Missing Jessica Foster

jessica-foster missing poster
Yvonne Hubechtsen AKA AngelYvonne Hubechtsen aka Angel w/friend

Jessie Foster has been missing now for a little over three years March, 2006. Jessie took a trip to Las Vegas to spend her birthday and never can back. Glendene Grant wishes she had never agreed to let Jessie go. I’m going to try and start this from the beginning if I can get it all right. Donald Vaz befriended Jessie while she was in high school. After school Donald taken Jessie on a trip to NY. and Florida. While in NY Donald Vaz tried to pimp out Jessie. He had lost money on a gambling debt. A little background on the Vaz family. All of the Vaz family have a background in Human Sex Trafficking, father, mother, and sisters you name it they are all in the business. Jessie called home told her mother she wanted to go to Las Vegas for her 22th birthday with a girlfriend named Angel aka Yvonne Hubrechtsen. Below is a timeline of Jessie’s events up to the date of her missing.

April 2005—left job in Calgary to travel with Donald Vaz to Florida, New York, New Jersey and Nevada
May 2005—visited Calgary and returned to Las Vegas with Yvonne Hubrechtsen
June 2005—began dating Peter Todd and was arrested for prostitution in Las Vegas
September 2005—arrested for prostitution in Las Vegas
December 2005—visits parents in Calgary and Kamloops
March 24, 2006—spoke to mom on phone
March 27, 2006—left birthday message for step-mom
March 28, 2006—spoke to sister on phone
April 3, 2006—last acknowledged sighting by Peter Todd
April 9, 2006—reported missing
April 29, 2006—missed step-sister’s wedding
Put on Jessie’s milk carton
August 28,2008

This is a email from a girl I met on myspace. She told me she wanted to help me find Jessie Foster. She also stated she knew Yvonne Hubrectsen and could tell me where she was.

Yvonne Hubrectsen aka Angel
Yes. We used to be best friends. We lived together. She started changing in 03. My ex bf David Guerrero’s half brother Kenneth Ballew intorduced Yvonne to Peter Todd aka Pete over the phone it was then she decided to go and live in Las Vegas. She has been trying to recruit several other girls to live over there in Vegas with her. She also asked me numerous times if I would go with her and I told her no! Last time I spoke with her was in 05. I am trying to get in contact with her Mom Sheryll Hubrectsen. If she did sell Jess to Mexico. It is because she would be worth alot of money because she is caucasian and from Canada. And Yvonne and Pete would make more money off of her rather than her selling herself in Las vegas and making a few thosand bucks a day they would get a huge amount of money all at once. But she may be back in Las Vegas or might have never left. I am also trying to contact Christina Pena 28 who knows Yvonne. I have a picture of me and Yvonne on my myspace. http://www.myspace.com/monique_abraham I am more than willing to help. If I can get her number and talk to her I more than sure she will give some info on what happened or of Jess’s where abouts. I am someone she trusts. I have e-mailed the Las Vegas detectives. But have received no anser back. I have also wen’t to Jess’s myspace and sent message to one of her family remembers and no respond. If you would like to discuss this over the phone with me feel free to call me. (209) 676-2399 or e-mail mz.moniquemonique@yahoo.com Please give me a call so I know that you are who you say you are. Thanks.

Monique Hernandez

This is just one of many emails she wrote Glendene and myself. To date neither one of us have heard from Monique Hernandez. It’s sad that people prey on other in this way to get hopes up that they say they want to help and give you a line a crap! Poor Glendene is like a yo yo. Yes she is like a yo yo up and down everyday. One day she get news that is really encourouging and the next day she’ll hear something that put a knott in your throat so big you can’t sallow. Bless you my friend, Jessie is alive and we will find her I feel it and always have. Your still a brickhouse Glendene and nothing can knock you down, you keep up your fight. Jessie’s coming home!

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  1. Wow! What BS! I tried calling Yvonne and that is NOT her number anymore! WTF! What else do you want me to do! Your the detective! Are you not?

    • It was the number you gave me!

  2. Why a girl as beautiful as Jessie would involve herself with a disgusting gross piece of filth like that is beyond me. Poor thing.

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