Ways you can help trafficking victims

» If you suspect trafficking, call the Minnesota Human Trafficking Crisis and Tip Line at (888) 772-3324.

» Join Minnesota Rescue and Restore/Human Trafficking Watch at http://www.civilsocietyhelps.org.

» Call or write your elected officials to let them know you care about the issue of human trafficking. For assistance, go to http://www.polarisproject.org.

» Sponsor a victim. Contact Civil Society at (651) 291-0713.

» Monitor your children’s online activity. Traffickers often try to contact children through the Internet. Report suspicious behavior to police.

» Visit http://www.polarisproject.org for a list of films related to trafficking.

» Organize an event at your church or business to inform people about human trafficking.

For assistance, e-mail mnhumantrafficking@comcast.net.This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Source: St. Mary of the Lake Social Justice Team, White Bear Lake

Identifying victims of human trafficking

Victims of trafficking may look like many of the people coming to your organization for assistance every day. Victims are young children, teenagers, men and women. By looking beneath the surface and asking yourself these questions, you can help identify potential victims:

»Is the person accompanied by another person who seems controlling (possibly the trafficker)?

» Is the person rarely allowed in public (except for work)?

» Can you detect any physical or psychological abuse?

» Does the person seem submissive or fearful?

» Does the person have difficulty communicating because of language or cultural barriers?

» Does the person lack identification or documentation?

» Is someone else collecting the person’s pay or holding their money for “safe keeping”?

Gaining the trust of a victim of human trafficking is an important first step in providing assistance.

Questions to ask potential victims of trafficking

If you get the opportunity to speak to or question the person alone, asking the following questions can help you determine if you are dealing with a victim:

» Can you leave your job or situation if you want?

» Can you come and go as you please?

» Have you been threatened if you try to leave?

» Has anyone threatened your family?

» What are your working or living conditions like?

» Where do you sleep and eat?

» Do you have to ask permission to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom?

» Is there a lock on your door so you cannot get out?

» Does someone prohibit you from socializing or attending religious services?

Before questioning a person who may be a victim of human trafficking, discretely separate the person from the individual accompanying her/him, since this person could be the trafficker posing as a spouse, other family member or employer.

If you suspect someone is a victim of trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at (888) 373-7888 or the Civil Society human trafficking crisis/tip line at (651) 291-8810.

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families

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  1. Man, I would love to get some more posts about this topic. Thanks alot.

  2. Fantastic weblog!

    As an FYI, one of the e-mail addresses in the “Ways you can help trafficking victims” above has changed. The new address is:
    mnhumantrafficking@gmail.com (replacing the previous, similar Comcast e-mail address).

    By sending an e-mail to that address, with a request to be added to their broadcast list, one receives periodic updates about human trafficking in Minnesota, and is offered ways to respond to the issue. The e-mails originate from the St. Mary of the Lake human trafficking working group.

    Keep up the great and important work you’re doing here!

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