Risk of human sex-trafficking:Jessica Edith Louise Foster Part 2

$50,000 Reward for Information
Jessica Edith Louise Foster

Donald and Lema Vaz: Persons of interest
Teen prostitute’s pimp gets hefty jail term

From: Calgary Herald
January 12, 1994
By: Helen Dolik

The word is out to pimps from the courts: Don’t mess with young girls or you’ll do big time.

That message was underlined Tuesday. For the second day in a row, a pimp involved with a juvenile prostitute was slammed with a fifty sentence in Court of Queen’s Bench.

Lema Hercley Vaz, 25, who “seduced” a runaway 15-year-old into prostitution with the lure of food, clothing, shelter and eventually enough money to buy a car and house, was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday.

Justice Earl Lomas rejected a joint submission by Crown and defense counsel for four years as “low range” and imposed the stiffer five-year term.

The five-year term comes on the heels of a 10-year jail sentence handed out to a 21-year-old Calgary pimp Monday.

Convicted pimp Bryan Bottyan received the highest sentence ever for a first-time offender for supplying girls to “trick pads” and working them on the street. Four of the five girls in Bottyans’s case were 14 or 15 years old.

Vaz pleaded guilty to two pimping-related charges and attempting to obstruct justice by threatening the 15-year-old prostitute if she testified at his court case.

“She was extremely vulnerable,” said Crown prosecutor Gordon Wong. “She was being seduced into prostitution by the accused.”

The girl worked six days in January 1993 and turned over all her $3,000 in earnings to Vaz, court heard. Vaz was living with another prostitute at the time and that woman was training the girl.

Lomas said the aggravating factors included the girl’s young age, her vulnerability, and the accused knew how young she was and encouraged her to become a prostitute. He said Vaz told the girl he would provide food, lodging, clothing and she would ultimately earn enough for a car and house, yet he took all she earned.

Defence lawyer Kim Ross said his client moved to Alberta from Toronto five years ago and is separated from his wife and two children. He said Vaz was a cook for three years and then worked on upgrading his education. Donald Vaz
Pimp jailed five years
From: Calgary Sun
January 12, 1994
By: Kevin Martin

Seducing a teenage girl into street prostitution with promises of riches has landed a city man a five-year prison term.

Lema Hercley Vaz tempted the 15-year-old street girl with hopes of owning a home and car, court heard.

But, instead, Vaz took the $3,000 she make during six nights last January and gave her nothing, Crown prosecutor Gord Wong said.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Earl Loman said a stern punishment warranted despite the short period the youngster was forced to work.

“You knew that she was only 15 years of age, you knew that she was destitute—that she was living on the streets,” Lomas told Vaz.

“You took advantage of that situation—you introduced her to prostitution.

Vaz, 25, pleaded guilty to two pimping charges and one of obstructing justice by attempting to dissuade the girl from testifying.

Lomas rejected a submission by Wong and defense lawyer Kim Ross for a four-year sentence.

“The corruption of minors clearly falls within a greater range of sentencing,” he said. “You had coerced her, or encouraged her into prostitution by advising her that you would provide her with food, clothing and lodging.

“Notwithstanding those inducements, you took all of the money.”
Former pimp earns day parole
From: The Edmonton Journal
June 10, 1995
By: Journal Staff

A man who was sentenced to five years in prison as an example of tough action against pimps is living in a city halfway house after serving less than 18 months.

Lema Hercley Vaz, 26, pleaded guilty to recruiting a 15-year-old Calgary runaway into prostitution with the lure of food, clothing, shelter, and later money to buy a car and house.

Vaz was released on day parole May 31. He is living in the Herb Jamieson Centre near 105A Avenue and 100th Street.

At his parole hearing May 10, Calgary police opposed any form of early release. Police told the National Parole Board that” Vaz was, and will be when released, heavily involved in the prostitution business, making his living off unsuspecting young girls.”

When sentencing Vaz in January 1994, Calgary Justice Earl Lomas had rejected a proposal from both the Crown and defence for a four-year sentence calling it “low range.”

Vaz pleaded guilty to two pimping-related charges and attempting to obstruct justice by threatening the 15-year-old prostitute if she testified at his court case.

Hundreds hit the street in wild downtown brawl

From: The Edmonton Journal
July 1, 1995
By: Ian Williams, Journal Crime Writer

They brought everything to a downtown brawl including the kitchen sink.

“One guy was carrying a kitchen sink, another guy had a seven-foot-long two-by-four and another one had a blue, aluminum baseball bat,” recalls Dick Godbout, who watched the fight unfold early Friday near 104th Street and 106th Avenue.

By the time the brawl had spread up and down and the street, “it looked like a war zone out there.”

Godbout estimated about 300 people were fighting, although police put the figure at between 150 and 200.

At least 27 police officers were dispatched, said information officer Sgt. Nigel Stevens.

At least four people were injured, police said. Two were stabbed, one had a cut near his eye and a fourth had a gash to the back of his head.

Godbout said when officers first arrived, they were faced with jeers from the battling crowd. Rocks and chunks of concrete flew through the air, especially towards the cruisers.

Things got so dicey that “police pulled out their billy clubs,” he said.

Bodbout said he saw one man pull something from the trunk of a car and tuck a shadowy object into his waist band. Shortly after the man entered the melee, another man fell to the ground.

“I heard a crack. I thought he had hit his head but someone shouted: ‘He shot him. He shot him.’”

Godbout, who’d been watching from the third-floor window of his rooming-house, says he doesn’t know if there was an actual shooting. Stevens was also unable to say if it had happened.

When officers first arrived, a man was seen stabbing another in the back, Stevens said.

A suspect was chased down the block and caught.

The 16-year-old victim was stabbed once in the back and once in the left arm.

In another apparently separate incident, a male believed to be in his teens was stabbed in the abdomen.

The brawl began just before 1:30 a.m., said Godbout, who heard shouting from the street below.

It appeared that one man had been thrown out of a party being held in the basement of a nearby commercial building. The building has a party room which is rented out for private functions.

The dispute appeared to centre on one man who was upset over another man’s attention to his girlfriend, Godbout said.

The man who had been thrown out of the party was standing outside with some buddies trying to get back in.

“He told the bouncers: ‘I just have to go in and get my girlfriend.’”

A small group began fighting but it quickly spread into at least 50 other fights. It escalated even further as more people poured on to the street, Godbout said.

One group headed west along 106th Avenue and soon they returned, one lugging the sink.

It took about five minutes for the brawl to lose its steam and things calmed down. Godbout said that’s when several people began scurrying away.

Donald Vincent Vaz, 20, of Edmonton faces one count of aggravated assault.

Shooting suspect under gaurd

From: Calgary Herald
June 19, 1997
By: Mario Toneguzzi

A man charged with attempted murder remains under police guard while recuperating from injuries at Foothills Hospital.

Lema Hercley Vaz, 28, was charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting of Mark Scott at the Saddleridge Community Hall early Sunday. Vaz was also shot and is recovering in hospital from a wound in the upper chest, said Insp. Mel Linn.

A guard has been posted outside Vaz’s room and will remain “until his condition improves so he can be transferred to the remand centre,” said Linn.

Five people were injured in the shooting spree at the hall at 7614 42nd St. N.E. Witnesses told police two men opened fire on each other at about 3:45 a.m. in a dispute over a woman.

Linn said Vaz was also arrested on a Canada-wide warrant for violation of parole. He was on full parole until Jan. 10, 1999 relating to convictions for living off the avails of prostitution, drug offences and obstruction.

Investigations are continuing and further charges are pending, said Linn.
Heroic chase helps hooker
From: The Toronto Sun
June 17, 2000
By: Ian Robertson

An accused pimp nabbed yesterday by three men after a hooker was assaulted in a downtown restaurant was wanted for spraying a rival’s car with bullets, police said.

The men, who gave their names as Jamie Jones and Howard Alckey of Toronto and Derek Ford of Kitchener, chase a man after the woman was attacked around 4 a.m. in a Harvey’s at Gerrard and Jarvis Sts.

They were credited with helping police end the footchase and arrest the suspect.

“The hue and cry grew as he ran from the scene,” 52 Division Det. Stephen Bone said later.

Further investigation showed the Toronto-born man is an alleged pimp, who decided to move back from Calgary after being released from prison.

“He’s a newcomer here,” and the Harvey’s is a favorite eatery for local hookers.

Bone said the accused man was also wanted in the June 4 shoot-up of a car around Church and Gerrard St. Three men were hit, the most seriously hurt with two slugs through a hand.

Lema Hercley Vaz, 31, of Tobermory Dr., is in custody facing 15 charges.



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