Female murders in Ciudad Juarez hidden for years

velas con las muertas de juarez


Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – Every day thousands of people, cars, trucks and trains pass through the Mexican town Ciudad Juarez’s six border crossings to the United States, while 300 international companies have set up so-called maquila factories – assembly plants that supply the US market. But Ciudad Juarez owes its international renown to a terrible, sad fact: a total of 393 women have been murdered in the border city between 1993 and 2007. It is known as “the global capital of feminicides.”

Mayor Hector Murguia Lardizabal does not like to discuss it with foreign visitors, and he would rather ignore the fact that even the European Parliament has taken up the issue. He prefers to stress the positive aspects of “our beloved Juarez” – industry, cross-border traffic, plentiful tax income, international investment, seemingly unlimited growth. The city grows by 60,000 people every year. Forty years ago Ciudad Juarez was a town of 20,000, but 1.6 million people live there today. Across the border in El Paso, Texas, there are only 700,000. “We are first in everything,” Murguia told a group of visiting legislators of the German Bundestag.

Every two years, these legislators in charge of relations with Mexico travel to the North American country to keep up the contact with their Mexican colleagues. This year they wanted to find out more about the feminicides. The European Parliament demanded that Mexico and Central American countries give women better protection from violence. Across the region, women are murdered more than anywhere else in the world. The European Parliament demanded that these countries end gender inequality and prevent violence against women with all their might. It was only a few years ago that the authorities tackled the issue, under pressure from international public opinion.

The new leadership of the state of Chihuahua under Governor Jose Reyes Baeza Terrazas started to shed light on the brutal acts as most of the aggressors remained at large. In the whole of Chihuahua there was not a single police laboratory, no modern forensic medicine. Even today, despite the new labs and more professional police and investigative work, 126 cases remain unsolved. For a long time, impunity contributed to the increase in murders over time, most of them within family circles or in connection to drug crime and juvenile gangs. “Men think they can dispose of their wives as if they were their property,” said state Attorney General Patricia Gonzalez. “This is the worst form of murder in Mexico, there is an unimaginable hatred and disdain for women.”

Many young women and girls, most of whom migrated to the border city from the south to work in the maquilas, were victims of this violence and were murdered. Their bodies were found near the factories, on garbage dumps or in the desert – raped, strangled, mutilated. One attacker admitted that he and his friends, under the effect of drugs, abducted women one weekend, raped and murdered them. The desperation of the families is huge. They have the feeling that the authorities do not listen to them – the poor “morenos,” or dark-skinned people, from the south. Until 2004, not one case had been solved, though innocent people were tortured into making confessions, then jailed. Mothers seeking their missing daughters were told that the women had probably crossed the border to the United States illegally without telling their families. “We got started particularly by fighting impunity, through the professionalization of police work,” Attorney General Gonzalez said of the efforts since 2004. However, the authorities continue to give the impression that it is best to sweep the phenomenon under the carpet.

Leopoldo Gonzalez Baeza, chairman of the state human rights commission, thinks the whole issue is a product of exaggeration by the media. “We have the whole world against us, even Jennifer Lopez,” he complained. The US actress of Puerto Rican descent starred in the 2006 film Bordertown, about the killings in Ciudad Juarez. In the meantime, scores of women continue to demand justice. Irma Perez, whose daughter was murdered in 1995, no longer trusts official reports on the success of the investigations. In her daughter’s case, one suspect was arrested and then released again. “There is no investigation, for four months there has been silence,” she said. “Really they just don’t want anything to do with me anymore.”

source: Earthtimes.org


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  1. Hello my name is Bertha AKA Birdy you know I practically grew up in Juarez I loved the people over there now It’s gotten so rediculos to me now all the people whom reside over the border are like sitting ducks I ask my self like many other Juarenses when is all this violence going to stop I wish the United States would actually take control so that there could be something done other wise there is still going to corruption, prostitution and sicarios everywhere.
    You know I have a cousin who was forced to come to El Paso due to the quotas that they are requesting these assholes the goverment is not worth a shit up there God I wish many of us people here in the United States would actually be able to do something about this matter please feel free to send me other comments on this sad situation that has been existing for many years now Thank You!!!!!

    • Like you I was born in the bordertown of Acuna Coah and I love it there but it is slowly getting to be like Juarez it already started with the beheadings of several locals. Down the street from my g-mas house there is a casita where drugs are sold day and nite and cops come in and out all day long to get their “CUT” ain’t that some shit???

  2. I have read your article and it is incredible, maquilas are not an evil power but the greed behind it and the tolerance (corruption) of the police.

    May God give a exit ’cause politicians will never do!


  3. You know, the most ironic thing is, that the mexican people knows who are the “men” who killed this girls, and we just don´t “have the bolls” like we say, “no tenemos huevos” to say who did that. If we toll that, they maybe killed us too…
    The mexican people live whit fear, a lot of fear, and that, just doesn’t help us to live.

  4. Read “Desert Blood: The Juarez Murders” by Alicia Gaspar De Alba. I’m sorry Juarez, what they are doing to you is heartbreaking. May the muchachas rest in peace.

  5. que facil es opinar cuando ustedes tres no viven en ciudad juarez quedense una semana en esa ciudad aver si piensan igual la gente no save kien mata alas mujerez y no porke no tengan pelotas les azeguro k si una delas madres k an perdido a una hija supiera kien la mato no se kedaria de manos cruzadas o ustedes an pasado por eso yo soy de juarez y se lo k las madres e hijos sufren no es lo mismo ver en las noticias

  6. govierno y policias estan involucrados que nos protejen no es verdad se protejen a ellos mismos es una mafia de politicos polisias y crimen y nosotros los siudadanos de juarez nos tenemos que quidar de ellos si lo denunciamos esperemos la muerte por seguro todas las jovensitas que an muerto eran inosente y los que clamamos justisia tenemos que llegar asta el fimal no inporta si morimos en el intento sigamos luchando por justicia sigamos luchando por ser livres hotra vez JUARENZES…..

    • luchando asta la muerte eee nesesitamos unirnos levantarnos de una ves portodas pornuestra jente porlos inosentes

  7. I Just dont understad .. What happen? I mean ever since they got so involved with the drug war and the soldiers that are all good for nothings it like the mexican government that appaer to be doing something about the female homicides at one point have forgotten about all these inocent girls. I can’t and won’t belive that the female homicides have stopped …its just that they’ve been put aside to deal with the drugdealers and maybe all of this drug dealing bullshit has been to cover up their asses . Why haven’t we heard on the news not even the mexican news about another female body found in the dessert or in anapra or lomas de poleo. Can’t be true? can it ?

  8. drug market brings lots of violance so unfortunately these problems are going to keep on till the men have respect the others!

  9. Es triste ver como una ciudad entera sufre y es atemorizada dia y noche.Al parecer esta ciudad se a convertido en un patio de recreo para todo criminal.Aqui,los asesinos,secuestradores,asaltantes,
    violadores y politicos corruptos son los unicos que disfrutan de cada dia al desangrar esta hermosa ciudad y su gente(mi gente).No pierdo la esperanza en que un dia la justicia verdadera prevalezca.

    • lo que yo pienso es que la gente de ai deveria ponerse de a cuardo para todos conbatir la corrupsion yo soy de juares y estube ai 3 anos a penas yege los soldados no asen nada mas que lastimar a los inosentes me agarraron i me pegaban para desirles quin la bendia pero les dises algo i los narcos te matan poreso mejor que darse callado pero si toda la jente so pusiera de acuardo pudieramos a ser algo bueno eso es lo que yo pinso $$PONCE$$

      English Version

      Spanish to English from what I think is that people of ai deveria cuardo reach to all the conbatir juares corrupsion and I am from al estube barely 3 years Yege the soldiers did not grab nothing but hurt the inosentes grabbed me i desirles quin beating me for the blessings but I dises something i narcos kill you better be quiet poreso but if all of acuardo jente so we could put to something good that’s what I ponce pins $ $ $ $


  10. The only connection I have with MX is I dated a girl once who was from MX. In my final year at ASU I am taking a class on Women and Society and this is how I came to know about the mass rapes and killings in Juarez, MX. It is heart wrenching to hear the stories of victims family, how girls no older than 20 are sexually molested and their bodies amputated and left along the road, in the desert to rot. It is even more alarming looking at the figures how these rapes and killings have gone up in recent years and how few cases have actually been solved. Through this post I’d like to lend my hand in support for the Women of Juarex, MX and their fight against violence and injustice.

  11. while I read this page tears were rolling down from my eyes….
    sometimes I feel shame of my gender.I can’t do anything except praying….
    and I’ll pray….
    nights and days…

  12. We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.

  13. Its so sad to see that this is happening. This should motivate people together to fight for whats right.. To be strong and stand up, Its heart breaking that theres so much corruption involved…
    ~My Prayers for all the
    innocent young woman who have
    died.. And pray to God that theres

  14. is sad to know about this death and im from juarez but i have not been there since 1999 but my hall family is there two of my cousin were rape and kill there so i can relate to what the athor family fiel when there family members are missing im afraid of goin back to mexico idont have paper but all rather live here then ther they yust send my wife back she got deported so im force to go back to suppurt her and my baby but to tell you the true im scare we need help PONCE

  15. The 400 or so murders of women is bad these murders happened mainly because most likely u could get away with it,its like if a boyfriend or husband found there female partner cheating then they could kill them and live on and come on how many of us men have thought about murdering the cheating girlfriend or wife but have second thought becasue of fear of getting caught among other reasons of not doing it but yeh the murders of women in juarez are bad but what about the more then 3500 murders of men in about two years in juarez alone

    • Were those murders done by women?

      This is not the same issue.

      The issue is global femicide/gynocide. And all the ways women and girls are killed BY MEN, and are also:
      tortured, kidnapped, sold into sexual slavery, prostitution, forced to be brides, coerced and manipulated into prostitution and pornography, sexually harassed in private and public spaces, beaten up leading to broken bones and broken hearts by the “men who say they love women”, surviving (or not) date rape, marital rape, stranger rape, incest of girls by father figures (not the only kind of incest, but the most common form–why?), keeping women in poverty globally, forced sterilisation and forced pregnancy–to produce male children, female infanticide, women paid less than men, or nothing at all, all forms of discrimination socially, and the atrocities go on and on…

      And are being committed by MEN. THAT’S the issue. The fact that men kill men, a lot, means “men’s violence” is the problem. And it’s about time men started caring more about what men do to women intimately, interpersonally, socially, and institutionally, than being primarily and centrally concerned about what men do to men, pretending they are the same thing. (Or, worse yet, pretending “what women do to men” even registers by comparison.)

      • Well Said! Thank you for that.

  16. Assisti o filme referente as mulheres mortas na Ciudad Juarez e fiquei muito chocado com os crimes que ocorrem lá. Não acredito que num país tão próximo do país mais rico do mundo, eles só pensem no dinheiro e não na segurança de seus funcionários, como mulheres jovens, que são mortas brutalmente. Creio que um dia esse quadro possa mudar. Somente quando governos sérios e preocupados com a segurança de sua população forem eleitos pelo povo investirem em segurança e saúde, acredito que esse quadro mude. Enquanto a corrupção continuar como estamos vendo aí, continuarem, mulheres jovens continuarão sendo assassinadas. Que pena, que sejam mulheres que paguem por isto.

    English Version

    English to watch the film on the women murdered in Ciudad Juarez and was very shocked by the crimes that occur there. I do not think a country so close to the richest country in the world, they only think of money and not safety of its employees, as young women who are brutally killed. I believe that one day this situation may change. only when serious governments and concerned about the safety of its population are elected by the people to invest in safety and health, I believe that to change. while corruption continues as we see there, continue, young women continue to be murdered. alas, they are women who pay for it.


  17. ITS VERY SAD BUT ITS TRUE i just want to say, that i wish juarez would be again as safe as when i was little…and am not even old, when i was little people was scared because of feminicides, today in numbers it doesnt compare

  18. I also saw some movies on Ciudad Juarez problems and can’t stop thinking of them. My main questions is “whos fault is it?”. Who are these men, who behave like devils, like animals and who raised them? What sick society raise such men who do not have values and respect for female and for life in general? Who are their mothers? it’s easy to blame “just men” because they are evil, but they are not evil from themself, surrounding makes them so evil. Also what i though is that women are also guilty for such bad behaviour with them. I don’t know what they think there in Mexico, but i live in Europe and we also have a lot of gender inequality, but anyway it is definetelly not as bad. I hope so… So getting to the point that women are also to be blamed by their obscurity. The only way for them to get off from this hell circle is to get education, get responsable for themselves and become independent. But as it is showen in the movie the fast independence can lead you to trouble as well, if you behave silly. I don’t know, i think i’ll be still long thinking about this question, why this happen in Ciudad Juarez and in the world…

    • No one deserves the treatment these girls got. You can’t blame them! If you want to blame somebody Blame the men who are killing these boys, women and girls. Most of all educate yourself.

  19. hola ley y muy interesante son mexicana, pues solo me interesa todo enrelacion a las y los juarenses…..

  20. se me hace ke esta corruption nos esta matando nadien kiere ablar

  21. i believe that the united states should consider not deporting people to mexico especially to juarez. i mean why send people over there where there are no opportunities to succeed. all you see there are people laying on the streets dead. what you hear is women being raped and killed. why doesn’t anyone actually take action? why do they keep letting individuals or groups do this to people? why? why not actually take a investigation more deeply into this rather than just fearing of what will happen next? i know this is scary but don’t let that fear get to you because if you show that you are scared and not willing to do help they will continue with their jobs which is raping,killing and burying people most of them are women. i saw the movie bordertown and that movie made me cry cause of everything i saw there. jennifer lopez gave a good example in the movie. she actually took her job serious and even though she was scared in that movie she kept going until she helped that girl out and actually investigated til she got to the end of it. i know its just a movie but that could actually happen in real life. take action and don’t be scared to investigate til you get to the bottom of all this. i hate seeing people die each day especially where my parents were born!

  22. I can’t believe why people didn’t do anything to avoid all these murders to young women. See Mexicans are not united, they left all these criminals control Juarez. Since corruption rule in Mexico. politicians never are going to protect the citizens, what they are expecting from the government? What they are waiting from United States to do for them? Jeniffer Lopez made the movie to make money, but she doesn’t care. I don’t even contribute to see her movie. Why she didn’t use the money from her movie to help Juarez. All the families of the victims should be smart and kill the responsbilies and their family to see what they feel. The government are cowards, and stupid they are not even prepare for to be in charge of those positions. The problem is people’s fear, and ignorance. Most of the victims came from poor families. they should be united and recruit all that people who loss their daughter and lynch them or burn them.

  23. This is such a disturbing issue. Unfortunately with the spotlight on the escalating drug war, this has been put on a back burner. I think America is at a loss as to how to stem the flow of death happening in Mexico. MX is no longer thought of as a easy, cheap place to dash into for relaxation and fun. MX seriously has changed itself into a terror run country, wholly taken over by all the dark seedyness of the bad things in the world. Safety is not really the issue, there is none. By traveling there you literally put your life in someone Else’s hands to do with what they will. At some point we have to take the blinders off and roll up our sleeves and make a huge effort to either clean up or totally roll out of MX. It is a helluva Catch 22, but America is just going to have to face it.

  24. why this happens, I shall not know. but I do know that when humankind begin turning their backs on the good of life, this is what happens. there is evil and good in all of us; but it is our decision as to what path we will choose. no one deserves this. how can we stop it? god help us

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