Global human trafficking highlights


In Ohio, human trafficking of illegal migrants was exposed at STOP the trafficking forum. Ohio was ranked as a state of the worse human trafficking legislations in the U.S.

In Boston, two men were accused of running a teen prostitution on Saturday last week. They each faced up to 20 years of imprisonment after the 10 days of trial.

In Indiana, a county includes human trafficking or sex trafficking as part of the list of offenses that require violators to register himself/herself as a sex offender.

Illinois takes a cue from Swedish prostitution law.

In Vancouver, the first national stings began its rescue of child prostitutes. During the operation, two underage prostitutes were rescued, and seven adult prostitutes and three alleged pimps were arrested.


In Mexico, a church-run migrant shelter is under attack highlighting the climate of hostility towards the migrants from Central America. They are also targeted by the traffickers for human trafficking. Teenage migrants from central America are increasingly moving towards North, they are becoming the target of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.


A UK Member of the European Parliament from the Labour Party reports that London is considering to close its human trafficking task unit because of its lack of resources. Interpol suspects that human trafficking in Europe will continue to increase given the upcoming 2010 World Cup.


In India, three people were arrested for trafficking 17 people from the village on a purpose of labor exploitation on Sunday last week.

In Saudi Arabia, human trafficking committee meets to discuss a national plan to combat human trafficking. Also, 443 people were fined and imprisoned for human trafficking

In the Philippines, the government tightens immigration control at the airport. The newspaper reported that the new modus-operandi of illegal recruiters was exposed when 9 Filipinos were leaving the country for European tour. Their visa were approved in Poland Embassy in Thailand, but they were part of the group tour of 70 people heading to Amsterdam.

Australia joints Sri Lanka in combating human trafficking. The issue at stake between the two country is that Sri Lanka’s illegal migrants have topped the immigrants of Afghanistan and Iraq to enter Australia. Their discussion was focused on repatriation of Sri Lankan victims in Australia and prosecution of organized crime.

In UAE, the chairperson of UAE general women’s union pledged to contribute Dh 1 million in support of the human trafficking victims.


in South Africa, rape and murder of children reminds a public challenge. Some of the crimes against the children are committed by their family members. The South African government urged the community and families to work together to fight against such challenge.

In Mozambique, IOM launched a special meeting to combat human trafficking in flood affected area.


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