You Can Kick Her but You Can’t Keep Her Down

Glendene Grant
Glendene Grant

Glendene Grant, she’s a mother, wife, grandmother, and friend just to name a few. In the little over two years that I’ve known Glendene I think she’s probably the strongest Lady I know. She has good days and bad days but how could she not when her daughter has been missing for two and a half years. Jessica Edith Louise Foster moved from Canada to Las Vegas, Nevada to live with friends and start her new life. Jessie got more than she bargained for. She moved in with Peter Todd he and Jessie became boyfriend and girlfriend. For all visual purposes Jessie seemed happy and in love with Peter Todd. Little did her family know Peter Todd is a pimp, he had put Jessie out to work for him. We still aren’t sure if she was forced into prostitution with possible threats to her family or not.

Can you imagine having to send your DNA to possibly ID a DOA that was found in Texas? I lost my father to murder twenty-two years ago. He was missing for seventeen days before he was found. I thought I would go crazy in those days. To have to submit DNA to identify my loved one would have put me over the edge. Thank God it wasn’t Jessie! Glendene has been on a rollercoaster ride for this time. This is just one of many things to test Glendene’s strength. There are days Glendene gets so overwhelmed by everything that she is paralyzed. It’s an overwhelming heaviness that comes over you and all you can do is ball yourself up in the bed and cry. Most people call it depression I dislike the word myself since I’ve lived with it for twenty two years. Days and days go by and you’ve heard nothing which makes things worse always thinking the worst.

I remember when I first met Glendene. She saw that some of the others site of missing loved ones had hundreds of hits some thousands. Donations were large and the website it’s self set up really nice. Glendene didn’t think Jessie’s site would ever have so much publicity or hits. I told her it all takes time and Jessie’s site would be the same soon. Still Glendene being a wonderful mother that she is wanted more publicity on her daughter’s case. Let me just say the Las Vegas Police weren’t doing anything. Glendene didn’t roll over and play dead she was like the Ever Ready Bunny she went to every talk show, magazine and newspaper that she could get through to tell Jessie’s story. Then she set up websites on every bog site and networking site you can think of. She’s a powerhouse I’m telling you right now.

Glendene has had to confront the US and Canadian officials due to the amount of times she had come into the United States to look for her daughter. These officials thought Glendene was sex trafficking. They wouldn’t let her into the states. OMG can you believe that! I was so upset when Glendene told me that. Nobody cared that her daughter was missing, or possibly sold to human sex trafficking. My question is WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Sorry to be so bold but I just don’t understand. We need Glendene to get back to the United States to help aid in the search for her daughter. Annie, Hookers for Jesus are out walking the strip keeping an eye out. It’s not the same as Glendene being there asking the questions may be ride around check out things talk to the police.

Glendene has been on a rollercoaster ride for this time. Several videos have been made about Jessie’s disappearance. I’ve made a few of them for Glendene as a pay it forward. Comments unfortunately have been left on some that are very ugly. I know they hurt her and I‘ve gotten really protective over her and her family. It makes you wonder what kind of person would say things like that about a person who is missing sold into human sex trafficking. It too makes me think were they “hatched from a egg”. They couldn’t have been nurtured by a mother or anyone for that matter. I know most of you have seen Glendene’s NowPublic site and her stories about her daughter Jessica.

I want everybody to know what a great person she is and how she’s been hanging on. I want to say one more thing about Glendene. When I first met this sweet Lady when she needed me just as someone did me in my time of need twenty two years ago. It’s hell but now Glendene will be able to give advice and help others out like she is. It just takes that one person to extend their hand and say I want to help you. It’s like I said,

“You Can Kick Her but You Can’t keep Her Down”

Jessica Foster
Jessica Foster
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