increase in sexual services and online advertisement for prostitution, according to the expert. In 2008, the experts at Polaris Project in Colorado also executed prevented efforts to countermeasure the risk of increased sex trafficking during the event.

In particular, the Florida law enforcement authority’s recent observation evidences that the risk of  increase in human trafficking is  particularly strong in Miami. While a big even like Super Bowl alone poses the risk of increase in sex trafficking in the area, the law enforcement recently recognized human trafficking as one of the three rising major crimes in Florida, which is driven by domestic servitude and prostitution.[1]

Free International, in a joint effort with Florida coalition against human trafficking and other organizations, are planning on executing a direct outreach program  for international as well as domestic human trafficking victims. The organization, apart from the donation for their trip to Miami, also is planning on working with volunteers across the state.

For more information, visit  F.r.e.e. International



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