Second Chillicothe man pleads guilty in federal sex-trafficking case

BALTIMORE — Federal prosecutors say a second Chillicothe man pleaded guilty Wednesday in connection with conducting a sex-trafficking business from a Maryland apartment.

Robert Harris, 21, will be sentenced Feb. 16 and faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison for sex trafficking by force.

According to his plea, Harris and conspirators ran the prostitution business from an apartment in Millersville, Md. Harris transported at least one girl from Ohio to Maryland to engage in prostitution. He advertised the services on social networking sites, including Craigslist.

Richard Johnson, 22, also of Chillicothe, pleaded guilty in the case earlier this month. He will be sentenced on Feb. 12.

According to the indictment, the operation was run out of former Chillicothe resident Craig Allen Corey II’s Millersville apartment. The defendants in the case, which also include Jacob Tyler, 22, were accused of placing classified ads on Craigslist and other Web-based sites to “persuade, encourage, entice and recruit females to serve as prostitutes and promote their prostitution business,” according to the indictment handed down Sept. 24.

Among the activities authorities indicated were involved in the operation included photographing women in various stages of undress for Web postings, traveling outside of Maryland to facilitate the business, using a portion of the proceeds to buy illegal drugs to distribute to associates, prostitutes and customers and other acts.

Among the girls who were transported from out of state or enticed were a 16-year-old and 18-year-old from Ohio who were integral in the filing of sex trafficking by force and sex trafficking of a minor against various defendants in the case. The sex trafficking of a minor charge involving the 16-year-old was filed only against Corey, 23.

The charges came about after an investigation by the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force of suspected activity between January and April of this year and a raid of Corey’s apartment on April 24.



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