Missing Angela Finger and Jessie Foster Cases

CASE #633 Angela Marie Finger (12.29.2008)(STILL MISSING)

case maybe related to Jessie Foster


DD’s from the 29th are posted below.


“she is in danger — NYC City hotel, Steward Nevada — New York City Mob — danger, grass is fake – goes to Carson City, 419”

“24 years old, drives a truck — black jacket, New Jersey, 44”

“not real, let her go”

map below, I think that Angela was a victim of human trafficking and is alive.  I also think it might be dangerous to investigate this case ourselves,


Hi Brian,

Could you please post this information for Angela Marie Finger, case #633?

Thanks !



Will do Debra,



Angela was last seen in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 25, 2006. At the time of her disappearance, she was employed at the Monte Carlo casino as a cage cashier. She had worked there for two years and been promoted twice.

Angela had met a man on the internet who called himself Craig Raether. Raether said he was 27 years old and his parents had been killed in a car accident. He went to meet Angela in person in May 2006, and also met her mother, Michelle Finger. Michelle distrusted Raether and believed he was lying about his age and background. Raether proposed marriage to Angela the day after they met in person. Michelle said her daughter’s attitude and behavior changed immediately after she met Raether. She began dressing differently and acted disrespectfully towards her parents. Michelle went on a vacation to Florida shortly afterwards and when she returned, Angela had moved out. All her belongings were gone, her phone was disconnected and no one had heard from her.

Michelle subsequently discovered “Craig Raether” was not who he said he was. His true identity was William Matthew Smolich. The real Craig Raether was a former friend of his. Smolich=2 0had stolen his identity, and also used the alias Shawn Odow. A photograph of Smolich is posted below this case summary. His date of birth is February 5, 1969, making him 37 years old in 2006. He is Caucasian, 5’11 and 195 pounds, with blond hair and brown eyes. He is wanted in Colorado for failure to register as a sex offender, and is also wanted on eight charges in Arizona.

Michelle found photos of Angela on pornographic websites registered to Smolich. She found out Smolich’s phone number, called it, and was able to speak to Angela for a few seconds. She told Angela Smolich’s real name and his sex offender status. Then the line went dead and Michelle was unable to reach her daughter again. After the phone call, Smolich took his websites offline.

Angela is believed to be in danger and may have met with foul play. Her case remains unsolved.

Tattoo on Angela’s Back

William Matthew Smolich

If you have any information regarding the location or well-being of Angela Marie Finger, please contact her mother, Michele Finger.

Michele’s e-mail:  findangela@charter.net

Michele’s telephone number:  206-979-0022


Radio show for this case is on hold.


notes from show

UPDATE 1.1.2009 1:07 AM: Show is ok to post…and is here.


Talked with Gale for about 30 minutes on this case, notes and maps follow.



Hi Brian,

Could you please post these interactive maps links, regarding the Angela Marie Finger case?

Thanks !




Will do Deb 🙂


Hornsby, Tennessee


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  2. my new phone number is 503-841-3659

    This is bigger than we all realize I have a feeling. These girls are alive, and they need us desperately, I can feel it down to my very soul.

  3. Cjaye…I believe they are related, but, at different levels, same players. And I believe it is very dangerous.

  4. Angie has a new entry on Brians list. Kevin states that she is dead, possibly snuff film or sex assault. I just read it, and Im freaking out. I am trying to get a hold of someone there, how do I do that, deb never writes back, and the website wont let me log in for some reason.

  5. Everybody please note: I am the 55 year old photographer at the beginning of that video- I am one of the good guys- I’ve been helping the police all along- my images of Angela are used in that video and in the investigation

  6. Well Randall why don’t you help the mother look for Angela? The police aren’t actually looking the mother is. You seem to know where she is your in the picture. What’s up with that?

    • because the mother is a liar and a cheat and so is the dad. she 21, an adult and can do what she wants. pedophiles dont like adults they like kids. so why would he be after an adult if there wasnt a real love connection. that doesnt make him a killer either. she was using the police as a toll to find a daughter that wants nothing to do with her and its illegal for police to tell the mother where she is, shes an adult.

  7. those pics dont even look like angela, close but not. the 55 year old is a liar. the police dont investigate missing adults that dont want anything to do with their parents. nobody wants any part of this lying grifting panhandling family. call las vegas police and see how many times they were arrested for panhandling. what he did in the past has nothing to do with angie. she can be with and do what she wants. the mother sure does love all this attention though. look on ebay sassy_scrapper, she sure does sell a lot for being so concerned about angie.

  8. michele is more full of lies than anyone youll ever meet. she couldnt tell the truth to save her life. bottom line is her own father and brothers dont want anything to do with her either. i dont blame angela, she finally got smart. michele own grandmother had her removed from her last will. what does all this say ABOUT MICHELE FINGER? according to michele she has only months to live,well it cant happen soon enough. rot in hell you pile.

  9. when you have a mother thats takes all the money you work for and lays around and turns into this fat blob what can you do. all the children got smart and moved on wanting nothing to do with the mother. even her father before he died, figured out what a liar she was and wanted nothing to do with her. all the you get from the inheritance will be gone in a couple years and youll have noone to call and lie to for money. now thats funny…………

  10. her mothers real name is michele terry albrecht (finger) d.o.b. 4/12/61. grew up in carpentersville,il. went to irving crown high school. she has been a liar for as long as she was able to talk. funny that it escaped me, but she was arrested in carpentersville,il. for having sex with a minor. it probably listed in kane county records.our father finally figured her out before he passed. she claimed to be in a hospital in oregon where she lives and i made him call. you know the result. she now lives in newberg oregon. someone do a background check and youll be amazed at how much you’ll find out about this pile. the ebay name is sassy_scrapper999.. watch out for this. she has some bonds for angie that our father left. and im sure shell try to cash them when the 40 grand he left her is gone. i have to notify the gov. office of her fraudulent ways as well.

  11. this can only prove how much of a liar michele is. if you go to this link, youll see that she answers her brothers claims in oct. 2010 and july of this year lies and says she dont have brothers. im just tryin to shed some light on this for those of you that might believe some of her garbage. im her brother , i know the truth. http://salem-news.com/articles/may122008/girl_missing_5-12-08.php?message=1#comments

  12. here’s something to also note. look how many times her phone number changes. why you ask, because she keeps stealing someones identity to get a phone and then those people find out about it and shut it off……..

  13. WOW This Michell Finger really sounds like a nutjob yet she is blaming everyone else for everything ?? I don’t think so !!!

    • Angela and her mother have reunited. Angela hasn’t publicly explained where she was for nearly 8 years. At any rate, both mother and daughter are on FB, pictured together, along with other members of the family. Angela still shows missing on many sites but she definitely has been located.

      • nice try goofball. too bad her relatives know more than her family does for good reason.

      • angela finger is not with her mother and not found. she wants nothing to do with that pile of garbage. michele has been trying to cash in angela’s 15,000 dollars worth of bonds that my father left for her when he passed. michele will always be a lying nutjob.

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