Jessie’s Rider’s


This is a warning to ALL preps and child molestors.  This came after the death of Jessica Marie Lunsford, Mark Lunsford’s daughter. He wrote this to warn all who have ever thought of harming a child. This is a grieving father’s last gift to his beautiful little girl.

 “With the light comes the dark, Jessie’s Riders embark. For those who shall touch the wing of a dove shall not find forgiveness nor experience love.

He of great strength over the little innocence among us falls unto our mission. Our namesake was your last, your judgment comes fast. Your time is short, your shelters few Jessie’s Riders are coming for you.”


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  1. i know it has been a few years but you are still in my prayer and i am happy to know she is an angle to watch over everone forever!! we all will see her again soon! i hope mark and josh and everyone else is doing okay!

  2. To Mega Idiot Lunsford,
    Not only is Mark Lunsford a vigilante he is is speaking in a stunningly and embarrassingly hypocritical way. HE needs to be on a registry, now he has escalated to public threats against others. We have to watch out for public safety lest Mr Lunsford look like a ultra phony douche bag for his self contradicting opinions. Everything he has said about so’s can be applied to him. He should be civilly committed, castrated and every other moronic suggestion he has made in the treatment of sex offenders. According to his own edicts his own son should be on the list and so should he, remember there was child porn discovered on his computer in the investigation surrounding Jessica’s disappearance, and his son touched an underage girl but in both cases it was decided that “he’d been through enough”. Tar, feathers and the pillories sound like a solid plan to me, if he calls for vigilante justice then he should be most careful too.

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