Filipino Female Pimp Arrested For Luring Women Into Sex Trade

KUALA LUMPUR, (Bernama) — A Filipino woman has been arrested for luring 12 women from the Philippines to be sex workers.

The 58-year-old woman was arrested when the police raided a flat in Jalan Imbi, where the 12 women were freed, at noon on Dec 11, said Bukit Aman Secret Societies, Gaming and Anti-vice Division senior assistant director Datuk Ahmad Sofian Md Yassin.

He said the women aged between 19 and 31, who were promised jobs in restaurants and entertainment outlets, were in the capital between one week and one month and their travels were paid for by a prostitution syndicate.

“The raid was conducted based on information relayed by the Philippines Embassy in Malaysia. The syndicate seldom operate from one location in a bid to avoid detection,” he told reporters here Wednesday.

The women, who arrived via the KL International Airport, were confined to the flat before they were taken by prostitution agents to meet their clients, he said, adding that the police would verify their passports with the Immigration Department.

He said the case was being investigated under the Anti-Human Trafficking Act 2007.

Ahmad Sofian said the police made more arrests since the introduction of the act in efforts to curb vice activities, gangsterism and human trafficking.

A total of 173 people were arrested under the act so far this year compared to 19 last year, he said, adding 16 people had been charged in court under the act this year.

On sex trade, he said 10,302 people, including 8,949 foreigners were arrested this year compared to 12,610 people, including 11,200 foreigners last year.

He said 11,082 people were arrested for illegal gambling last year compared to 10,404 last year.



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  1. Hello Forum Readers,

    I am writing here to expose an abusive expat who not only earns a living by exploiting Filipinas but also brings great shame to the Philippines by illegally using the official seals of government agencies.

    The expat in question is a British national, named Michael Mountstephen, who owns Spooks bar and whorehouse in Cagayan de Oro Philippines.

    Michael Mountstephen claims to be accredited by DOT10 but he is not accredited as DOT doesn’t endorse brothels. Please see below link for evidence including a statement from DOT10 Director Chan.

  2. Since the publishing of the post above, the blog has been updated with several entries, interesting stories about sexpats and criminals living in the Philippines. Take a look…

  3. looks another rant by Evan iliadis, with a fabricated story based upon postings made under false names by non other than Evan iliadis

  4. Sadly this good blog has being abused by a sick cyberstalker :

  5. No the Man who neglects his family spending all his day trolling around with stories about People he has never even met :

  6. I would appreciate if you take a look on this team of human trafficking in the Philippines all working under the “leadership” of Christopher Bennetts

  7. There is another associate joined Christopher Bennetts on his porn business. Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines.

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